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    I was a local fair and Civil Air Patrol many time model contest winner. But, I have been out of the circuit for 20 years. Now I am back and ready to go! I build mostly 1/48 scale, only US Air Force or US Army Air Corps (WW II). But I love rotors a lot, too.
  1. Thanks for all your help guys. The C variant is really easy to come by, and Bonanzas aren't hard to find either, so I might go that way. I never would've thought about that without your help, so thanks again.
  2. Does anyone know where I can get a 1/48 scale T-34? I know Aconcagua makes one, and that ones looks good to me, but if there are others out there, I would like to know. I found a distributor at selpingudo@aol.com, but everytime I call, he says he is out of the Mentor, and tries to sell me other kits I don't want, and then tells me he will call when he gets them. After two months, I'll call him and the pattern repeats. I need the A or B (the C won't work) because I only build USAF planes. My Father was in Civil Air Patrol with me as a kid, he was our Aerospace Teacher, and went by the nickname
  3. I live in the traffic pattern of my airport. One Cessna Skyhawk, several IFTA Beech's, and a Bell 407 (our local air ambulance).
  4. Oh yeah, looking at all my shots it's definitely painted. I guess they thought they needed all the visual bang they could get. I used to do phone work in Mojave, but missed the 100's coming through. I did get to see a ton of F-4's converted, and a little trickle of F-86's. Thanks for this picture, the thought of them not sprucing up the whole plane didn't register. I remember seeing the damaged models a while ago, I think on E-bay. Unfortunately I'm a little touched in the head. I've already made a mock-up vertical stabilizer, and covered it with lead foil. I haven't got a chance to hole it u
  5. I've always wanted to do a damaged model, but I've never had the inspiration, until now. If anyone else wanted to share the insanity, here are some pictures. If anything, it shows the damage a missle does. This poor bird is resting at the Planes Of Fame Museum in Chino, CA. From what I gleaned from a website, this guy was just droning along, when the AMRAAM that was supposed to rock it's world instead gave it a little kiss. The (probably not knowing the full extent of the damamge)Pilot got her back. My best friend and I still claim it to be the coolest airplane out of the air museums we have
  6. toaster


    Here's 52-5012 (the one in the first picture of this thread) at it's home in the Planes of Fame Chino. Taken two months ago.
  7. Some cable routing if that floats your boat.
  8. Sorry, that was the emergency landing gear panel, here is the overall.
  9. Hopefully I'm not straying off the C-119J (This is a C), but here is the insides of one. Wouldn't think the J would be too different.
  10. Not the creator of this string, but wanted to thank you guys for the pics! I am building all the helicopters the USAF have used, and am trying to mix up the paint schemes. This frees up the Euro-one scheme from being used too much!
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