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  1. Truly impressive.
  2. it looks very good......I would love to see it from different angles.
  3. How did you know?
  4. Just upload directly to the ARC forums. can do that now. File size has to be under 100KB or something like that.
  5. He was well loved...sad that he has left us. I'm thankful his battle with cancer was short.
  6. Very sad news thoughts go to his family and friends. To all the Vets and families of are in my thoughts today.
  7. Priceless. Well done Andrew
  8. I have often wondered that myself. He just stopped posting one day.
  9. Good idea....I just donated to the cause. Clif was a great guy here on the forums and his wife needs our support.
  10. Derek is a true master at his art.
  11. I just did a test post and it worked fine...I need to go to work...keep an eye on it and keep me posted. I'm hoping it was just a temp glitch for you....but let me know if it continues.
  12. It seems the server was full......cased in part by an 80Gig error files from the old server that was in a dusty folder. The issues was solved but 4 tables in the forums database were damaged. These were replaced with back up tables. It appears fine now.
  13. I'm going to lock down this thread.