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  1. Here are some of the Canadian Forces Demo Schedules: Snowbirds http://www.snowbirds.forces.gc.ca/site/air.../schedule_e.asp CF-18 Demonstration Team http://www.airforce.forces.gc.ca/site/airs...dule_cf18_e.asp Look forward to seeing them at the St. Thomas Air Show: http://www.wingsnwheels.ca
  2. St. Thomas is looking pretty good: http://www.wingsnwheels.ca It looks like a combination of some from St. Thomas (they had the Snowbirds last year) and London Air Show past organizers. They are going to have the Snowbirds again and the CF-18 Demo Team, ACC East Demo Team (F-16), KC-135 refueling demonstration, etc, etc..... It is a smaller airport but the main runway is 5000ft? They sure have alot of performers listed, even if only half show up it would be a pretty great show.
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