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  1. SBARC


    No one with that name or e-mail is a member on ARC. I'd ban him if I can.
  2. SBARC

    Tesla, model 3

    I was listening to the radio tonight and it seems Toyota is pushing towards the hydrogen fuel cell idea for their electric vehicles.
  3. SBARC

    Tesla, model 3

    I think the cold weather cuts the range to half roughly.
  4. SBARC

    USS Wasp grave located

    This is very cool indeed. Thanks for sharing.
  5. SBARC

    Tesla, model 3

    The Tesla is a good product although the lack of a dealer network is an issue if you live outside the USA. But to be fair to Tesla, electric cars really don't need much in the way of repairs like cars with internal combustion engines. Also you can only get parts from Tesla directly and you need to give the VIN when you order parts. If you car is in an accident and written off then it is not possible to buy parts from Tesla to repair that car as the VIN is on Tesla's list of cars they will not sell parts for. Again...not a big deal and I do see Teslas point of view on this. There is a huge network of owners that buy wrecked Teslas (crash or flood damaged cars etc) and rebuild them. Tesla will not sell parts for these cars so the owners sell parts to each other from non-repairable cars. Electric cars are the future, but for now I will cling to my older ICE cars although an electric car would be much welcome as a daily driver.
  6. SBARC

    Air-to-Air Combat Between India and Pakistan

    Yup....time for cooler heads to prevail.
  7. SBARC

    Air-to-Air Combat Between India and Pakistan

    Yup...the whole story is pretty foggy at this point.
  8. SBARC

    NoVa IPMS Model Classic, Fairfax, Va


    I've added your show to the ARC homepage. I hope all of you have an enjoyable show.
  9. SBARC

    How to create a Calendar event?

    I adjusted the settings. Should work now.
  10. SBARC

    Test of first photo post

    yup...works fine. You can upload the image directly to the ARC forums.
  11. SBARC

    Issues Posting on the forums

    Chris Zactoman is correct on all counts as far as I know.
  12. SBARC

    Issues Posting on the forums

    I wonder if the issue might be image file size? My 15kb banner uploaded ok.
  13. SBARC

    Issues Posting on the forums

  14. Ah yes....the top secret shuttle mission to resupply the Moon base.....I was wondering when this story would be revealed.
  15. SBARC

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    I wonder if there are any female statues on Easter Island?