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  2. I did some research and the 318th FIS is the late type 😞 Dai
  3. Ignore the Hawk/Testors kit. Too simple and not accurate. The HC although has flaws just like like the GWH can be built into a beautiful model. If you have the money buy the GWH. Dai
  4. Paul, Very nice F-80 build. Here is my Sword RF-80. I have a F-80C in the stasd to build later too. Good to ehar from you Steve,
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  6. Hi Ken, Looks very nice! ! ! Stay safe! Best regards Gabor
  7. I toyed with the idea of getting either the Academy or the very old HAWK/Testors T-33 kit. I've had the HAWK kit years ago and for a very old kit at the time I thought it was pretty good albeit simple. I wanted to do one with US Navy markings. One thing I did not like about the Academy kit was the shape of the fin. It just didn't look right and that was before I found out about the other shape issues it has. I patiently waited for the right time to pick up a GWH kit when funds and price converged. A friend had one and I knew I would not be satisfied if I settled for one of the other choices. To each their own. I'm not saying get the GWH kit. All I'm saying is I'm happier I waited to get the item I wanted.
  8. Hi Pali! Good to have you around! Glad you like the details. A lots more is in the pipe line. : ) : ) Stay safe! Best regards Gabor
  9. I just saw this link and the HC kit is not that bad. Dai https://www.squadron.com/1-48-Academy-US-Air-Force-T-33A-MH12240-p/mh12240.htm
  10. I wonder if they will also release a C-130J version. As it is I am happy to see a new tool C-130H, and it coming from Zvezda I feel it will be rather nice.
  11. I was lucky enough to attend the “Aviation Expo 2020” airshow this past weekend. Follow the link below and enjoy! Feel free to share it with others. https://anadventureinawesome.com/2020/06/01/aviation-expo-2020/ Stay safe and keep busy, Steven
  12. Wow that's impressive. Nice touch with the suit of armor!
  13. Would this decals sheet be appropriate for the early version? I wish decal companies would let us know which version this is for. Dai
  14. Is that late version or early? Let me look for after market decals if that is the early version. Dai
  15. Hi all Can't find a single vendor having this to sell. What gives? dai
  16. Just received my 1/48 b-58 Looking forward to reprint👍
  17. Are you asking about the original series Ship? If so, If you want it to look like the miniature, here's the link again. https://culttvman.com/main/a-modelers-guide-to-painting-the-starship-enterprise-by-gary-kerr/
  18. Thanx MMM! So, the rims are the standard kit parts only with enlarged holes. Here is the difference: And both done with enlarged holes: Then all is painted white and then lacquered thoroughly.
  19. a very tidy workplace... I remember one of those🤔😄 But, compliments, as that is a great setup! Andy
  20. It's not a two seater but it might help you on your way, maybe ask Haneto if he's got one planned.
  21. I love the work you did his one Eric...very impressive.
  22. Outstanding build! I can’t wait to get started on mine
  23. Sorry to deviate from the subject but does anyone know how to contact GWH? My 1/48 F-15E kit is missing the clear parts and the store I bought it from won't help me. Their Lion Roar site hasn't been updated in 10 years and they stopped using Facebook 5 years ago. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Hey Steve! Long time! Here is my Sword F-80C:
  25. Anyone got any left over 1/72 KC-135R New Hampshire tail bands from the now OOP Caracal sheet?
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