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  1. <b>You sound like a 17 year old girl pimping for prom queen votes. Really sad.</b>
  2. Huey Gunner


    No flame war happening here. Just looking at the G-Factor struts and Eduard Brassin Tires and Wheels in anticipation of Tamiya releasing −1D and Mama was bugging me for a Christmas wish list. Thank you all for your help.
  3. Huey Gunner


    Question to the Corsair guru's. Did the F4U use the same landing gear struts and wheels throughout production? At least to the F4U-1D. Thank you for your time and answers.
  4. Thank you very much. Correct on FS numbers, article stated close "to". Thank you again.
  5. I bought the Montex masks for the 1/48 Typhoon Mk. 1B. And for the life of me I do not know why. Got a FS number for the blue and red on the rondell's. Blue seems easy to match. But the red. It's called "Seminal Brown". For those who have done this before, what was your mixture to acquire this rare color?
  6. Never had to wait more than 3 weeks. Usually quicker.
  7. Well…I was going to post, but Chuck stole my thunder. My only 2 cents would be my ratio. I thin at 30/40 to 70/60 paint to thinner. Always more thinner than paint.
  8. Just saw an article on another forum where a gentleman used Lye. Even had a photo tutoritorial (<sic) with it. Didn't affect the detail. Did an off the hook job stripping the paint off a figure. Obviously personal protection was paramount.
  9. It would be a great starter kit for someone who wants to try out armor. Build oob and if it gets jacked up, no big loss. Will second the nod for the Tasca Shermans. But their not for the novice armor builders.
  10. The Hobby Town closest to Menifee is in Temecula. Their down to a half aisle of plastic kits.
  11. Here I am at 17. VF-194 ordnance man. USS Oriskany. October 1975.
  12. Had a lot of fun doing it. Living in Menifee, it was like taking a trip into the "Big City".
  13. Back on June 21 myself and Mike Witous began our great L.A. area brick and mortar LHS tour. Part 1 covered 4 stores, lunch at the beach and a drive through of the parking lot where the USS Iowa is moored. Click the link below then click where it says "97 photo's" then enjoy. Part 2 is in the planning stage. http://www.meetup.co...ents/125734072/
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