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  1. That is good news.
  2. That's quite the interesting video
  4. Sorry for the confusion. I've added a clarification to the homepage text. I plan to begin moving the ARC website in the coming days from the old hosting company to the new hosting company. This will require moving the domain names and this will cause problems as some ARC'ers computer will be lost trying to find the domain name....these problems usually settle down naturally in a matter of days. This is the ARC website and NOT the ARC forums. The ARC forums will NOT be affected by this move.
  5. OK...I just pulled the trigger on this move. The new hosting company has been given the access they need to move the ARC website (not the forums) to the new hosting company. I'm unsure when this will happen but I'm guessing it will be in the next 5 days. The hosting company will be managing the move. !) They will move all data from the old hosting computer 2) They will move all the domain names from the old hosting computer to the new hosting computer 3) They will flip the switch on the domain names to have all traffic redirected from the old hosting computer to the new hosting computer. This involves different steps along the way and I expect this could be done as quickly as 2 days and take as long as 5 days. It might go very well or have a few bumps along the way......I'm expecting a fairly smooth ride. And yes...I am a tad nervous about this..... fingers crossed....all data is backed up.
  6. The heat issue will be a problem I will need to watch.
  7. Nuc a brand name?
  8. I'm planning to build a 3 or 4 monitor Nuc computer system using tablet style monitors. This will be the system I take when traveling so I can properly work on ARC. I might be spending the next few winters in the Philippines and I can't take my big 4 monitor desk top system with me. So I needed to find a portable system and I hated to have a laptop as replacing one part is difficult compared to a desktop with separate monitors etc. Does anyone have any advice on Nuc style computers and what to get or watch out for? Any good blogs or websites?
  9. This will NOT affect the forums. The forums were moved 4 months it is time to move the ARC website and domain names and e-mail inboxes to the new hosting company. This will cause some minor disruptions for a minority of ARC'ers. I will be turning off the submissions e-mail address during the move and I will post daily updates on the ARC homepage as this draws near so everyone can keep fully informed. I'm not sure when it will happen but the move itself should only take 2 or 3 days and I hope to have the whole move complete in the next 10 days. This will NOT affect the forums.
  10. Wow....I'm gutted by this news. This is without a doubt the worst pain anyone can feel in their lifetime. I know when my kids were small the fear of SIDS always loomed in the background of my mind like a dark shadow. I count my blessings I never experienced this horrible pain. Stay strong, take extra care of your wife, she has been connected to your little angel for 9 months, so I can only imagine the pain and loss she must be feeling. From the photo I can honestly say Charlotte is a very cute baby. We are here for you and your wife to give you the emotional support you need, do not be shy to reach out for that support. We are family here at ARC and you are a valued member of this family..
  11. A darn good reason to escape to the warm climate in Florida this time of year.
  12. I like the Final Countdown for the same reason....the aircraft scenes are worth the price of admission and the concept of 1 modern carrier going up again the whole WW2 IJN is quite the concept to ponder.
  13. Thanks Tom....I've made the adjustment. I agree about Top the time is seemed like a very cool movie...oh how the years have changed my view. :-D
  14. I thought it was a well done article. I've adjusted the number if the article to 23. With that many planes on one decal is easy to miss 1...especially when the front pant of the decal sheet only shows 22. Having read the article I can safely say that Fred did indeed look at the instructions quite a bit.