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  2. Sure Yufei's gonna have some more available in no time. I've finally got one. It's not arrived yet, tho.
  3. I was just over 1 year old. I remember it well.๐Ÿ˜ Seriously though, what an amazing point in the history of humans. to think there were people alive that actually witnessed the transition from the very first powered flight all the way to the point where man walked on the moon. That is incredible to think about! BTW, this may interest many here if you guys haven't heard about it. Project Egress where they are building a replica CM hatch and assembling it real time at the Smithsonian. I think there is a live stream even. https://www.tested.com/science/space/880604-announcing-project-egress-project-national-air-and-space-museum/ Also of note, there are 3D models available of the files they used to create this that you can download and 3D print if you so choose. From what I've heard and have seen, If you have the resources and wanted to, you could actually create a full-size (or any scale really) fully functioning hatch from these files!
  4. Well , this may be only guesswork, but, as the Bobcat kit has the nacelles as separate sprue, maybe there will be a future R with thicker nacelles and tip tanks released...hopefully, as resin nacelles could be a big expensive. Also , Bobcat's solution with the separate belly radome would allow to make a separate forward fuselage for the Il-28U Mascot without the need of a major surgery to delete the radome, but also to build some of the Elint versions that hadn't this device installed. Anyway, a new "Mascot" plug-in forward fuselage would need less resin material than the nacelles, and would also work as weight...of course, only in case Bobcat doesn't plan to release the trainer in the future.
  5. I keep my Klear in a leaden box, free from X-rays en neutrino's.
  6. Hi, do you still have some of the decals listed here? Iยดd be interested in some of them. Jan
  7. Today
  8. Tried to send you a message, but got kicked back as unable to send to your profile? Interested in the MH-60M. Thanks, Anthony
  9. I see where Brengun has released 5 of the 7 Attack Squadron sets thus far. Attack Squadron 1:72 C-130 Detail and Conversion sets 1:72 C-130J Engine Nacelles for Italeri (Attack Squadron 72036) 1:72 KC-130 J Refueling Pod (Attack Squadron 72040) 1:72 C-130J sponsons (Attack Squadron 72064) 1:72 KC-130J Harvest Hawk update - Italeri - (Attack Squadron 72065) 1:72 C-130 E/H Engine nacelles + propellers set - Italeri - (Attack Squadron 72088) 1:72 C-130 flaps (Attack Squadron 72089) 1:72 Hercules C-130 wheel set (with disc brakes) (Attack Squadron 72103) Brengun 1:72 C-130 Detail & Conversion Sets 1:72 C-130 flaps - Italeri - (Brengun BRL72146) 1:72 C-130 wheel set (with disc brakes) - Italeri - (Brengun BRL72147) 1:72 C-130 E/H engine set (Brengun BRL72154) 1:72 C-130J Engine set (Brengun BRL72170) 1:72 KC-130J Harvest Hawk (Brengun BRL72172)
  10. "Defies" ?! Naughty, naughty Turkey. T
  11. Can you post the URL, all that I get is another shopping site when I put ezbuy.com
  12. Thanks Murph. Those of us that don't know don't know what we don't know! -Gregg
  13. Our new T-33 sheets in 1/72 and 1/48 scales are now available from our distributors in Europe and Hong Kong, and will be available in the U.S. in few days... ...and they are already becoming real hot sellers - many thanks! color notes: - T-33A "2-161", IIAF - international orange upper surfaces with NMF underside; - T-33A "2-8002", IRIAF - very pale grey upper surfaces with light grey underside; - T-33A "2-8005", IRIAF - light blue and dark blue upper surfaces with light grey underside; - T-33A "UB-531",UBAF - NMF , nose and entire rear fuselage & tail in day-glo orange, red wingtip tanks; - T-33A "703", FAR - dark green and grass green camouflage with pale blue underside.
  14. Ok, so now I understand that -25 and -14 do not differ externally and I can use AAQ-14 for F-14D. Thankfully, I forgot I have got Fine Molds weapon set with AAQ-25, so I can use it. It is funny, I have always thought those weapon set is so bad I will never use it.
  15. The new HDL Il-28 decal sheets are already available in Europe and Hong Kong, and will be also available in the U.S. in few days. As far as the target tug equipment is concerned, as the beautiful Bobcat kit finally arrived to Europe, I think we will shortly see a plethora of components coming from CMK, Eduard and others resin / metal aftermarket specialists :) greetings Diego
  16. The LANTIRN targeting pod for the F-14 was designated as the AN/AAQ-25. The LANTIRN targeting pod for the USAF and other users was designated as the AN/AAQ-14. There were slight modifications of the AN/AAQ-14 for Navy usage to include a panel in the rear cockpit.
  17. External appearance and in plastic AAQ-14 and AAQ-25 pods are practically the same. You're completely fixated on the designation and electronics which don't matter and maybe the stencil data which at 1/72 couldn't even be read.
  18. I was T-minus 5 months. I always said I was born 10 years too late. ๐Ÿ˜
  19. I was 20 and listened to the event on Armed Forces Radio while sitting on a Lima Site wishing I could have been on the moon instead of where I was. Fun memories. Cheers, Dave.
  20. TAMIYA: 1/32 and 1/48. Problems solved
  21. Yes. The only differences in the kit were the rear deck piece and the canopy.
  22. So, when is this ready to ship? ๐Ÿ˜
  23. Any picture of F-14D with AAQ-14? According to Skull Leader this pod has never been used on operational aircraft.
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