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  1. phillyb

    A.S.W. B-24

    Thanks alot for the info so far this helps...........Phil
  2. phillyb

    A.S.W. B-24

    I want to build an asw B-24 for a starting point i have monograms B-24J, either British or U.S. but i cant find alot of info As in decals,weapons ,radar which the brits took out the ball turret and installed. any thing would be a great help.
  3. phillyb


    Does any one know where I can get some color photos of the A-10A J.A.W.S(spotted),web site ,books any thing.
  4. slatted ,the promodeler is hard wing
  5. phillyb

    Two Bobs

    Hey does any one have the 1/48 F-111A Combat Lancer decal sheet you want to part with , I checked E-Bay ,no luck.Two Bobs are not in stock and not making any at this time. Thanks Phil
  6. Try going to Craig Bakers F-105 web site you might find something there or they have a forum you can ask for pics.
  7. phillyb


    I have two F-16A hasegawa kits how involved would it be to bring them to C or CG status.
  8. They are still open I thought the only hobby shop was old guard still around
  9. pave spike pods were used at Ramstein in the mid 80,s while i was stationed there also at Spang I saw a few
  10. Thanks for the great info that is going to help a great deal Phil
  11. Thanks Rob I hope I can get something going Phil
  12. It was the early type that was at Ramstein it housed one F-4, it was tight , do you know wher I could get some info ,as in height ,width, and length . I want to make one as accuratly as possible.
  13. Has anyone ever tried to make a Tab V shelter the common site at U.S.A.F.E bases.I saw a 1/72 scale diorama kit of them about 25 years ago while stationed in Germany but did not buy it .If any one has info please let me know .
  14. phillyb


    Thanks guy,s Phil
  15. phillyb


    Does any one make an after-market canopy for the 1/48 F-111 .
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