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  1. I also hope to visit my niece "Angel" in the Philippines. She is now 13 and calls me Daddy. I provided life saving surgeries for her years ago and we are quite close. I have not seen her since Apr 2019 due to covid and money problems. I hope to visit her this February or March. So I am scrambling to get money together for that trip as well. Thanks for your understanding and patience. I am quite exhausted from the past 2 1/2 years and look forward to settling into my old routine this spring. I still have massive debts from Covid to pay, but that will get sorted in time.
  2. An update. Good news!!! ARC is very much alive I am happy to say. I was working at a local restaurant delivering food in the evenings and driving a tour bus for cruise ship passengers in the daytime before COVID hit. Bus driving job was seasonal and the restaurant job was low paying, COVID hit and the cruise ship industry shut down. The tour bus driving job ended. The restaurant job was limited hours and I made up the monthly shortfall by living off credit for 18 months during COVID. I eventually got a low paying job stocking grocery shelves all night at Walmart a
  3. I got worried when the lung congestion set in....then I went straight to bed for 5 days out of fear it might be a bacterial infection. Thankfully it seems to be a virus and my body did it's thing with the help of vitamins and ginger tea.
  4. Yup....this virus starts off like a typical cold then goes into lung congestion after about 5 days with a cough. And it sucks every bit of energy. I didn't start feeling better until about day 14. It seems to be very common in my area. All the best to you.
  5. I'm just getting over a 2 week non-covid lung virus that left me in bed for 5 days. I am here with renewed vigor to embrace the New Year and hope it is a year that we can look back on with a smile. I am also still keen to update the ARC homepage on a more regular pace and I will use the New Year to help me do that. I want to wish you all a happy 2023 and that all our problems magically fade away with time. All my best everyone.
  6. I will not voice an opinion about the war. I have no way to stop the killing on either side, all I can do is hope for a swift end and a robust rebuilding of Ukraine to erase some of the pain. It is truly painful to see this still happening in Europe.
  7. This is sad news. Sadly most businesses rely on the owner and when that owner decides to retire, the business usually closes shop.. I do wish you both happy times during your news phase in life. Feel free to use the ARC forums to help promote your remaining stock.
  8. I have updated the homepage with the news. I now have enough free time that I can begin daily updates on ARC again. it has been a long painful 8 months for me and I want to thank all of you for your understanding and patience. Covid caused me to suddenly lose my job which ate through savings at a rapid rate. Mai and I were unemployed for 1 year and this caused some serious financial issues. For 6 months earlier this year I was working 105 hours a week to get things back on track, which left little time for sleep much less ARC. My situation has improved and I'm only
  9. The youtube channel is my wife's project and she doesn't seem overly interested in doing the work needed to make it successful and I can't comment further. Ads on the ARC forums are not possible because I can not control the content 100%....Google has bots roaming the forums jumping on any word that goes against their guidelines. I am then sent a threatening email from Google that all income will be stopped due to one offensive or badly worded post if I don't correct the situation. Most posts that offend Google are not even offensive in any way. So in the end it was easier to j
  10. I am alive and recovering from COVID> I have been working 4 jobs / 7 days a week for a total of 105 hours a week. ARC takes 40 hours a week to do properly, so obviously there was no time to do ARC. I have dropped 2 of my jobs to free up time on the weekends. I am hoping to get back into ARC by doing an update each weekend just to keep the homepage mildly active. I lost my main job (Tour bus driver for cruise ship passengers in my city) when covid hit. I decided to take a year off when covid arrived as the dangers of covid seemed rather serious in the first year.
  11. That is an exceptionally nice build.
  12. I got an update loaded today. Been working over 100 hours a week between 4 jobs so finding time to update ARC is tricky. My wife and I lost our jobs due to Covid last year. I'm now back working and pushing hard to pay off the debt from last year. I will attempt to update ARC as much as I can. Thanks for your patience.
  13. I thought it was should'a? ....as in should'a, would'a, could'a..... Asking for a friend.
  14. I talked to the wife of an ER worker in my city. Our covid numbers have been very low because we live on a 400km long island with a population of 870,000. Living on an island has isolated us from the worst of covid. Only 43 deaths out of 870,000, but folks on this island have been pro-mask wearing etc for the majority of people. But it seems the ER is getting busy with the under 12 year olds getting covid and passing it on to their parents that chose not to get vaccinated. young kids can not be vaccinated yet. Over 80% of the people in my city have got their first
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