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  1. I thought it was should'a? ....as in should'a, would'a, could'a..... Asking for a friend.
  2. I talked to the wife of an ER worker in my city. Our covid numbers have been very low because we live on a 400km long island with a population of 870,000. Living on an island has isolated us from the worst of covid. Only 43 deaths out of 870,000, but folks on this island have been pro-mask wearing etc for the majority of people. But it seems the ER is getting busy with the under 12 year olds getting covid and passing it on to their parents that chose not to get vaccinated. young kids can not be vaccinated yet. Over 80% of the people in my city have got their first
  3. I totally love the weathering job. It does look like a bird that has done many months at sea. The comments regarding the markings and loadout as they relate to the weathering were very informative. These finer details are what we all wish we could hear from WW2 vets.
  4. Yup....this is true. Of course scratchbuilt detailing using the surplus spue that the kit parts are attached to is still considered out of the box IIRC. Some people do consider using aftermarket decals as still being built OOTB.
  5. Happy Canada Day!!!
  6. Well he didn't actually say that. Once again mis-information and lack of fact checking lets this sort of story get traction. https://www.indiatoday.in/fact-check/story/fact-check-nobel-laureate-luc-montagnier-didn-t-say-covid-vaccine-recipients-will-die-in-two-years-1807023-2021-05-26
  7. Leadership or the lack of good leadership seems to be the critical factor in the success of a community beating Covid. Ontario did poorly, but in their case the leader decided to run the fight against covid instead of standing back and letting a doctor run the show. BC has done pretty good, but we had a doctor running the fight against covid.
  8. I have 2 friends that got AstraZeneca and both were sick for 1 to 3 days.....cold sweats etc. They are both fine now.
  9. I would prefer to avoid Covid by doing the mask wearing and social distancing etc....it really is quite simple. Albertans have sadly not done well against Covid and some of their lack of success seems to be people not taking the situation seriously. Vancouver island should be virus free in 4 to 6 weeks...our numbers of active cases is dropping steadily each week.
  10. Washington state is is relaxing their mask requirements for fully vaccinated for all employees to be permitted to not wear a mask at work indoors. If the employee does not provide the employer with proof of vaccination, then that employer is allowed to require that employee to always wear a mask at work....until Covid is no longer a risk. I suspect you will see more and more of this if vaccination rates remain below herd immunity levels. And I suspect international travel will be difficult to do without proof of vaccination, but many people do not travel internationally, so this
  11. The AstraZeneca is no longer being used in my province of British Columbia, Canada. They seem to have a good supply of Pfizer. They are currently giving first shots to folks in their early 20's and people as young as 12 can now register to get their first shot in the coming weeks. My daughter in her early 20's will get her first injection in 1 week. A co-worker told me a story of her young cousin....early 20's. He is an anti masker....believes covid is a hoax etc. He has recently been diagnosed with Covid. He is in his early 20's so the odds are in his favour that he will hav
  12. Only a tiny percentage of the Japanese population is vaccinated....a very tiny percentage. The Olympics will be very restricted to avoid infecting the general population. Considering the low vaccination rate in Japan, I think the Olympics going ahead is risky, but if the event is locked down and very carefully managed, then it might be ok. Then again Japan has a high population density and the new variants do spread quickly, but thankfully the Japanese are very good about wearing masks etc.
  13. After my injection, the nurse did ask for my phone so she could download a program to help connect with the nanobots.
  14. I got my first Pfizer shot last thursday....second shot will be delayed due to an ongoing shortage of vaccine in Canada. Injection spot on my arm was ever so mildly tender for a day or so....but it was VERY mild tenderness. No other side effects.
  15. This is a 5 minute video that I enjoyed and I thought I would share with all of you.
  16. I'm booked to get my first shot on May 6th....it will either be the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Second shot will be 4 months later....in Canada due to a shortage of the vaccines...they are focusing on giving everyone their first injection before they begin giving the second injection. In theory this will keep keep from going to the hospital and stop people from dying.
  17. You're all very welcome. Tag me in threads you want me to see....I'm working 3 jobs now and going for an interview to add a 4th job to my schedule, so I'm keeping a bit busy and my free time to read the foums is limited.
  18. I'll leave it more or less disabled for now. I can stick it under the first post if people want that.
  19. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I currently work 3 jobs and a total of 76 hours a week. So my time to follow the forums is limit. For mobile devices it will appear under the first post and I doubt I can change that. I have the ability to almost disable this feature or I can put it under the first post instead of the side bar...which does everyone prefer? I have adjusted the settings so this feature is mostly disabled for computers and tablets.
  20. Yup. It should be good to go now. I was busy this weekend doing my taxes and didn't notice it was offline until I checked my e-mails.
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