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  1. Revell 1/48th scale AH-1F

    Beautiful work Christopher.
  2. "I Froze my Brain up in Canadaaaaa"

    Funny stuff....I love this song. It is 8C today for a high in Victoria.
  3. New 1/144 project!

    Wow!!! Looks perfect!!!
  4. This is cool beyond belief. Keep us updated.
  5. I've removed a large % of photos and the USB connection works again to access my phone with the computer.
  6. A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Merry New Year? I see a new global trend coming in New Years Greetings.
  7. Facebook Marketplace

    Could this be some sort of money laundering?
  8. my computer doesn't even "see" my phone when I connect the 2 by wire if I use Explorer
  9. Wow...that turned out very well....it is a massive project.
  10. My 2017 arc display

    A very cool display...I love it!!!
  11. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    My 19 year old daughter loved it....my wife slept during the movie for about 45 minutes.....we went to the 7pm showing so it wasn't a midnight showing that caused her to sleep. I was somewhere in the middle.....I will go see every Star Wars movie....every Star Trek movie.....every James Bond movie. Regarding the latest Star Wars movie.....I'll let the experts debate the story line. But for me I miss the subtle charm George Lucas brought the Star Wars movies. He was very careful that each minute of the movie added to the movie....if a scene was flat and didn't really add much....he would cut that minute or 2 scene from the final movie....he was very careful to maintain the tempo the movie. I found this movie went flat in big chunks between the battle scenes. Perhaps background music was lacking or something like that...I'm not sure. I also miss the costumes and fancy hair styles of the females. And I miss the scene transitions that Lucas used....it is all the small touches that Disney dropped that take away from the magical charm of the Lucas movies. I do enjoy the space battle scenes etc of the new movies.
  12. That worked for me before....but stopped working.....I'm curious if maybe it stopped working because my android phone had so many photos on it.
  13. On the west coast of Canada....we blame the folks in Alaska for the snow we get.