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  1. BTW...I'm admin....so I can reply to closed topics.
  2. I have extra pounds and my face has extra padding, which helps the N-95 mask seal better I found. Regarding the groceries....my wife washes the bananas...which I thought was odd as hell...but we no longer get any fruit flies. Testing will bring final victory...Iceland is determined to test the entire population of 400,000. I am curious about the new test that will be a cheap test that can be done at home and tell you if you had the virus. If you've had the virus then you are immune to it and can work etc. That will help to restart the economies. No politics. The POTUS has plenty of supporters and I feel he will probably win in 2020. I am Canadian and have no like or dislike for President Trump...the USAs not my country although I love it and Americans dearly..Mr Trump is not my President and I feel I have no right to comment on his way of doing things. It is up to the American citizens to decide at the next election. I FULLY agree with you on both counts here. Well in fairness...you did bring him into the conversation. The only thing that matters is how the story ends. I often wonder if he downplays the virus simply because he is trying not to alarm the average person? This is the thing....so far the numbers in the USA and Korea are on Par.....so the USA is not doing as bad as everyone says. Of course all that could change in 2 weeks. Yes...half of Americans hate Trump...half love the guy. It is a very odd situation. I'm glad you found the info helpful....to be honest half of that was from my wife. My Dad is from England...i have close family there still including a Step Mom etc. My Step mom is hiding in her flat for the next year or so until a vaccine is available. My brother inlaw is a doctor and has been pressed into front line duty and I worry about him everyday. I will repeat what I said a couple of days ago.. Lets compared the UK and Canada UK population 66 million 478 dead First reported case was Jan 31 Canada population 37 million 36 dead First reported case was Jan 27 Canada got the Covid-19 virus 4 days before the UK If the UK was to match Canada then the UK number (% of population) then the should only be 64, which is shockingly lower than the actual number in the UK by a massive amount. Closer to my home...my province of British columbia has for the most part be successful at flattening the curve due to shutting down the economy and persistent social distancing of 3 meters. I hope we continue to be successful. Be safe and healthy everyone. I do find myself exhausted and getting depressed over this pandemic. I have a daughter in Toronto...a hot spot and a adopted daughter in the Philippines that I worry about endlessly. She is 9 and prone to lung problems. I'm not sleeping much these days. On Jan 1 I had big hopes this was going to be an awesome year. Now I'm just trying to survive the year. Please be careful....stay health and watch out for each other. I love you all!!
  3. But my numbers only consider the numbers of deaths as compared to the total population so testing does not enter into that. Now I would think that in 2 weeks the lack of early testing in the USA will cause the USA numbers to surge past Korea....but for now the USA seems to be doing much better than we thought when compared to S Korea. As I say.....it will be interesting to compare the numbers in 2 weeks.
  4. You can buy N95 masks on Amazon....it blocks the virus. I hang my used N95 masks over a heater for 5 days....then reuse them I only have 5....gave the other 5 on my ten pack to daughters etc). I use the respirator type. It protects me but not the people around me. I always strip of my clothes as soon as I come through the front door....then go straight into the shower. After the shower I put on clean (virus free) indoor clothes. Outdoor clothes go into a laundry hamper inside the front door. My wife takes my phone when I get home and steralizes it with alcohol. The home must be kept as a clean zone. It is only my wife and I living here so it is easy. She prefers to stay home. Wearing glasses protects the eyes from infection. I consider everything outside the home to be infected with the virus. I do not wear gloves but I do wash my hands for 20 seconds if I eat outside the home. I try to only eat food at home. Any packaging we buy....groceries is left by the front door for a week for the virus to die....as long as it isn't something that needs to go in the fridge. Keep the virus outside of your home....protec5t your nose, mouth and eyes when you go outside of the home and try to avoid all human contact outside the home. Do not let anyone outside of your home visit your home. Like you my wife can not survive financially on her own.
  5. Lets ponder Italy...712 souls succumbed in the past day of a total population of 60 million ( https://wuflu.live/ ) Lets ponder Spain...718 souls succumbed in the past day of a total population of 46 million ( https://wuflu.live/ ) If the US gets as bad as Spain you would have 5,104 people dying in 1 day....that is a death rate in the USA of 153,121 in 30 days. How long does the flu season last...more than 30 days? A 5 month flu season could see 765,606 deaths if you use the number from Spain as a guide. The number of 5,104 deaths in the US each day is what would happen if this virus was permitted to run wild without social distancing and people staying home etc. Now a fair argument could be made for the fact that the flu deaths are limited due to widespread flu vaccine given to mostly older folks. No matter how you run the numbers on this bug....it is scary. I am not afraid of the flu but this bug and it's ability to spread scares me very much. 252 American died in the past 24 hours....at the very least this bug deserves plenty of respect.
  6. I do not think you can believe any of the government numbers coming out of China. There are still reports by netizens in China that people with the virus going to the hospitals but they are not being admitted or tested, simply sent home. Speculation is a second wave is coming but the second wave will be blamed on people that came home from other countries, thus infecting China with the virus from other countries. At least this will be the story fed to the average citizen in China by the CCP. Of course this makes no senses to us because all people returning to China are put in forced quarantine in government chosen hotels at the travelers expense. The economic effect of this virus will be managed by lifting the lockdown and then imposing lockdowns in certain hot spots until a vaccine is eventually released. Considering the vaccines are skipping animal trials, it would not surprise me if a vaccine was released late this year. Also massive numbers of people will be tested to see if the had the virus and are immune to it and thus able to work without being infected. Those immune workers will jump start the economy while the older folks stay home and avoid any contact until a vaccine is made available. So I suspect it will be a combination of things as we muddle through this situation while keeping most people safe and not trashing the economy..
  7. I do agree that testing is needed for many reasons. It would be nice to test people so we can isolate the infected people so they can not pass it on to others, thus stopping the virus. As I said, comparing the US and S Korean numbers in 2 weeks would be interesting to see if the numbers are still close together. Dr John Campbell https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF9IOB2TExg3QIBupFtBDxg was today talking about a low cost home test to see if you have already had the virus and if you have already had the virus and you are no immune, then you could go back into society and start working etc. Safe to say the older members of society should just hide out and isolate at home until a vaccine is available.
  8. If you consider the fact the USA got Covid-19 5 days before S Korea (according to Wikipedia) then I would say the USA is on Par with South Korea. So the USA so-called horrible response doesn't seem all that bad. It will be interesting to run all these numbers again in 2 weeks.
  9. In a typical flu season, I have never heard of hospitals being overrun with critical care patients needing respirators and doctors having to pick who lives or dies due to the high volume of patients needing to be put on ventilators. If you leave society open as normal and let this virus run it's course, then you will get some accurate numbers to compare this to a regular flu season. Where this story goes and what the final numbers are will depend on how well each country met this new challenge. South Korea has been praised for their amazing response....as compared to the US. Lets look at the numbers...from this source https://wuflu.live/ US population 327 million 1067 dead First reported case was Jan 15 S Korean population 51 million 131 dead First reported case was Jan 20 If the US was to match S Korea then the US number (% of population) then the should only be 839, which is lower than the actual number in the USA, but not massively lower. Remember the US got this virus 5 days BEFORE South Korea. So compared to Korea, the USA is more or less matching them in you factor in the 5 day lag.. Lets compared the UK and Canada UK population 66 million 478 dead First reported case was Jan 31 Canada population 37 million 36 dead First reported case was Jan 27 Canada got the Covid-19 virus 4 days before the UK If the UK was to match Canada then the UK number (% of population) then the should only be 64, which is shockingly lower than the actual number in the UK by a massive amount. It would be unfair to compare the UK and Canada to the USA or S Korea due to the different times Covid-19 arrived in each country (2 weeks makes a massive difference).
  10. The idea of having a boat and going out for a long sail up and down the coast of my country without going into any port anywhere and eating fresh seafood each day is quite appealing right now. I do quite enjoy staying home and sleeping in with no alarm clocks to disturb us. I do wonder if the cruise ship industry will ever recover from this?
  11. BTW...if you want solid non-biased updates each day, then follow Dr John Campbell in the UK. He provides medical advice to help beat this virus as well and daily situational update of this virus and it's progress globally. He has been featured on various US networks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF9IOB2TExg3QIBupFtBDxg
  12. Once they built the hospital in 1 week in Wuhan, it was obvious this was not being spread from eating bats, because not that many people could be eating bats. Once it spread to the first country beyond China, that was proof this virus could visit any country.
  13. In my city the homeless shelters are closed. The soup kitchens and foodbanks are also closed, so the drug addicts are now camping on the sidewalks and the police have stepped up patrols in the downtown core. These drug addicts have compromised immune systems and live in close quarters and will not survive this virus.
  14. I saw the UK lockdown speech and I was quite relieved the herd immunity idea was abandoned. The excellent South Korean model was an excellent one to follow. Good grief, no creative thinking involved, just copy South Korea. The UK and North America were some of the last countries to be hit by the tsunami of this virus. Wuhan was locked down Jan 23 (2 months ago). When that happened and 5 million people spread from Wuhan to other parts of China, that was when other governments should have been checking their stock piles of PPE and shift into a quiet panic mode. When China built a hospital in 1 week, that should have set off alarm bells in every government and every person on the planet. Building a hospital in 1 week is not a common occurrence and should have made people everywhere sit up and take notice. Three days after Wuhan was locked down I bought ten N95 masks for my family. I figured N95 masks would be a better item to have than a stockpile of toilet paper. I then bought a supply of rice (which can sit for years and years) and stretches any canned food supply. Then I bought a bidet toilet seat, which makes toilet paper almost pointless. My wife is not working so she stays home and one of my jobs has shutdown for at least a year while I work limited hours at my other job. I am not a prepper by any stretch of the imagination, but we are prepared for the long haul. The virus won't end until there is a vaccine becomes available and I have planned accordingly. I was watching youtube videos out of Wuhan during the early weeks of the virus there and people were gearing up with plastic clothing and masks etc and they were still terrified as they went out to buy groceries. Those Wuhan videos told me that having lots of food at home would be a good idea to help avoid going out to the grocery store.
  15. Damn....that is insanely well done. Did I mention I post all types of models to ARC....Car, motorbikes...Armor etc. It is no longer just aircraft.
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