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  1. I used matt cote on a model the other week, it was airbrushed on, well thinned. Although it appeared to be touch dry within a few minutes it remained sticky and it was several days before it was fully cured. peebeep
  2. When our kids were little our childminders had a greyhound. Laziest dog I ever met, but so well tempered I never had any qualms about her being with my kids. I think you will find your hound a very good companion. If we were thinking about getting another dog (we have cats at the moment), a retired greyhound would be top of the list. peebeep
  3. Don't use it on a flat finish, unless you're deliberately looking to get a stained effect. peebeep
  4. If you want a Concorde badly enough, then it is buildable. My build was spread over some time, in order to have breaks away from it and to gather up wherewithal. You will need a bucket of filler. The fin profile is easy enough to fix. I thought about fixing the nose gear location, but it is not something that is readily noticeable. I took about 9-10mm off the height of the nose leg, otherwise the sit doesn't look right, at least to my eye it doesn't. I fixed the nose in the up position, initially because the linkage mechanism parts were so fragile it was not possible to get them off the sprue
  5. I went to Wembley last night for the Steelers/Vikings game, first time I've watched NFL at a stadium and thoroughly enjoyed it. From being way behind the Steelers almost engineered overtime at the last gasp, but the Vikings held on. If London were to get a franchise I'd definitely think about getting a season ticket. peebeep
  6. I have a Canon Powershot SX500IS. It has image stabilisation, an excellent display and a stonking zoom. The camera functionality is the same as some of the Canon DSLR's. A friend who works in camera sales rates them highly and I'd recommend it to anybody wanting a decent camera without going down the DSLR road. peebeep
  7. That is a Dunlop Mk II spade grip as fitted to a number of late war and post war RAF fighters, although I don't believe it is usually associated with the Mosquito. The radar is the Mk X set as captioned. I'm wondering if this is possibly a mock up cockpit used for instruction? The restored NF30 (RK952) is fitted with the fighter stick usually associated with Mosquito fighter variants. Link peebeep
  8. Bomber versions were fitted with a yoke, fighters a simple stick. I wouldn't expect the NF30 to be any different. Here is a view of a FBVI under restorations: peebeep
  9. Why would Revell reissue the Matchbox tooling, when they have their own more recently tooled kit on their catalogue? peebeep
  10. I have a compressed disc in the lower spine that gives me chronic lower back pain. I can a relate to the butt pain, as I get something similar. As well as discomfort down to my knee it may also extend below the knee. My work means I'm sat down a lot, which is no great help. Sometimes I get some temporary relief by rolling up a towel and placing it under my thigh when sat at the desk. A rolled towel can also be effective in reducing the amount of compression when laying down, by placing the towel under the small of your back as a lumbar support, although it does mean sleeping on your back all t
  11. Does iphoto re-size or re-sample the image? If it's re-sampling then the amount of pixels is reduced, which degrades the image quality. If it's re-sizing, then the image should still contain the same amount of pixels, so for best image quality re-sizing is preferred. Re-sizing or re-sampling dialogue boxes should contain a tick box that says 'maintain aspect ratio' or something similar. If this box is checked you can change one of the image dimensions and the other one will be altered proportionally. peebeep
  12. Almost certainly based on the Frog tooling. I have a Plastyk Hunter that is clearly based on the Frog tooling, although it is somewhat cleaned up and has engraved panel lines. It still has all the Frog shapes. If you want a 1/72 Lynx AH7 then your best starting point is with the Airfix, assuming you can find one. peebeep
  13. That needs clarification, Hornby may well have made losses (on what I would regard as ill judged Olympic themed products amongst other things), but Airfix itself is in rude health having increased turnover over the last twelve months. peebeep
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