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  1. She almost always includes a "bikini intermission" in the videos on her channel. Fun times. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA9LuGwcqw3koX1obREeg4w/videos
  2. Thanks for pointing that out...I think I have it sorted. These updates do weird things.
  3. Yup...new update....I would choose NEVER to update and just keep the forum looking the same with the same old functions....but sometimes the updates contain security patches. I will poke around and see if I can give it a bit of color and add the ARC logo to the top right corner when I get back. This new look is the result of the latest update and not something I chose. But this week my wife and I are heading out of town on a camping trip to a nice little lake. She has some new bikinis she wants to show me.
  4. I stumbled across an excellent video on the first day of the Gulf War Air War. It is well worth checking out.
  5. Thanks for the advice....I think you are quite right on all accounts. I also think sponsors don't take to any youtuber until they reach a certain traffic level.
  6. I'm not sure. You guys still having problems?
  7. Yikes....I've not stumbled on a video like that before. I guess the internet has quite a few surprising things on it. Poor Octopus. Your brother sounds quite talented. I've wanted to get into sewing so I can do automotive upholstery. Mai does have a fashion sense. She'll buy clothes on sale and revamp them into something completely different. She has a keen eye and imagination for fashion. She can also buy any clothes and resize them to fit her like a glove and I've seen her do this with a pair of jeans that were 2 sizes to large for her.
  8. I do admit dancing with YT is much like dancing with Google. I have heard lots of channels being de-monetized for various odd reasons. Bashing China or mentioning C-19 can get you de-monetized very quickly. It seems the channels that do the best are G rated family friendly channels.
  9. Yup....that is why I added the text under the ads. So people could better understand the bigger picture.
  10. She loves to sew...but those videos don't get much traffic....so I gave her a new suggestion for her channel. I suggested she "Do videos of fixing cars and provide a bikini intermission." She loved the idea.....and she loves wearing bikinis. In theory it should be popular....we shall see. She wants to shoot piles of beach video the next time we are in the Philippines.
  11. Thanks very much for the suggestion. I will be moving in that direction. Once my wife's youtube channel in established enough, I will also launch my own youtube channel using her channel to promote my youtube channel. Her account will focus on smaller common automotive repairs and my channel will focus on more complicated repairs and full restorations. We'll be looking into a Patreon account account somewhere in there.
  12. Why what happened? It sounds like you might have a funny story to tell.
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