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  1. So problems seem to be from the website, wouhou, webmaster, where are you darling. Have some works for you :D
  2. So what to do? Is there a solution? Should I have to leave arc fot another forum?
  3. Hello, Each time I want to open a page on the forum, I've this message I Have to do numerous refresh to get it. I'm using FF and opera, both do that, also I'm using adblock, deactived it do nothing. Can someone help me? Regards
  4. It's look like a pc game crimson'sky plane, nice
  5. Don't worry you will be advetised, I think do it on the last hasegawa shinden II
  6. So strange but so beautiful with this camo really nice
  7. So strange but so beautiful, great camo,you do it perfectly ;)
  8. Hi Mad, Great work again, you should dim the lights of exhauts, I think, she's too bright. The ones installed into the fuselage mades a good effect
  9. Hi Mad, It's not easy to forget your last build I've just discover this one, which I don't know. This one seems to be more easy to do than republic one,no?
  10. Hi MH, Nice work you make, like your last work on the republic destroyer, your paneling look nice. A good source of inspiration
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