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  1. Steve, the mystery solved... Thank you! Your excellent fuselage station diagrams clearly show different radome station number from the datum. Finger crossed someone will release any new early B-52G/H kit with correct radome style.
  2. From Roden’s FB... I already have previous NK/AC-123K boxing which has necessary parts for C-123K, though the latest C-123K/UC-123K boxing provide proper markings right out of box.
  3. Sorry but they are on another recent thread about this. Here it is LINKY.
  4. Superb metal finish and rescribing.
  5. Outstanding subtle weathering. Paint chipping is just perfect not overdone.
  6. To me there is indeed different shape and dimensions between early and late G/H radome. A Buff with EVS minus nose ECM bumps
  7. Thanks a lot. They were hand painted simulating frangible covers of the opennings.
  8. Thank you gentlemen! 🙂
  9. Hello guys, what type of beaver tail did equipped on Gypsy 202 and 207 at the time of 1989 shootdown? I will use Tamiya 1/48 F-14A as a starting point together with early gun vent, late style tail stiffener and proper markings. I have checked a thread here one mentioned early beaver tail but I am a little tentative about this. Appreciate your advise.
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