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  1. Jeff thanks for the info. I'm glad guys like you are here when modelers have questions. I was flying a King Air air ambulance flight a few yrs ago across KS and ATC asked me to climb to a higher altitude because in 3 minutes I was going to have traffic. I climbed up and a KC135 hooked up to a C-17 flew right underneath me with a 1000 ft seperation. I was ticked I didn't have my camera. It was very cool looking. Brian
  2. Thanks for the info Bruce. It would've been nice if that information was in the KC-135 Detail and Scale reference book that I used. It really didn't have a lot of info on the boom itself or any color photos. I should've checked here first with any questions. Brian
  3. Bruce, Yes you are correct and I realized my mistake after assembly and looking at some other reference photos and I wasn't about to correct. Thanks for the information and photos. I could've used that photo with the different colors on the boom itself. Do you know what the different colors mean? Brian
  4. Basically I used square aluminum tubing epoxied into the fuselage. Once I figured out where I was going to mount the tubing, I built a slot inside the fuselage using 1/4 wide angle styrene to keep the tubing from moving around and hold it stationary. Once the tubing was inserted I cut it flush with the bottom of the fuselage. I next took 1/4 round clear acrylic rod and squared the end, with my bench grinder, so it would slide snug into the aluminum tubing. The aircraft are removable from the stand for transport. I'll have to take some photos of how I constructed this and post them here. Stay t
  5. The KC135 is the Italeri kit and the B52 is the AMT kit. Both went together very well, no major issues. The KC135 is nicely detailed.
  6. . Ok last photo. My backdrop was even too small.
  7. Ok I'm having internet connection problems, sorry guys. [img]http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/IMAG0255.jpg[/img]
  8. Ok one more time with the photos. http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/IMAG0255.jpg,http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/DSC01640.jpg,http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/DSC01630.jpg,http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/DSC01640.jpg.
  9. Here's an inflight display I just finished. This is a big display in 1/72, 4ft in length and 31 inches wide. I didn't concentrate on building an accurate KC135 or B52, just focused on the inflight refueling display. I epoxied a strip of aluminum to the upper half of the wings on the B52 to simulate the upward sweep of the wings when inflight. This is going on display at the Wings Over The Rockies museum here in Denver. http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/IMAG0255.jpg,http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/DSC01630.jpg,http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/
  10. Guess I posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry guys.
  11. Just finished these models. Needless to say, in 1/72 scale this is big. I didn't concentrate to much on accuracy and construction. My goal was to build the inflight refueling display. I epoxied a strip of aluminum onto the upper half of the wings of the B52 to simulate the subtle upward sweep of the wings while inflight. The whole display measures 4ft in length and 31in wide. This is going on display at the Wings Over the Rockies museum here in Denver. http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/IMAG0255.jpg, http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu34/hurri1000/DSC01630.jpg, http://i631.ph
  12. Nice work on the back half. What kit did you get the 4 link set up from? I want to do the same to a 69 Camaro.
  13. About two years ago I won Hasegawa 1/72 B-24J with the Dragon paint scheme. $80 kit for a $1 ticket.
  14. Truly an amazing finish the B-58. I also thought it was the real thing. I hope mine will turn out that good someday. Excellent model.
  15. Yeah, that corsair looks amazing. Excellent weathering. Brian
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