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  1. Nice pics! good to see that there are still few Tomcat remaining!
  2. Oh ok! thank you for the precision! Would be my bird accurate despite the names on the canopy?
  3. nope, I don't have early construction pics, sorry! The only hint I can provide you concerns the fit of the engines with the intakes in place: do not glue the front part, it will be used to center the intake assembly)at least on my bird), and simply take your time and work on sub assemblies
  4. I received mine on december 24, and started building it on sunday. The overall fit is pretty good, but the intakes need some work to be adjusted, and the inside parts to be aligned with the engines. The left engine fairing fits really well, but the right one needs some work. As for now, I worked on sub-assemblies: the wings, front fuselage, intakes, vertical fins, engines and stabilators. The main fuselage is only dry assembled, as well as the front fuselage is fixed to the rear with Tamyia tape. The gun took me 3hrs or work, in order to get all 6 barrells aligned... I decided to let as many p
  5. Greatmodels will have the F-14D this week in stock, so mine will be shipped this week as well, since I pre-ordered it
  6. pre-order placed, gonna see the quality in time...
  7. I'll have 2 big Cats to finish on this GB: an F-14B from VF-101 and an F-14A from NSAWC. Decals for both birds come from Fightertown Decals. The VF-101 Tomcat has originally been build as a VF-143 Tomcat and is in the "in progress pics" section
  8. That kit will be perfect for those who want to build the kit in maintenance, take off or landing configurations. However, that kit better looks like a B or a D than a A model. The option for the opened panels and wing glove is a good add (that's what I think about it)
  9. So guys I've been quite busy the last months and the building process will resume for the GB. And this bird is going to be transferred to VF-101 in the 2001-2003 sheme. 2 F-14Ds will follow a bit later, one from VF-101(AD 103) and one as Felix 101 in the Tomcat Sunset sheme
  10. If they want the Tomcat gone as fast as possible why the birds are so well conservated? and what's the difference betwin AMARG and AMARC?AMARG destruys the jets while AMARC holds them in war reserve?
  11. I guess The Tomcat days are not totally finished...Last week, Ms Maria Hart-Wise, from PEO Tactical Aircraft Programs, sent me back an answer to an email in wich I requested some informations regarding the airframes listed somewhere in a thread I created some weeks ago in this forum. I requested inforations about the overhaul maintenence process and drawings for the panels wich are open during these operations. Here are the 2 emails I'm talking about: My request As a French modeller, I'm curently working on a project wich I called "Tomcat Farewell" wich will feature up to aproximatly 15 F-
  12. I own an old magazine called Top Gun wich features an article about the Dogs "fighting" for the squadron name, with several pictures of Dog103. The CAM scheme seems to be correct on their drawings. But, as said be VFA-103 guy, the color charts is wrong. By the way he knows the Tomcat a bit far better than us, I consider him like my Tomcat Guru and trust him when he tell me the CAM chart is wrong. If I want do build a very accurate aircraft, then I need his advices.
  13. oups...I'm wrong...just looked back on the VF-2 instruction sheet and there is FS35237...so my camo is wrong
  14. So I'll have to repaint the top of the horizontal stabs in FS 35237...the tip of the tails is 36320 or 35237? so there is a small color error too on the drawing...since the stabilator is 36320 in the CAM pic... 35237 is so dark? and regarding my F-14D, zotz didn't talk about 35237 but only 36320 and 36375...are they wrong?
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