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  1. Very good job on building. Good to hear Chinese Candid operational story which did actually helping people during the disaster.
  2. Amazing conversion nicely done.
  3. Thanks gentlemen for very informative replies and links. @DutchNot really any specific choppper in my mind. It seems good to do some more research on navysite.de to find if there is any example shot of the D from Vietnam cruises on different carriers. @Tailspin TurtleWith a nice shot on your superb blog I found that the closest to my preference in term of readily available decal option is HH-2C instead the D from Printscale Seasprite pt.2. However I also found some modification for gun works required.
  4. Hello. It’s long time since last talking here. I came across very nice Clearprop 1/72 HH-2D in a shop and curious if the D version suitable for Vietnam war helo? I know that earlier models work fine for the perios but I rather like a look of four blades tail rotor. Anyone please educate me on it…
  5. Amazing both! I like delicate look of curtain rail assy on the Flanker.
  6. Incredible amount of details! I like the look of heated natural metal. edit: Nothing wrong with Russian markings. It’s our beloved hobby, not politic.
  7. Impressive! Not an easy job put difference plastics from difference brands but you nailed it.
  8. No idea on Su-57 numbers. Just watching with interest how the kit building looks like.
  9. Interesting project. Any plastic pics?
  10. Very nice built. Amazing cockpit detail!
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