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  1. First of all....ARC was not hacked. The server computer that I rent had a problem with the apache program on the server computer and could not display html webpages correctly. It would only display them as the webpage code in a text file. So it would ask you to download the text file. The only html webpage on the ARC site ishomepage. The rest of the webpages are shtm webpages. Some ARC members get this problem with www.arcair.com or they get it with www.aircraftresourcecenter.com If one of the above URL's is causing you problems then try the other URL. Usually one of them will work for you. Both work fine for me as tech support was supposed to have fixed the problem. The true URL for ARC was http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/index.html and http://www.arcair.com/index.html which both had problems and might still have problems. The index.html at the end is usually hidden. I changed the homepage to an htm file from the html file and that solved the problem. So these URL's are what the homepage is now http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/index.htm and http://www.arcair.com/index.htm I hope this makes sense. I am thinking about moving to another hosting company. Steve Bamford ARC
  2. Both load fine for me....although on my phone 10 minutes ago the homepage html code loaded but went away when I hit refresh. I am pondering moving to a different hosting company.
  3. Yup....I agree with you on all points.
  4. Try loading www.arcair.com on your smart phone.
  5. even now? It seems to me there is something in the cache of your computer. Try this... type www.arcair.com into your browser... Hold down Ctrl key.... While holding it down... Press F5 key This forces your computer to download the whole webpage and not load it from your computer's cache. I have no idea if it will work in this instance.
  6. http://www.arcair.com/ and http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/ should both work the same now.
  7. problem is all resolved now....thanks for your patience everyone.
  8. ok...issue has been resolved and homepage is loading correctly again. Just in time to go to my evening job.
  9. ok...my first concern was the html code on the homepage was somehow wrong. So I made a new webpage and uploaded that and it still only displays the html code and not the finished html webpage. So this tells me the issue is server related...possibly the domain name or something that affects the index page (homepage). I have a couple of more tests to run before I contact the hosting company.
  10. I'm not sure yet what is causing this problem......but it seems to be the hosting computer or possibly domain name related. I am in contact with the hosting company to resolve this issue. The rest of the site loads fine...it is just the homepage, For instance...here is the joke page...loads just fine. http://www.arcair.com/TPC.shtm
  11. Great Scott!! I'm pleased to see Dr. Emmett Brown was visiting ARC. Good to see you Doc!!
  12. I prefer autobody glazing (finishing ) putty
  13. I just checked and it seems to be fine now.
  14. Hi Paul, I poked around the database and couldn't find your paul.nortness account if you know what e-mail you were using for that account, I can do a search that way. Send the info to me at sheb@telus.net and I will see if I can help Steve Bamford ARC
  15. What makes ARC special is the people that hang out here.
  16. Well considering you are 6 billion years old....I can't disagree.
  17. Welcome Gregg...it is good to have you among us.
  18. I just noticed ARC quietly passed the 20th anniversary on Nov 15 2019.
  19. Wow....this looks very good.....it brings the true story of this partially wooden aircraft to life.
  20. They could have filmed the moon landings in color and they would have looked the same....white space suits on a gray moon do not make for colorful TV viewing.
  21. I agree. The Japanese atrocities during the 1930's and 1940's are well know and not disputed. No event in history was ever black and white.
  22. Spoiler alert...I recall this was covered in the movie.
  23. My feeling was the local officer was a rarity, but I will add the local girls fled into the forest when the Japanese visited, so the local villagers had a complete lack of trust of the Japanese in general. That sort of lack of trust was caused by word of mouth, so it seems to me the Japanese in general were not well behaved and had a bad reputation. But I feel it is fair to note that there were exceptions in every situation. The local officer did have an eye for my wife's grandmother and he liked the idea of coming back to the Philippines after the war and living a quiet life away from Japan.
  24. My wife is now addicted to WW2 since seeing midway. She's a simple farmers daughter from the countryside in the Philippines with no knowledge of history and is quite interested to learn the antics of the Japanese Imperial forces during WW2. Her grandmother was a teenage girl at that time and they had spotters around the village to warn people when the Japanese were coming so the girls could hide in the forest. There was one Japanese officer that had an interest in my wife's grandmother. Grandmother is in her 90's and on a recent trip I sat the family down and got her to tell them her experiences from that time period. I couldn't understand anything that was said....but my wife and her siblings were quite fascinated. The Japanese seemed to be quite well behaved when they visited their village.
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