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  1. I spent 10 hours on it today....yup...lots of stuff needed to be should all be perfect now. Talk about a panic....I fly out to the Philippines to visit my wife in 24 hours. This forced move was really running down to the wire, but it looks all sorted now.
  2. I spent 8 hours this evening getting a bunch of settings sorted on the new server and getting the submissions e-mail address up and running on the new server. It's all looking pretty good now.
  3. ARC is updated today. I'm glad the move is complete.
  4. LOL
  5. The ARC website is on the new server. If you can't see the new update then try this. Open ARC homepage then hit refresh... ...if that does not work....hold down the Ctrl key as you press the F5 key on your keyboard. Doing that will force your computer to reload the homepage completely.
  6. Never be afraid to ask a question here....ARC'ers pride themselves on being friendly and helpful
  7. you can upload a photo directly to a post on ARC....but it has to be under 100Kb in size (so you need to resize the photos yourself). Or you can upload it to a photo hosting site like photo bucket and then link to the photos there.
  8. Yup I agree....I will do that in the near future.
  9. oh don't understand.....I want it now!!!
  10. Seems interesting. Wow...not until Christmas?
  11. I'm slowly working through the ARC website move process. I can no longer upload updates to the ARC website due to issues with the old hosting computer. I contacted tech support at my old hosting company and the problem has been moved up the food chain to more experienced techs. I am also working with the new hosting company to get the ARC domain names moved to the new hosting computer.....but domain names can take up to a week or more to move, It appears there will be no updates until I can get the domains moved to the new hosting company. I'll continue to work on this until it gets sorted.
  12. Monkey Emoji ...ha...who knew such a thing existed. LOL
  13. The server holding the ARC website (NOT the forums) is running but I am unable to upload any files to it. The problem has been reported to the old hosting company. Yet another reason why I'm keen to move the site to the new hosting company where the ARC Forums already resides. I'm in the process of moving the domain names to the new ARC hosting company. Once the domain names are moved.....everything should be much better