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  1. One tiny comment regarding cars then back to planes. I was driving my Rav 4 a year ago. Stopped behind a car making a left turn.....1 lane each way, so there was no where for me to go. I checked in my rear view mirror and noticed a very new Mercedes SUV coming up on my at about 35 mph with no intention of stopping. I realized my Rav 4 was about to get rear ended and totaled and pondered how bad my injuries would be. Seconds before impact the Mercedes SUV made a sudden emergency stop with no screeching of tires and stopped with 3 feet to spare. WOW!!! Car in front turned....I proceeded and watched in my mirror as the Mercedes SUV sat there for 30 seconds with the 4 way flashes flashing. Finally the car permitted the driver to continue driving. Seeing the 4 way flashers activated makes me think an automatic braking system kicked in and saved me. I drive older cars...manual shift....some with carbs and points and ignition plus I ride older motor bikes.
  2. When things go wrong (bird strikes and weather etc)....having a pilot up front makes the difference most of the time. Occasionally the pilot can not figure out the issue and disaster is the result, but there are so many stories of pilots saving the passengers lives when a bad situation unfolds. I really do not see the day when there is no pilot. It is the same with cars that drive themselves. What happens when owners get lazy and do not clean the sensors of these self driving cars? Or when these self driving cars are 15 years old and poorly maintained.
  3. He is gone now. Ban hammer for him. Thanks.
  4. This is a sad thing to happen but from what I can tell, most if not all shows seem to be cancelled this year. It is the reality of the situation. Things will be better in 2021. Stay safe everyone.
  5. This is very good news. You have made my day. I was quite worried for both of you.
  6. Wow very cool to see all your photos. You had some fun memories with your Jeep.
  7. The latest video is up. My wife is quite enjoying working on cars.....it seems I married a unicorn. This video includes bonus bikini beach footage....her idea....not that I disapprove.
  8. It is a difficult year for all events. I wish the Nats 2020 committee all the very best of luck and I hope it all works out.
  9. That is a beauty...what year is it? Did you ever take it to any of the WW2 anniversary events?
  10. This is weird. I'll look into this.
  11. I love the work you did his one Eric...very impressive.
  12. Good for you to notice. I was surprised when she used 2 wash mits as well...that is the first time I've seen that.
  13. I poked around in the admin controls and could find nothing that permits larger image file sizes for uploading.
  14. Good to know...I've had code get scrambled many time with stuff like that. And that will drive anyone to drink. Thanks for your kind words regarding my efforts on ARC. I'm pleased to say that bigger updates begin today.
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