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  1. Dunkirk

    The odd thing is it did accurately capture the fog of war. When involved in any situation....you really have no accurate info on what is happening except in your immediate little area. The movie captured this very well.....whether that was planned is another matter. I would have preferred more about the French and British rear guard action.....that is where my Uncle Norm was.
  2. Dunkirk

    it was good...but blending the 3 stories got a bit tiring and confusing and I never got the feeling there were 400,000 guys on the beach. Perhaps a CGI shot of the beach full of 400,000 soldiers from a Ju-87 on an attack run would have shown the size of the situation better.
  3. Best of luck to folks in Florida

    I think the storm surge is going to be deadly to low lying coastal properties. The wall of water will be pretty destructive.
  4. I hope you all get the heck out of danger...hurricane Irma looks like a very serious storm. Be safe everyone.
  5. Hurricane Harvey

    Events like this really challenge a community...best you can do is 1 day at a time.
  6. Hurricane Harvey

    This situation is heart breaking....I wish I was there and could help.
  7. Eclipse Chasers?

    That would be pretty cool
  8. Eclipse Chasers?

    I think you are right Darren...we hit 92% in my city in the eclipse a few days ago and it was nothing more than a slightly darkened sky. It had the same feeling as almost winning the lottery.
  9. Eclipse Chasers?

    Wow...awesome photos. We hit 92% here...but it was not very interesting....I plan to travel for the 24 event...I want to see 100%
  10. Happy Birthday Steve Bamford!

    Thanks everyone. I couldn't get my birthday off so I celebrated yesterday with my wife and daughter by going to my favourite steak house for a 10oz prime rib Tasty stuff indeed. I am happy and content...which is the best I could dream of on my birthday
  11. ARC Site

    yup...big update was done...this update has quite a few changes.....more features.
  12. 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A

    Truly impressive.
  13. Panzerman

    it looks very good......I would love to see it from different angles.
  14. A Warning to Moai Vincent

    How did you know?