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  1. Thanks a lot. They were hand painted simulating frangible covers of the opennings.
  2. Thank you gentlemen! 🙂
  3. Hello guys, what type of beaver tail did equipped on Gypsy 202 and 207 at the time of 1989 shootdown? I will use Tamiya 1/48 F-14A as a starting point together with early gun vent, late style tail stiffener and proper markings. I have checked a thread here one mentioned early beaver tail but I am a little tentative about this. Appreciate your advise.
  4. Many thanks for kind words.🙂 As my collection grows more I can see that some planes are quite larger or smaller than I thought particularly when put them side by side. Hajo and Mark, Not less than ten tears ago CAM Decals (and Superscale too) released a sheet contains markings for this f-18. For me it was something different I had never seen before. I have no idea the actual reason why camouflage but I just did not let it pass.
  5. Hello, Here is a Super Etendard from Heller in 1/72. I got this secondhand SuE kits very cheap from a seller in the UK. I always prepare to cope with old tooling kits which usually not as easy as modern kits to bring them up to my preference. Care would be taken but sometimes I just let it quick and fun on some stages of building. Even though kit’s shortcomings, I prefer Heller kit over Academy because it has much more accurate overall shape. Only downside is raised panel lines. I got rid all of them as I thought kit provided engraved lines of flight control surfaces, wheel well doors etc. were enough. This kit was a putty monster as expected. Some parts are very fiddle to assemble. To be fair I really like kit’s single piece wing part and horizontal stab part. This gave strength enough to bear rather rough handling and ensured proper wing and horizontal stab angle. There is similar problem to previous old Airfix/ Heller kits built. In this case, a vertical fin root, molded onto aft upper fuselage, had leading edge angle perpendicular to fuselage skin. Attaching vertical fin, which has swept back leading edge, creates funny looking leading edge root kink due to different angles. The same also happened to horizontal stabilizer… Anyway plastic shim and putty easily remedied this. The kit has none of wheel wells both nose and main gear, just a wall and closed wheel well doors instead. I did not want to bother rebuilding these areas thus I just painted the walls black. Main landing gear struts were shorten by approximately a millimetre to get more correct nose up stance. Heller provide very comprehensive scoops/vents under fuselage but simply molded them solid, no actual hole. Again just black paint. Both pitot probes were too tall and too thick so they ware cut and sanded to proper size. I scratched build probes on both sides of nose and a yellow antenna under nose replacing chunky kit part. These were attached to fuselage with Testors canopy glue. This model depict a Super Etendard on attack missions over Lebanon in 1983 with SNEB rockets. Matra 155 rocket pods are from Res/kit. The kit provide only one set of drop tank/ pylon and Exocet missile with specific pylon for anti-ship mission. To get a proper stores loadout I cast another drop tank and pylon in resin as well as both rocket pod’s pylons. Upper color is Mr.Color no.331 dark sea grey with few drops of blue and underside color is no.1 white. Since kit decals sheet was long gone yellowed, I used markings from Carpena 72.56 which has far more complete stencil, enough for two models. Surprisingly, although the decals appeared flat, they reacted well to Mr. Mark Softer and laid down nicely without silvering contrast to very thick and impervious to setting solution decals on their 1/48 MiG-17 sheet. Thanks for any comments. Cheers!
  6. What I has seen is almost of their sheets on the cold war to modern USN subjects have wrong 45 degrees numbers/letters. But the latest 72-390 F-14 Pt.3 start to get correct style 30 deg. Have no idea if they has just relized something not quite right with their research for long time and want to get back to the right track? Regarding decals thickness my F-111 white tail code markings seems obviously too thin compare to later Printscale releases such as F-105 sheeets I hope that double application as the sheets has enough quantity of tail codes will relieve the problem.
  7. IMHO both are great. Their shipping cost are very friendly to ASEAN customer. Their customer service always want to help me to solve any problem without delay. I found that Hobbyeasy has large selections while Luckymodel has a smaller inventory.
  8. For years I was absent from building any model kit since lengthy work training coupled with moving to a new house. After finished setting my new man cave I finally have time to cut something off the sprues and spray some paint. This Fujimi 1/72 A-6A intruder basic shape is accurate and fit wise is generally good except both wing to fuselage and intake joints that required some filler to blend out steps and gaps. Exhaust nozzles were carved to make them more resemblance of the real thing. I also reshaped vertical fin tip angle just a bit more steep. Original kit main shock struts sat too vertically to the ground when viewed from front or behind so I adjusted struts and drag braces canted a little outward. That means angle of main wheel axles were modified too. All antennae were scratch built. The model was painted with Mr.Color paint 315 for grey, 316 for white and 182 for final flat coated. Kit supplied schemes were impressive but I prefer VA-145’s colorful sabre tail marking not contained on kit decals. So I used markings from Wolfpak Decals 72-015 “PGM Pioneers” sheet. The decals is quite excellent in term of flexibility. They went well into recessed panels and conformed to compound curves perfectly. In my opinion star and bars’ blue color are a bit too light but I can live with it. Initially there were two solid green decals with white “04” to cover areas each side of vertical fin tip which designed for kit’s original shape. But the fin tip on my A-6 was modified so I had to separated only white numbers and applied on green painted fin tip instead. Like my previous Fujimi kits, their kit supplied underwing stores such as drop tanks, bombs and missiles always look too much off to my eyes. I replace them with anything I have on hand, if it closer to the real deal. This time drop tanks came from spare bin leftover from Hasegawa A-1 Skyraider. At first I wanted my Intruder armed with LGBs but soon I felt I dislike the look of a Pave Knife pod. SoI changed my mind to more normal dumb look with some kind of dumb bombs bigger than more common Mk.82 variants. Hence I used Mk.83s from Hasegawa weapon set as well as MERs. This model actually started few months before the long break. I left tamiya tape masked on canopy sooo long time. Nearly to final stage of the built while peeling off canopy masking tape, I was very thrilled and curious if the tape damages my lovely clear canopy? Once all pieces of tape gone no any single damage found thanks to Tamiya quality and I was very happy with the result. Any comments welcomed. Thanks.
  9. Right scale for my space... Can’t wait!
  10. Hopefully proper HSAB and guided bomb loads.
  11. How many casualties of the battle? How was The Kraken arrested? One of the most “wrong guy wrong place” I have ever seen.🤣
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