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    1/48 helicopters.
  1. 1/48 CH-47F : http://italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2669 And more at : www.italeri.com/imgup/Preview%202018(1).pdf, including: - 1/48 AH-1Z - 1/48 H-21C "Gunship" - 1/48 AB-212 ASW - 1/48 H-34 - 1/48 AB-2016B1
  2. Cool! I am going to order one of these sets. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Yes, I forgot about the Scalewox Alouette III. I have 2 on order. I also forgot about the Lynx, but to be fair, the project was led by Westland, and the current kit (Airfix and Academy) are for recent Lynx models. The French Navy use an older model that cannot be depicted with the Airfix kit. You can depict a French Navy Lynx with the limited run Belcher Bits Lynx though. The Academy kit is a rebox of the Airfix Navy Lynx for the ROK Navy.
  4. How about an NH-90, Tiger, a twin Ecureuil, EC145/UH-72, and Caracal? AFAIK, the only French helicopters in 1/48 are: (1) Heller - SA 330 Puma. Awful and dated kit. But only choice for a Puma, and I have seen online some very nice models. OOP. (2) Heller - Alouette 2. OK but basic kit. (3) Heller - Alouette 3. Not in 1/48...more like 1/35 and awful kit. OOP. (4) Fujimi - Alouette 3. Basic kit, awful main rotor head. (5) Heller Gazelle. Seems too little for the scale. Advertised as 1/50. (6) Fujimi - Aloutte 3. Basic kit. recently re-released
  5. In box quick review at http://www.helokit.com/?p=2975
  6. It's a pretty good kit. See http://www.helokit.com/?p=2877.
  7. I have updated my comment to reflect that. However, I must say I never saw the "G" only German release. Please let me know if you run into information about this release as I know nothing about it.
  8. Hi, I just saw that Revell of Germany is about to re-release the CH-53G/GS. See http://www.helokit.com. This is good news for Pavelow lovers because, the original release of the CH-53G included the advanced main rotor blades. Now, you just need to buy the excellent resin set from Cobra Company!!! -- Helonewb
  9. Check out http://www.helokit.com/?p=2633
  10. http://helokit.com. Site for helos in 1/48 scale. Over 100 models are there...
  11. Check out http://www.helokit.com/?p=2655. Hopefully, the pre-ordering will be easier than with the Airfix Lynx, and we won't have to wait that long.... The release of this kit may just come in time for the USMC re-run of the competition for the presidential helicopters...
  12. See http://www.helokit.com/?p=2633.
  13. The recently released UH-34 (85-5323) is the same as the old H-34G (4467). See http://www.helokit.com/?p=2633. The spruces are the same. They have nothing to do with the old H-19, which to date has not been re-released.
  14. Do you want to find out more about the recently-released Aeroplast PZL SW-4? Check out http://www.helokit.com/?p=2464 for pictures of the spruces and decals.
  15. Check out http://www.helokit.com/?p=1442. Pictures of both Monogram and Fujimi kits side by side.
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