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2012 GBs


  1. In Defence of Europe: US and Canadian Forces in Europe GB

    This group build is an exploration of Canadian and American forces rich history in the defense of Europe from the Second World War onward. It is intended to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) creation in January 1942. Any model from any environment, whether it be ground sea or air, is acceptable, so long as it is based in Europe after 1945 and the 8th Air Force before then.
    This Group Build runs from December 1 2011 June 1 2012. Hosts will be Pete, cpoud117 and -Neu

  2. Latin American GB

    The Latin american GB, is the GB for well know aircraft in service with the less known air forces south of the border.
    Aircraft, helicopters and targets any type, any scale, only requirement is that it's from Latin america and south America.
    The GB runs from the 10 January 2012 until the 10 June 2012, hosts will be Pep and MiG Mikkel.

  3. Arctic / Antarctic GB

    All things associated with the Arctic / Antarctic regions (defined for the GB as above 60 degrees latitude north, or below 60 degrees latitude south). Open to outside equipment that makes regular visits as well as that based in the area. Non-aircraft subjects are welcome, as are subjects from fiction (The Thing, At the mountains of madness etc). This GB will run Dec 22, 2011 to June 20, 2012. Your host will be Aaronw.

  4. P-51 Mustang Group Build

    Build any variant of the venerable P-51 Mustang, includes all military variants (to include the P/F-82 Twin Mustang) as well as any of the civilian racers. What if's are allowed but real aircraft are preferred. Any scale, any kit and any aftermarket mods/decals area allowed. Build it however you like, on the ground, in flight, with panels opened up. As long as it is a P-51 it is allowed. Kits should be no more than 10% started and started kits will be allowed at the discretion of the mods. This GB will run from July 1st 2011 to June 30th 2012.

  5. The Escort Service Group Build

    Any aircraft that has done escort duty
    Restrictions: -Air to Air armament only
    -WWI to present
    -No what-ifs
    -WIP tread required
    -Raffle : have one sponsor (ARC member IronMan) looking for more at the moment
    Dates: Jan 1 2011 to June 30 2012
    Hosts for this GB will be Neo, blunce

  6. Colourful Aerobatic Planes Group Build

    Any colourful aerobatic aircraft from any era, either civil or military. standard military aircraft with nothing but national or unit markings or civil types with only the national civil rego are not eligible. The aircraft must have colourful markings apart from national insignia, unit markings or civil regos. Colourful markings over standard military colour schemes are acceptable. This GB will run 1 Jan 2012 - 15 Jul 2012 and the Hosts will be MikeC and ross blackford

  7. Ghost town GB

    Any ghost/ skull/ skeleton type squadron. Any aircraft with ghost type name. Phantom, Banshee, Reaper Spector. Toss a question at me (once it becomes official) and we'll figure it out.
    Dates: Jan 1 2012 - June 30 2012
    Host for this GB will be Phantom

  8. All Texas Group Build

    This group build is for any aircraft, military land vehicle, Naval ship, etc built by a defense contractor in the state of Texas, also any of the aforementioned equipment used by any military or naval units of the U.S. Department of Defense that is based in the state of Texas.
    Dates: Jan 1 2012 Sept 30 2012
    Host for this GB will be Angels49

  9. 960
  10. Armor/Targets Group Build

    This group build will run from May 1 to October 31 2012. Your host will be GVoakes

  11. Pacific Threatre Group Build

    This GB covers the war in the Far East 1937-45. It includes the Pacific, South West Pacific, CBI (China, Burma, India), and South East Asian theaters as well as the Second Sino War. It is open to all subject categories, aircraft, armor, ships, figures etc.

  12. Captured Aircraft Group Build

    July 1-December 31 2012

  13. Iran/Iraq war GB

    32 years ago Iraq forces crossed the Iranian border which started an 8 year long war of attrition between the neighbouring countries. This group build comemorates those events and is open to anybody who would like to build models from that conflict. All types of models and scales are allowed but no what-ifs, please. A vast array of US and Soviet hardware and exotic desert camouflages await! July 1-December 31 2012

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