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  1. Send me a list of what you have, or, some pics of them? I'm interested in some trading? imtelly@izoom.net Thanks Telly
  2. Hello! I'm interested in your 1/48 Academy F-15l RA'AM? Do you still have it? We've traded before, and, everything went OK! Give me a shout at imtelly@izoom.net, and, I'll send my phone number again? Thanks---Telly
  3. I'm interested in the F-4, and, the Mirage 2000N. Please give me a shout, I might also take another kit? imtelly@izoom.net Thanks. Telly
  4. I'm still interested in the F-15I. Please give me a shout? imtelly@izoom,net Thanks again. Telly
  5. I'm interested in your F-15I R'aam Shoot me an e-mail, since I have lost yours imtelly@izoom.net Thanks. Telly
  6. Hi Juan! I'm interested in the1/48 FA-18B/D, and, MPM J-39C? Do you still have them? Sandman-mail--imtelly@izoom.net Thanks. Telly
  7. Not sure if I'm using the right "REPLY" or, not, but, I'll take the 1/72 Italeri B-58 Hustler--no decals or instructions? Let me know ASAP, I am imtelly@izoom.net Please, NOT HERE? Thanks Telly
  8. Pardon me, but, it seems that the format here has changed a little since I was last on it. I need the directions to satisfy all you that are correct!Thank you for the lesson! Telly BTW--I think I saw this thread over on Hyperscale to start with, 'cause I've been e-mailing him back and forth, but, seem to have lost him. found him here, where you guys are just ready to pounce on a mistake . SORRY! And, DONG--you know better than to chastise me, I've dealt with you before, and, almost everyone else on here, too!
  9. Hi Mike! I have one Grizzly to trade! Send me your list, and, I'll e-mail you back ASAP? imtelly@izoom.net Thanks. Telly
  10. I need some kind of scale, era, etc? I might as well be shooting at the moon? imtelly@izoom.net Thanks Telly
  11. You want to sell 'em, list 'em! I'm NOT buying a pig-in--a-poke thanks for a replyTelly imtelly@izoom.net
  12. What will you take in trade for them? Give me a shout, and,maybe we can make a deal? Thanks for a reply! imtelly@izoom.net----Telly
  13. How about a 1/32 Trumpeter SU-27B Flanker C? imtelly@izoom.net Thanks for a reply----Telly
  14. Where does he see a T-Birds kit? Also, I'm interested in the F-16I Sufa. Give me a shout at imtelly@izoom.net Thanks for a reply---Telly
  15. Can you send me a couple pics of the 1/32 Zacto SU-27 combo kit? Oh, yeah, and, your price? Will you take a trade? I have lots to trade? Thanks for a reply? imtelly@izoom.net
  16. Hey Mike! I'm interested in your 1/32 Mig-29M, I've got both of the 1/32 Typhoons you are looking for? Give me a shout imtelly@izoom.net ThanksTelly
  17. I've got a few of 'em. Whaddya got to trade? Give me shout at imtelly@izoom.net Thanks for a reply---Telly
  18. I have a T-50 to trade you for the 1/32 Revell Tornado? Kit is sealed imtelly@izoom.net Thanks for a reply ---Telly
  19. What's so special about this kit? Does the full airplane come with it? Or, is it just a bunch of junk that doesn't work? imtelly@izoom.net Thanks for a replyTelly
  20. I'm sorry, too, Chris, that it took you 2 weeks to get back to me. I will take it for the $60 plus shipping? Thanks Let me know you got this, and, I'll send my addy--if you don't already have it from other trades? imtelly@izoom.net Telly
  21. If you still have these 2 kits, please send me an e-mail? I'm tired of seeing them, and, I think I'll take them off your hands? Please include your addy, date you saw this reply, and, when you first put them up for sale? Thanks for a reply ASAP? imtelly@izoom.net Telly
  22. I am REALLY confused with this post? What do you want, and, what do you have? I'm interested, but, don't really know in what? Please give me a shout at imtelly@izoom.net and, include your name, date, and, when you saw this answer? Thanks a ton? Telly
  23. Hi Larry! I'm interested in the main parts of the F-104 kit? I'll trade you a sealed 1/48 Academy T-50 for it? Let me know at imtelly@izoom.netThanks for a reply. Telly
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