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  1. Never, ever, ever had an issue with Great Models and I have ordered from them at least 20 times in the last few years. FYI, order from Kitlink (part of Greatmodels) for same day mailing if ordered before 2PM. The longest I have ever had to wait from Greatmodels (Kitlink) is 4 days. Now Squadron thats a different story all together
  2. Just go to LA, you can find plastic women everywhere, including brunettes although they may now be blond..........................................not alot of curtians matching the drapes going on in So Cal if you get my drift.
  3. Luv to see someone do a 1/48 Ju 388, someone like MPM.....to be on the realistic side. Hasegawa should also make a new 1/72 JU 188.............................they could use some of the parts in the Ju88 G kit.
  4. 1/350 Hasegawa IJN Nagato.........................SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! via Kit Link hell of a bargain ta boot!
  5. Very cool, great idea, I will be trying it and soon. thanks for all of the info and effort. Gatorbuc
  6. Valom Fisher P-75A Eagle.....................very nice!
  7. I appreciate your patience in regards to the Skynight lost in the mail. It has been two months since we made the deal and you have the patience of Job. Gatorbuc
  8. The best way to eat them is to stuff them in a Turkey, ALA Turwoken..........
  9. I see Mustangs and a Sea Fury fly quite often from the Santa Rosa CA airport, along with a couple of B-25's also. Did not see one today however as I was at work. The only thing I saw today was a bunch of irate Niner fans!
  10. Hi all, I will be using this soon for the first time, it is the enamal type and I will be using the power also. What should I be looking for in its application? thanks Gatorbuc
  11. I bought two dinosaur kits (Revell). The Sailback one and Fang (Allosaurus). I built them with my two daughters, I only helped snap the tough ones together,they did the rest. They love dinosaurs very much and my youngest (5) has already built snap together jet planes also. Now for the outlandish colors they will pick to paint them with later today.
  12. Birthday money from the In-laws, Eduard Me-110 here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. thanks for that, I just wish the US post could be as fast as the British one. (Gerard sent me a kit and it took 2 days total to get from England to Northern California.... I think Superman flew it over for him!) Thanks again for the great deal, I owe you one someday. Gatorbuc
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