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  1. Yup. It should be good to go now. I was busy this weekend doing my taxes and didn't notice it was offline until I checked my e-mails.
  2. It seems the server was full so I worked sunday to clear out older duplicate back-up files etc.
  3. I'd much rather have built in protection then worrying about dealing with covid. But I'm 60. The vaccines do seem to offer first rate protection. If you do take the vaccine and get covid......you will have mild or no symptoms. The big question is whether you can then infect un-vaccinated people. I have a co-worker that had a lung transplant that can't be vaccinated. I worry about people like that. Being on a trip and getting covid and having to track down meds like Regeneron might prove tricky.
  4. Here in Canada there was an old folks home that had vaccinated all people that were interested. Not all staff or residents chose to get the vaccine. Recently 10 residents and 2 staff came down with covid. Of the 10 residents that got covid after the vaccine.....8 had been vaccinated and although they had covid...they had no symptoms. So the vaccine gave them enough protection that they conquered covid like a 15 year old. I am not sure how the other 2 residents and 2 staff that were not vaccinated made out with their covid. This is a very new story. So the vaccines do not prev
  5. This thread sure did take a hard right turn.
  6. This how it is done in Canada...Federal government gets the vaccines and gives it out to each province in quantities relative to the population in each province. In my province of British Columbia....we have the province divided into 5 different "Health Authorities" (regions) and each one helps to distribute the vaccines. Old age care homes and native people are first priority. We are focusing on giving everyone their first dose....then 4 months later they will give everyone their second dose.
  7. I have fully confidence all these vaccines will act as advertised. We are lucky this virus was not a big killer like the 1918 pandemic. I'd be happy if the vaccine just kept me from serious illness and death. Anything beyond that is a bonus in my eyes, so even the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is looking very acceptable in my books. As for mask wearing, I am pleased not to have a cold for over 1 year instead of a cold every 6 weeks, so mask wearing will probably be something I will continue for a very long time.
  8. This is very sad news indeed....my heart goes out to their families.
  9. It's always amusing to hear these nut job theories. People that believe this stuff should not have kids....just quietly let their genes die out naturally for the good of the species.
  10. I agree. I work with a guy that believes a variety of things...earth is flat....G5 causes Covid etc...the usual oddball stuff. He was trying to convince me not to take the vaccine because they will inject me with nanobots...that will migrate to my brain. Then the government can control my mind using my smart phone to wirelessly control the nanobots in my brain. I replied that should help me organized my daily routine. He is fun to listen too but after 5 minutes my brain starts to shutdown. Heck if we had that level of technology....I'm sure the government would think of better
  11. This is good to know. Thanks. I won't have my chance to get the vaccine until the fall I suspect.
  12. I do admit I am interested in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. No one has died from covid after taking it and it is only 1 shot and is easier to transport. For me the goal is to stop deaths or serious illness. It does not prevent the illness as well as the other vaccines, but it's other attributes seem appealing.
  13. From what I understand each syringe has the microchip on the outside of the syringe to track all the syringes. The story about a nano technology implant being in the actual vaccine and small enough to go through the needle sounds quite a bit beyond our current technology.
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