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  1. I'm glad I could help.
  2. Wearing an apron and attaching the bottom edge of the apron to the front edge of your desk will help capture many stray parts.
  3. i am not aware of the ads you guys mention in this thread. Different ads load for different people. I have not had those ads load for me.
  4. This new layout is very different from the old version of this program.
  5. I've kept silent on this for years and watched the ad revenues decline year after year. Just a heads up the ad revenues does my time to work on ARC. Each update amounts to 8 hours a day. It makes much more sense to work 2 regular full time jobs and make double salary than one full time job and do ARC. Doing ARC pays radically less than the front counter at McDonalds, but if I'm going to work for free.....I'd much rather be in my garage restoring a motorbike.
  6. Weird....I just went to your profile and saw your old threads.
  7. Mike....where have you been? Did you have kids or something? I was just reaching for the phone to send out a search party for you. What content went missing?
  8. Iran has a population of 77 million and they have quite the active aviation industry.
  9. Huh? What? Ahh got it sorted.
  10. Ukraine has a population of 50 million....I guess this is possible. It does sound like an expensive idea for Ukraine to do this. Interesting.
  11. This is very sad news. I enjoyed talking to Clif in a long phone conversation before his situation worsened. He was a truly good soul. I will miss him. My thoughts go to his dear wife and the rest of his family and friends.
  12. Wow....that is sad news.
  13. Gentlemen, I did some general house cleaning The Scaremonger and Hobbyboss fan are banned. Sorry for my delay in these matters. I hope this brings some well needed peace. Some know why they were banned....some might not. I have no further comment.
  14. That is good news.