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  1. USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    It is good they found Lady Lex....the photos are quite haunting.
  2. yup...PM material...oh well.
  3. Ha ha...thanks Bruce....I really shouldn't watch netflix while I do the updates.
  4. Revell 1/48th scale AH-1F

    Beautiful work Christopher.
  5. "I Froze my Brain up in Canadaaaaa"

    Funny stuff....I love this song. It is 8C today for a high in Victoria.
  6. New 1/144 project!

    Wow!!! Looks perfect!!!
  7. This is cool beyond belief. Keep us updated.
  8. I've removed a large % of photos and the USB connection works again to access my phone with the computer.
  9. A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Merry New Year? I see a new global trend coming in New Years Greetings.
  10. Facebook Marketplace

    Could this be some sort of money laundering?
  11. my computer doesn't even "see" my phone when I connect the 2 by wire if I use Explorer
  12. Wow...that turned out very well....it is a massive project.