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  1. Thats quite a flight of Phantom! You have an airshow over your bench every day. Good job.
  2. Awesome! You did a tremendous job on it. The missiles look exceptional as well
  3. Very cool! Its awesome hoe you have some with the the wings partially folding like thdy are taxiing.
  4. Awesome! I think your 2nd pic looks like real jet.
  5. Wow! what a job that must be to cover the whole thing in foil. Do you have any pics of you applying the foil? It looks really cool!
  6. Wow! really really cool! Tremendous weathering and paint! I heard the Mig-28 has a problem with its fuel tanks, and that it wont do a negative G pushover though.
  7. This looks awesome! I wish the tomcat would still be around for these paint schemes.
  8. A good looking model! you did a fine job with those decals, they look like they would be tough to apply.
  9. Has there ever been a tutorial on scratc building 1:72 wing folds? I tried to do some but they look awful. Im talking on jets like the A-7, f-4, A-6 ect. Thanks
  10. REally nice Prowler! clean build with a different choice of squadrons. very cool
  11. Good looking rhino! I wish i could paint like that.
  12. Nice build. I really like the wing folds. Are they aftermarket?
  13. Wicked looking A-4! Great job.
  14. Cool tomcat. Kudos for using the tarps pod and for putting sparrows under it. Nice job
  15. These models look great.Your weathering skills are unreal! I really like the VF-102, and the VF-33... heck i like them all!! Any chance you can post pics of the ones you havent already posted?
  16. Very cool!! Mean machine with those missiles hanging off of it! I remember seeing those in action during the gulf war when i was a kid. Nice work, and nice work on the photoshopping also.
  17. 24 tomcats on one ship. I'm drualling. Always thought vf114 had one of the coolest paintjobs
  18. Wicked thud! Nice weathering and paint. That model looks huge in the pics!
  19. Fantastic model. Really great job making the paint look "patchy" and faded.
  20. Really cool and loaded to the gills with weapons. nice build. If only they would have had a gun on those early phantoms....
  21. Thats really cool! Neat idea.
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