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  1. Ye Yep, that's mine. I won't hide behind a false narrative. I don't like you and you lackeys. I think the way you treat people is sophomoric and mean spirited. So i'm gonna call you out whenever I see it. Semper Fi Dan
  2. You simply can't get out of your own way can you? This train wreck is epic! Semper Fi Dan
  3. Jim, for someone who "wants it all to stop", you sure do engage easily. If you truly want this to end, I would suggest a quiet exit from this thread and let it die. Semper Fi Dan
  4. Here's a thought......stop trolling this thread to see who's talking about you. Then, perhaps, you wouldn't get upset. I'm going to use your words here. This is a public space and can be used for anything. Semper Fi Dan
  5. So....let me get this straight. You want us to be cordial polite and respectful. While Jim can be self righteous and arrogant in his responses to anything he feels necessary? I'm done talking about this. If I see Jim being, well Jim. I'm going to react in the same manner he himself reacts as per the usual. Semper Fi Dan
  6. No knee jerk reaction at all. I've watched him rip into people who don't agree with him or question his motives. I've seen people who are respectful and polite get ripped apart by that ego maniac. You say he's sorry and gave a full mea culpa. Where did he give it? in SMCG? everyone he's offended isn't in that group, he kicked them all out. I don't see him reaching out to the party(a friend of mine) who questioned the worthiness of posting and critiquing a build not in his page, who he then called and A$$hole and told to get out! I don't believe he's sorry. I believe he doesn't like the blow ba
  7. My problem is this. Someone pointed out to Jim that what was going on in his page was wrong and instantly got the "So what, If you don't like it leave. ". So for you to say the Jim feels the same way, so totally disingenuous to my ears. If he felt as strongly about the way that thread was going this would hardly have been the response. here's the context of what I speak of. Jim's a twat, plane and simple.
  8. Jim is a self aggrandizing weenie. His opinions amount to a weeks worth of my dog's droppings after a hot summer! Semper Fi Dan
  9. wow! Just wow! Best Helo build EVER!!!!!! Semper Fi Dan
  10. Okay.. no snarky remarks. No sarcasm and witty come backs. This is a truly gorgeous build Oliver. Wow! Semper Fi Dan
  11. looking(as always) very good indeed. Looking forward to the next installment of the great Oliver build off! Semper fi Dan
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