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  1. It doesn't, does it? 😃 According to the current official standards the paint used for the internal surfaces of the intakes is EP-140 of grey colour. But reality is different. The factories used to paint the intakes with lacquer duraluminium. One needs to study pictures of the chosen prototype for modelling. Most of the times if the plane is in original factory colours then the intakes will be duraluminium. If later the plane had a full maintenance the intakes would be grey. Hope this helps Sergey
  2. The colour you need is FS 35526
  3. Gosh.. it's been 15 years since I was selling that CD.. 😱 Glad it's of help
  4. Good luck Ken! 😃 Will follow with interest!
  5. Hi Raymod when do you think this model will appear on your web-site? I have ordered the box but wanted to see the manual for the kit and in particular the colours schemes and paint references to order paints in advance. thank you Sergey
  6. Ken, hi


    how can I get in contact with you.



  7. it is not ФИСХБЕД, it's ФИШБЕД
  8. Eugeny!!! Finally someone has made the Gnome 7 Omega! I stopped my Nieuport IVG project since I could not cope with the engine from the kit.. =) I will send you the order! Regards Sergey
  9. Kasatka

    ICM 1/48 Do17Z

    It is still only in catalogue for 2015. Has not been released as I understand.
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