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  1. SBARC

    Tiny Tricycle Trucks from Japan!

    Geeze...I REALLY like these!!! The Midget looks particularly cute to me.
  2. SBARC

    Pinto Cruising Wagon done - Rollin' in Style (?)

    These special Pinto Wagons are quite collectable now. There was a matching van as well....having both if quite the big deal in the Vanning community.
  3. SBARC

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    WOW!!! This is amazing!!!
  4. SBARC

    Happy 2019 Everyone!

    Happy New Year everyone!!!
  5. The goat this year is surrounded by a high security fence to keep it from being set on fire....but I think a drone or a flaming arrow could do the job. But the only people that set it on fire are drunks and they are usually not carrying flaming arrows as they leave the local bar.
  6. This is a 45 foot tall Goat made of straw that has a habit of catching on fire. Here is a link to the webcam for the Gävle Goat http://visitgavle.se/en/gavle-goat
  7. SBARC

    Group builds lacking participants?

    You should be able to upload photos directly to the ARC forums.
  8. SBARC

    Merry Christmas to all ARC'ers!

    ❤️ Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy Holidays to the rest of you!!! ❤️
  9. SBARC

    Dora9/Andre Dorian Passed away

    He is an exceptionally talented modeller. He will be missed by many. Damn...he was only 2 years older than me.
  10. I suspect it is a cleaver sales tactic.
  11. My pleasure Gregg. I wish I knew this long ago when I lived in a basement suite.
  12. Conker = Horse chestnuts I have heard this many times...so I suspect it is true.
  13. SBARC

    an update from bobo 1953

    Wow...nice work...I enjoyed viewing your albums.
  14. SBARC

    Sad day in the Marvel universe.

    I hope he still continues to be featured in cameos in the Marvel movies. He was always a highlight for me in each movie. With digital magic this should be possible. He sure the heck did not look 95 years old. Rest in Peace Stan...you are missed.
  15. SBARC

    Here I am again

    It's a good thing seeing the old crowd. I really need to go to a NATs again.
  16. I continue to be impressed by the level of knowledge of ARC'ers.
  17. SBARC

    My new workbench (Dream project)

    I like it very much!!!
  18. SBARC

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Waco and Phantom...you guys crack me up. 😂
  19. SBARC

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    This forum program has been stripped down and streamlined over the recent years by the designers. This makes the program more stable and easier to do security updates on. But it also means many many cool features are gone....including the rules of the road. The rules of the road just disappeared during an update.
  20. SBARC


    A cool gift.
  21. The guy could make a fortune selling these. 🙂
  22. SBARC

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    He is a special guy...but chose to leave because he found it difficult to dance within the lines here on ARC. I greatly enjoyed him as an individual and shared e-mails with him for a time long after he left. He was a good guy with a solid heart. I really need to send him another e-mail and catch up with him.