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  1. A darn good reason to escape to the warm climate in Florida this time of year.
  2. I like the Final Countdown for the same reason....the aircraft scenes are worth the price of admission and the concept of 1 modern carrier going up again the whole WW2 IJN is quite the concept to ponder.
  3. Thanks Tom....I've made the adjustment. I agree about Top the time is seemed like a very cool movie...oh how the years have changed my view. :-D
  4. I thought it was a well done article. I've adjusted the number if the article to 23. With that many planes on one decal is easy to miss 1...especially when the front pant of the decal sheet only shows 22. Having read the article I can safely say that Fred did indeed look at the instructions quite a bit.
  5. Very nice....I like how it looks.
  6. Godspeed Chris in your recovery. You are in my prayers.
  7. I know in the first 5 years of school, my kids had a new cold every was a nightmare. Thankfully the flu was only 1 time a year usually.
  8. Yup....usually this time of year with people getting together, it makes flu transmission so much easier. Going to a family gathering when you are sick is insane.
  9. I had that one year...worst experience ever.
  10. Wow....thanks for all the replies...I feel less alone in my misery.
  11. I'm just getting over 4 days in bed with the always feels like a near death experience and I'm always amazed I survive. My flu this year is odd in that there was no vomiting. I did wake up one morning at the worst with sunlight blazing through my white bedroom curtains and wondered for a sec if that was the "bright light" you see after death. I rolled over and ignored it to be on the safe side.
  12. Isn't the F-22 part of a more integrated system where as the F-35 is more stand alone?
  13. Ahhh you mean locked bathroom doors.....that does actually make good sense.