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  1. Good for you to notice. I was surprised when she used 2 wash mits as well...that is the first time I've seen that.
  2. I poked around in the admin controls and could find nothing that permits larger image file sizes for uploading.
  3. Good to know...I've had code get scrambled many time with stuff like that. And that will drive anyone to drink. Thanks for your kind words regarding my efforts on ARC. I'm pleased to say that bigger updates begin today.
  4. Did you figure out the issue with the image links? I had a look but couldn't figure out what was wrong.
  5. Long ago I was asked that I separate the models of actual spacecraft from the models of Sci-fi in the gallery section. I did that and then I figured it made sense to create separate forums for each group of models on the forum. Until now I had not heard of the company Realspace. I just checked out their site...it's good to see. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Mai loves these comments...keep them coming!! Thanks guys.
  7. Her goal is to be my dream wife. Gotta' love that attitude. 😍 She got a real kick out of fixing a dead car.
  8. Yup. I have no complaints. She is very easy on the eyes.
  9. She said she also wants to fix motorbikes, so l will be letting her work on some of my '80's sportbikes.
  10. My wife "Mai" has created her own Youtube channel. Her channel is called "Mai Sexy Garage" and focuses on fixing and restoring various cars. In today's video she diagnoses and fixes a no spark problem on a dead 1995 Honda Del Sol and as an added bonus there is a bikini intermission (her idea) in the middle of the video. The ending is priceless when she realized she actually can fix a non-running car. Please subscribe to her channel........she needs subscribers. Thank you everyone!!
  11. So you reported this thread 6 times with no message for the moderators to know why you reported the posts? You are upset with a manufacturer that talked about a product that was never released? Doesn't look like much I can do. I'm assuming you did not pay for any product, so I see no issue to act on. You do have my sympathies that you really want certain markings and they are not available, I know that is very frustrating.
  12. We are now down to 5 known Covid-19 cases on Vancouver Island...one person in hospital....none in ICU. 870,000 population on an island 280 miles or 400km long. I have been following things closely in T.O. as I have a daughter living there and a close friend in Ottawa. My daughter is working from home and keeping safe. My friend is 70 years old and staying home. It seems the bulk of the cases in Quebec and Ontario are in nursing homes. BC had the same problem in nursing homes but made changes and nailed that down pretty quickly. Some people in my city don't seem to worry about the virus and other people seem to be terrified of everything relating to this virus.
  13. That is a really good story.
  14. Thankfully in my area we have freedom to do most stuff if it doesn't involve a crowd. My wife has launched a new youtube channel....about her fixing cars. She was out filming herself today figuring out why a Honda Del Sol has no spark...seems the coil is dead. She did well and should have it running tomorrow. Doing videos really slows down repairs, but she enjoys fixing stuff.
  15. I noticed that....he seems to be testing the defences....
  16. Yup....this year has gone sideways really fast. I usually work 2 fulltime jobs and one of my jobs driving a tour bus from cruise ship passengers has shut down until at least next year giving me a huge drop in income. On the positive side I have cut back my 6 nights a week at my remaining job to 4 nights a week. I get 3 days off a week and I'm putting aside time to exercise and restore a project car that has been on the back burner for 5 years. I'm quite enjoying the slower more relaxed pace. I'm also able to spend more time working on ARC so the rebuilding of the Walkaround section is progressing very well and the daily updates are now bigger each day. The Covid-19 in my area (Vancouver Island) is getting very close to ZERO virus. Out of 870,000 people on Vancouver island there are only 8 known Covid-19 cases and only one of those people is in the hospital and not in the ICU. It is very possible there might be no virus on our island in 2 or 3 weeks. I'm enjoying working less and spending more time on my hobbies and working on ARC. How is this year going for you?
  17. Sorry guys...time to put a padlock on this thread. My apologies to Darren Roberts for locking his thread. I miss seeing the Blue Angles and T-Birds. And here are the current stats by country.. https://wuflu.live/ Spain 47 million 24,275 deaths 516 deaths/million citizens Italy 60 million 27,682 deaths 461 deaths/million citizens UK 66 million 26,000 deaths 393 deaths/million citizens Sweden 10 million 2,462 deaths 246 deaths/million citizens USA 327 million 60,984 deaths 186 deaths/million citizens Singapore 6 million 690 deaths 115 deaths/million citizens Canada 38 million 3,155 deaths 81 deaths/million citizens Germany 83 million 646 deaths 78 deaths/million citizens South Korea 52 million 247 deaths 4.75 deaths/million citizens Australia 25 million 91 deaths 4 deaths/million citizens New Zealand 5 million 19 deaths 4 deaths/million citizens Japan 126 million 425 deaths 3.3 deaths/million citizens
  18. It was a good movie. Seeing the F-14's going after the Zero from the perspective of the yacht helped me imagine seeing the F-14 from 1941 perspective. The wooden yacht was a beauty.
  19. Loss of taste and smell is also common in older folks. My Mom's sense of taste was almost nil by the time she hit 70. But is is also symptoms for Covid-19.
  20. The numbers will go down as people begin to fight back against the virus....then people will relax and the numbers will flare up.....there will be a second wave and a third wave. The true death rate if the hospital system is not overloaded is about 1.36% and if we achieve herd immunity at 70% of the US population then you are looking at over 3 million dead....which is difficult to believe. China should be held responsible for this pandemic and there should be serious consequences for China.
  21. Quite true...good point. Testing for the virus is good but I think testing to the antibodies is better. I eagerly await a cheap test checking for antibodies that people can take home and do themselves.
  22. Yup...sometimes it is painful watching this train wreck with everyone so busy pointing fingers. I'm thankful for the most part people in my city are doing a good job with social distancing and the spread of the virus has been almost brought to a standstill. My island is 280 miles long with 1 million people and 93 known cases and half of them have healed and released from hospital. The vast bulk of Covid-19 patients in Canada seem to be from longterm care homes. Ferry traffic to and from my island is down 95% and I suspect the remaining traffic is mostly truck traffic bringing food to the island etc. My brother inlaw is a Doctor in the UK and things are pretty grim in London. Canada is bending the curve and in some areas the curve is being flattened. I suspect in a few weeks most businesses will begin some limited form on operation in my city. This mess won't be cleaned up until everyone starts moving in the same direction.
  23. Georgia will be interesting to watch. The results should be predictable, but who knows. What baffles me is people that wear gloves and no mask. They are terrified to touch anything with bare skin for fear they might get the virus on their skin. This is a lung infection, so stopping it from getting into your lungs is the goal. N95 mask does this. This virus can not infect you through a cut in your skin, so gloves is a very secondary form of protection.. The government could open up the economy if everyone had access to N95 masks. People should not be forced to wear them, but they should be forced to wear some sort of mask to contain the droplets from their coughing (those droplets could go into the eye of a person wearing an N95 mask and give them the virus). I find it quite baffling the amount of dithering going on regarding the path forward. 1) Lockdown to get the hospitals numbers under control. Only lockdown in areas where hospitals are overrun with Covid-19 patients. Do NOT lock down rural areas with few if any covid-19 patients, but educate the residents how to avoid Covid-19 and encourage all people to stay in their own communities to restrict spreading this to rural areas. 2) Provide N95 masks to areas with high infection rates first. Make N-95 masks available to all citizens as soon as possible. 3) Require all citizens to at least wear some sort of mask to restrict their coughing droplets. 4) Open up the economy. People doing prolonged close contact....hair and nail salons and movie theaters etc will all require N95 masks. 5) Then open up the economy and get things back on track. 6) Develope a vaccine and made it voluntary. There is no need to protect people if they don't want it. Natural selection will sort it out in the end. The only problem is there is a need for billions of N95 masks and production should have been increased long ago on producing N95 masks. As for US news media.....I find both sides to be slanted in their coverage. NPR seems to be the only media that comes close to balanced news.
  24. Yup....this has to be voluntary. Certain people think this virus is a hoax etc and I wish them all the best. Certain people know they are at risk. Underlying health conditions, age.....suppressed immune system (cancer patients etc). My Step Mom in the UK is staying home and not having physical contact with anyone. The situation in the UK is quite bad and she is 80. She gets her groceries delivered etc. I have 2 grown daughters and I told them I will see them in a year or so. I don't want to risk giving them the virus and they don't want to risk giving me the virus...and my city is doing really well with very low numbers. We locked down on Mar 16 and people are quite considerate about 6 feet of social distancing etc. Plus people are for the most part staying close to home and not traveling to neighboring towns etc.
  25. People that are at risk really need to stay home and if they do go out....use an N95 mask. What we really need is a rock solid cheap and easy to do anti-body test. We need to know who has immunity and get them back to work. Everyone else should be careful and use a mask. My province of British Columbia is doing quite well. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are doing much better than the USA and there is a lesson to be learned there. Acting early is the key to dealing with this. Lock down early....reduce the numbers and then open things up. Then lock down fast when the second wave hits. Government needs to flow cash into the workers and businesses affected by this. My wife quit her job in November due to health reasons. One of my jobs being a bus driver for cruise ship tours has disappeared. Thankfully my second job is hanging on, but things are getting tight, but thankfully my daughter finished university a year ago...or I would be seriously screwed.
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