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  1. This is weird. I'll look into this.
  2. I love the work you did his one Eric...very impressive.
  3. Good for you to notice. I was surprised when she used 2 wash mits as well...that is the first time I've seen that.
  4. I poked around in the admin controls and could find nothing that permits larger image file sizes for uploading.
  5. Good to know...I've had code get scrambled many time with stuff like that. And that will drive anyone to drink. Thanks for your kind words regarding my efforts on ARC. I'm pleased to say that bigger updates begin today.
  6. Did you figure out the issue with the image links? I had a look but couldn't figure out what was wrong.
  7. Long ago I was asked that I separate the models of actual spacecraft from the models of Sci-fi in the gallery section. I did that and then I figured it made sense to create separate forums for each group of models on the forum. Until now I had not heard of the company Realspace. I just checked out their site...it's good to see. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. Mai loves these comments...keep them coming!! Thanks guys.
  9. Her goal is to be my dream wife. Gotta' love that attitude. 😍 She got a real kick out of fixing a dead car.
  10. Yup. I have no complaints. She is very easy on the eyes.
  11. She said she also wants to fix motorbikes, so l will be letting her work on some of my '80's sportbikes.
  12. My wife "Mai" has created her own Youtube channel. Her channel is called "Mai Sexy Garage" and focuses on fixing and restoring various cars. In today's video she diagnoses and fixes a no spark problem on a dead 1995 Honda Del Sol and as an added bonus there is a bikini intermission (her idea) in the middle of the video. The ending is priceless when she realized she actually can fix a non-running car. Please subscribe to her channel........she needs subscribers. Thank you everyone!!
  13. So you reported this thread 6 times with no message for the moderators to know why you reported the posts? You are upset with a manufacturer that talked about a product that was never released? Doesn't look like much I can do. I'm assuming you did not pay for any product, so I see no issue to act on. You do have my sympathies that you really want certain markings and they are not available, I know that is very frustrating.
  14. We are now down to 5 known Covid-19 cases on Vancouver Island...one person in hospital....none in ICU. 870,000 population on an island 280 miles or 400km long. I have been following things closely in T.O. as I have a daughter living there and a close friend in Ottawa. My daughter is working from home and keeping safe. My friend is 70 years old and staying home. It seems the bulk of the cases in Quebec and Ontario are in nursing homes. BC had the same problem in nursing homes but made changes and nailed that down pretty quickly. Some people in my city don't seem to worry about the virus and other people seem to be terrified of everything relating to this virus.
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