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  1. Just found this. Are the Billiken kits still available? Dave
  2. Let's go new members...get your pics ready! The New Year is approaching!
  3. Watching this with extreme interest... Any further progress made on this awesome model?
  4. Hi Chuk, I know its been a while but I'm guessing a man as meticulous as you seem to be would keep copious notes on his builds. Would you happen to recollect the paints you used for the exterior camoflauge on this? It think it came out AWESOME! Thanks...for sharing all of your tyalen with us mere mortals! David
  5. Love that exposed brick look. :D Great workbenches modelers! Thanks for posting!
  6. Looks great! Love the paint weathering...even with the grainy pics I can see it will turn out awesome!
  7. Very nice Jelle! You guys who build airliners always amaze me. Most build a clean aircraft. I think this is the first I've seen posted that has a touch of weathering on it. Looks very convincing. Well done! David
  8. I remember watching these things flying in and out of Willow Grove, NAS. One of my favorite planes and you have done it justice. Congrats!
  9. Very nice indeed! Could you tell me what brand and color paints you used to dress her? The colors look excellent, especially the digital camo. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Archer, Looks good so far! I am building the same kit myself (still need to start a thread and post pics). Maybe tonight... Anyway, I have already begun to tackle that engine attachment area. Sanding will be a nightmare if you go at it the traditional way. I decided to attack it with chemical sanding instead. I use a blue automotive filler but any plastic putty will suffice. Then I took q-tips and pipe cleaners moistened with Cutex fingernail polish remover and immediately removed the excess, smoothing the fill to the level desired. Be careful you don't let it dry too much or yo
  11. The finish is awesome! I Love the Colors! What brands and colors of paints did you use on this. Looks great! David
  12. Very nice! I love the cordite staining at the muzzles. That looks great to my eye! :) David
  13. Marinegunner, I sent you a PM with a link to a video tutorial that shows you how to display Photobucket pics on the ARC forum. Its so easy..even a Marine can do it. :D David US Army - 82nd Airborne Division : 1979-81 ;)
  14. Okay, where'd you hide it? You put so much into this model that I'm wondering where the kitchen sink is! Very nice Viper! David
  15. Very glad the video helped you Boats! I forgot to put this in that video but you can type on the same screen after you paste the code for your image. Just hit the Enter key a couple of times and start typing your caption. You can type above where you pasted the picture too. Have fun! Oh, and your homestead looks right fine. Love the lighthouse! and the wharf deck! Where do I tie up Harbor Master? David http://Harvestready.org/
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