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  1. With model railroading having decoders for lights and sounds and operations,I had a thought of trying to incorporate a decoder in an airplane build to power Nav Lights,maybe some cockpit effects and possibly also sound like a Start Up and up to idle for a jet. I have a Revell B1 in the stash and I have done a few Tamiya F16 Aggressors with LED Lights for nav and landing lights and was thinking of kicking the B1 up a notch. Has anyone thought of this or even attempted it? I figure the decoder could be powered by a 12 Volt "N" Battery as it would just be for lights and sounds,,n
  2. Hello sir, Just as the question states,would you consider doing a Nellis based Aggressor Decal set for the F16? They seem to sell out everywhere else quickly,and with your detail to quality,they might do well. Just a thought as there seemingly are many airframes that could be covered,in their previous or present day Schemes. I don`t think anyone has yet to cover the 2 Have Glass ones. Just a thought as I`m an avid fan now and could use a few sets Thanks Phillip Cegielski
  3. Manuel,,Decals Mailed today,,should be there in a few days/week Phil
  4. I have The decals you need,as I have one built but waiting to see if I can find Edwards or Nellis Decals for mine (ED,WA,or OT tailcodes) I only have used the Goodyear decals (35 and 36) otherwise the sheet is complete. Let me know where to send. Phil Cegielski
  5. Title say it,,would like to buy a sheet,or Just a partial to do a WA,ED or OT F117. Thanks for Any Help Phil Cegielski
  6. Need to ask,But were these photo`s done on either Wednesday or Tuesday afternoon,,as I was In Vegas in my room Listening on My Scanners and was listening to what seems to be this photo mission,,was really interesting and I have the Audio recorded. Thanks Jake for all you Do. RT4957
  7. Does anyone know,or recall how the Nav Lights on Lockheed F-117s looked?Were they "Bright" when used,,did they Pulsate like other military nav lights do,and was there any other features to them? I`m building a Tamiya 1/48th,and am putting LEDs in the Nav light locations in the wings,,and they will have a connector so it can be hooked up to an external source and circuit that used to be a Christmas light circuit that has features like steady,flash,etc. Curious as to what setting to use when I hook it up. Thanks for any help Phil
  8. I have a Datafile book that states FS36440 was the Gray color,,not 100% sure if correct,,But. There were 2 Airframes also that were Bare Metal testbeds,one was for Spin Training,(Again from the books)
  9. I just attempted to put together a 1/48 Hobbyboss F-111 together with a tube and seemingly,the parts are brittle and can be pulled apart easily. Is there an expiration date that I dont know about? Thanks Phil
  10. A Sheet for the Hasegawa Raptor with "ED","WA", and "OT" Would put money in your pocket from Me Phil
  11. This is truly a fun thread to visit.. Can someone do a F-111 in VF-114 Hi visability markings with the Orange aardvark on it? This thread got me to thinking about it Thanks Rt4957
  12. Do "EFs" count as there`s one next to me waiting for assembly? If not,,guess it`s up to the rafters to get one of my stash :) Rt4957
  13. I am working on a Hasegawa EF 111 and would like to get the top color correct. To me,,in some later pictures,,the Top gray looks a kinda Blue Gray to me and I`d like to match this color The Instructions call for Dark Ghost and Light Ghost gray,,but I`d like to get the right color if anyone knows Thanks Phil
  14. I`m a Noob here but I really liked the Hasegawa EF111s My better build came from one of the prototype offerings of 66-041 with the Orange hi viz markings on the wings and tail. Always thought it was a neat looking plane I also like Lockheed S3s but the kit offerings are/were a bit lacking. Rt4957/Phil
  15. I humbly Apologize In watching a few videos,,I was wrong Guess I`ll have to make a F15 with the Pulsing lights The LED Engine exhaust and Steady Nav lights do look inviting Again please accept my apology as I was wrong Phil/Rt4957
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