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  1. Terrific collection! Hasegawa F-102? Not sure what else is out there for the Delta Dagger... Jonah
  2. Russ, which blue paint did you use for the vehicles? Thanks Jonah
  3. Decals look great! Is your VT collection all 1/72? Jonah
  4. Thanks gentlemen...Dutch I used Model Master enamels; lightened FS 36081 over 16473. Jonah
  5. Here's my subject, KC-135Q 59-1470 in the summer of 1993: https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Boeing-KC-135Q-Stratotanker-717-148/2579627/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwkAMRe%2BStS5K0UV3egFdeIGQfLS0OmMmYIfSuxsHd4/34K0k6eVY/FYzaKACNnnQjjIbPwsNK02on2QaTJPsu/7wjlyS%2BbmGUnacRJAd%2BvcXU9gvoUg73ePcBcCujak/htex5JnbA87jTNv2BU46LqA%3D I find the transitional period from SAC/TAC/MAC to ACC/AMC fascinating, as many units were inactivated or changed aircraft/missions during the early to mid 1990s, which resulted in some very short-lived markings on much of the USAF heavy fleet. Part of what drew me to this subject was the obvious overpaints of the previous SAC-era markings, plus the relatively unique fighter-style ACC markings on a tanker. Minicraft kit OOB except for the antennas on the forward fuselage. Decals are a mixture of Caracal 144004, the spares box, and custom decals printed by Speedway Decals for me. Thanks for looking Jonah
  6. Great shots, obviously I didn't think of the XC-99. If I'm not mistaken she's currently disassembled at Wright-Patt; I'll be curious to see what's next for her. Jonah
  7. Interesting B-36 shot...do you know where it was taken? Jonah
  8. Looks like a great start Fred! Jonah
  9. I'm curious who has the tooling nowadays...I recently traded for a second copy, but I suspect Kursdad's decals will drive me to need a couple more kits!
  10. Neat project, didn't know this bird was out there. Here's an EC-135 project; I would try this technique for the large radomes. Only one of the photos showed up for me, but it should give an idea- Jonah
  11. Very nice, I still need to get one of these! Jonah
  12. I checked with a friend whom I consider an expert on USAF colors & markings...his take is that you're on the right track with FS 16473! Hope to see some photos of your model sometime. Jonah
  13. Thanks Steve, that's helpful. I don't currently have plans to build the early G, but am interested in a later G or H project (1980s) with the gravity nukes, so will file this away for that! Jonah
  14. Steve, how do the racks look for the bombs in the early G kit? Jonah
  15. Great start Steve; it’s interesting to see the fuselage sections from both kits joined up. Jonah
  16. Thanks Dutch, apparently I don’t spend enough time on SCM...looks like a great resource! Jonah
  17. Based on this site, I believe the SMU10B to be an item that facilitates simulation of actual weapons carriage...perhaps to provide realistic cockpit indications without carrying an actual weapon...? https://www.parttarget.com/6920-00-541-7548_6920005417548_SMU10B.html Jonah
  18. Might be my best bet, thanks for the point-out Dutch! Jonah
  19. I like the idea Dutch; can you give a brief rollup of what airfield vehicles are available along these lines in 1/72? Jonah
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