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  1. It was not a negative sentiment directed at you or your products. Its a genuine shame we don't have a 48th scale A-5A, apart from the very OOP cutting edge conversion kit. I would purchase an A-5A sheet regardless, i'm sure something will be along eventually.
  2. Shame we don't have a kit (a-5a) to put them on.
  3. Thanks for the sheets and enjoy your holiday!
  4. Sorry for the spam, but this is my niche and what I love to build. N816NA Simple F-8A N702NA F-100C N731NA OH-6A 54-0102 F-105B (while not logo'd it was the only F-105 used by NASA)
  5. How about some subtle Nasa F-104's? My favourite, N820NA with the "italic"? NASA logo like the X-15/Sr-71/XB-70. G Model N812NA G model 56-0749 A model 71303 (later N819NA) B model. Note the logo on the Tip Tank Fins.
  6. Hi All, Any experience into using ALPS decals from Draw Decal? They offer a sheet that I am interested in, but I have never used Alps printed decals before. What is their quality like? Regards, James.
  7. Hi All, I need to sand the canopy framing off a Classic Airframes T.11 Vampire to fit Flightpath Photo etc framing which looks much much more accurate than the kit framing. How do I do it evenly? Should I paint the canopy first say in a water based paint and sand down the framing till i start removing the "glass" and then remove paint and polish? Also the instructions recommend gluing the framing with white glue. I thought I would coat the canopy in future and use CA? I cant see White Glue holding. Any tips? Regards, James.
  8. I can see those SR-71 Sheets selling out fast. All I wanted was the Nasa SR-71C, but couldn't resist hoarding both sheets, and the A-12's what a surprise! Now to offload my cutting edge sheets. Thank you @KursadA for tickling my Nasa itch.
  9. FS: Both cutting Edge SR-71 Sheets. I was hoping it would include the YF-12c, i cant wait to get my hands on both of these new sheets. Thanks Kursada for the preview.
  10. Anyone have this kit? Not many photos out on the web, couldn't find any build threads. Any photos of the kits air intakes, and or any build threads around that I didn't find? I understand this kit fills a niche void, but would you recommend it?
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