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  1. Welcome John....it is good to see you among us.
  2. The news stories of the wildlife that has been killed and injured by these fires is quite disturbing. I have also seen videos of average citizens going into the fire areas to rescue animals...some of which are injured. I tip my hat to these angels.
  3. Alot of long days searching through thousands of web pages and repairing code.
  4. I have been catching up on the news for this story and it is truly heart breaking. I know firefighters have been deployed from Canada to Queensland and NSW to try and help in this impossible situation. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the fires as well as the smoke. My province had 2 very bad forest fire seasons with 1800 forest fires in each season and although we didn't get fires near my city..we did endure over a week of smoke and the orange haze from fires 500km away. Keep safe everyone.
  5. I think the sharing of information is the true beauty of the internet. This was the original goal of ARC....share information in a friendly community.
  6. I have a particular good feeling about 2020. I feel 2020 is going to be an awesome year.
  7. SBARC


    And here is another e-mail along the same lines...I would NEVER do this for any price. Hello, We would like to advertise on your website. I represent a group of UK gaming brands who would like to discuss possibility of placing a several guest posts / sponsored articles on your website. We would initially look to purchase one placement, with additional placements in the future after a few months. All our articles are 100% unique content, tailored specifically for your website, written by Native UK writers. If you are interested in this collaboration, could you please reply with your advertising fees and any specific criteria you have for the content and links and we will respond to your email asap. Kind Regards
  8. SBARC


    Here is the text from a recent e-mail I received regarding a company wanting to put porn ads on ARC... I get e-mails like this regularly...I always say no. ARC's mostly male membership makes it a very attractive audience for some advertisers. Hi, My name's Miriam and I run an adult website guide blog – I was hoping we'd be able to do some business together. We would like to purchase an article posting on your site. Content will be relevant to the topic of your site, with 1-2 do follow links going to our Adult website guide blog. Around 300-400 words. Is it possible? If yes, how much do you charge? Thanks, Miriam
  9. SBARC


    The issue was pop up ads and other intrusive ads which we all find annoying and I do not permit that type of ads on ARC. Those ads do pay much more, but those types of ads do not sit well with me or anyone else. Static ads sit well with me. I refuse various offers by e-mail from companies wanting me to post dummy articles with ghost text leading to ads unrelated to the article. I always refuse such deception. I refuse e-mail to have ads inserted into dummy article or existing articles with links leading to porn sites. I only use googles ads because they have a strict policy against any sort of porn. With Google I do have to option to block certain types of ads in in the last day or 2 I have blocked all ads for dating sites as those did not sit well with the ARCer's according to recent feedback. I do have the option to block targeted ads and for a week or so I did block all targeted ads, but then ARCer's were complaining about the random nature of untargeted ads so I switched back to targeted ads. I know my comment to you came across as negative and I do apologize for that, but I get frustrated when ARCer's encourage other users to use ad blocking on ARC, when I know that will kill ARC in the long run. I do apologize for causing you any stress or negative emotions over this issue. Be well dear Mark.
  10. SBARC


    Ad revenue is the thing that keeps ARC online. By encouraging people to block the ads, you are saying you want ARC to disappear.
  11. SBARC


    You're welcome everyone...have a good Christmas with your family.
  12. I'd like to wish all ARC'ers a very peaceful and Merry Christmas! You all have come together to make ARC the best community!!! Thanks for hanging out at ARC!! I hope 2020 is a great year for you!! Lots of love to all of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  13. SBARC


    As far as l can see on my phone....this matter seems to be resolved.
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