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  1. I've always assumed it was "Bronze Green"
  2. I'm just trying to dig around to figure out if the new tool OV-10 will ever materialize.
  3. Does anyone have an update on this? It just seemed to come to a screeching halt. I just got the re-release of the Revell kit with Maj. Crandall's markings at our club's Christmas party gift swap and I very interested in the D correction.
  4. I see, my good man, that you are a solution finder! As to the HK kit, it arrived today. It is simply beautiful. All other things aside, I'd like to make an interesting note right out of the gate. The two included figurines, though the same scale, are DIFFERENT HEIGHTS! Yep, just like real humans. That may not be a huge thing to some, but it shows a particularly interesting attention to realism. As to the accuracy issues, I'm still waiting to see factory drawings. Not saying what's been posted here is wrong or right, just looking for evidence to support the claims on inaccuracy. Cheers, TX
  5. When HK and Tamiya announced their Mossies, I started saving my wampum to buy both. I'm not going to niggle over the spinners. Frankly, I have yet to read reviews of any new kit where some aspect isn't "perfect". I ordered the HK kit from Luckymodel at $173 delivered to my front door in Texas after shipping charges were added, and I'm happy I did it. For the glass-nosed variant it's a far cry better than the old Revell kit and for that I'm content. I'll go whole hog on the detail bits when released as that is my M.O. for 1/32nd subjects (leaning toward OOB for 1/48th). I should take delivery this week. Squadron MMD announced arrival of the Tamiya at $210 "lowest price" and my jaw hit the floor. I'm not saying that it's unreasonable, but after adding the obligatory .0825% sales tax since I'm in Texas, I'd be looking at $227.33 with their free shipping and at that price, I'm tapping out. I'll bite on the Tamiya when I can get it for under two bills delivered. For some reason I have got $200 locked in my brain as the limit I'd spend on one kit (minus after-market). That's just me. Your results may vary. If the HK run is successful, they'll do a gun nosed variant and come in at under $200. Sure, I think Tamiya is the better model, but is it $60 better? Maybe. We'll see. I haven't seen a completed production example of the HK and the Tamiya side-by-side with accurate profile views as reference and I'll reserve comments on accuracy comparisons until I do. TX
  6. Greetings all. I am playing with a Linux distribution (Zorin 9.1 64bit) again. I'm just fed up with the high cost of keeping my Windows systems updated with the latest supported OS and applications (such as Office). I've been running Stashmate (http://www.stashmate.co.uk/) on a Windows 7 system with no problems. I like the application and would like to keep using it, especially since I have a good deal of my stash already entered into this database. With a switch to Linux, I would like to run Stashmate in a Wine environment. I've installed the Stashmate software in Wine and I have a "clickable" icon for the executable. When I click the icon, the Stashmate software acts like it is loading and the "Splash" graphic appears, then hangs. Does anyone else have any experience with the Wine environment and could possibly offer some guidance on why this might be happening? There were no errors with the installation script that I could see. I'd gotten errors in the past when I tried installing Stashmate in Wine running on a Linux Mint distribution. Thanks in advance. v/r TX
  7. For a thread that is clearly labeled "General Discussion - NO POLITICS" This certainly degraded quickly. Folks, it's pretty clear that with an audience of modelers spread across the entire globe, it's a given that we are going to have, at times, widely divergent opinions on topics of religion and politics, not to mention other "hot" topics. Heck, we can't even agree on the proper algorithms to be used when counting rivets (attempt at humor). As someone who has actually worked in the media (both in the military and civilian sector), I can tell you that there isn't a media source on this planet that is 100% objective in its' reporting. I've watched editors and producers, depending on their PERSONAL political beliefs chose to run or not run stores from AP, UPI, and Reuters. This rampant bias has been enforced by journalism schools that think journalism means that you inject your own positions and policies into the "news" and has infected all quarters. In short...it's all CRAP, which is why I chose to ditch my training, education, and experience, and ply my wares elsewhere. A wise consumer of all things will get their news from multiple sources, perform due diligence, and form their own opinions. Now can we get back to modeling?
  8. Richard, I was one of the unfortunate folks who lost money trying to buy decals from "ModelsTwoAlexander" or whatever the company of the month was. I would be very much interested in buying a set of decals for the Hobbit 777. If this is possible, please PM me with ordering/cost information for this set in 1/144. Depending on the price and my on-hand cash, I may toss my hat in for two sets. Many thanks, v/r Stew
  9. Yet again, you knock one out of the park, my friend! Nice work! I do have a question: What is the story behind the first gray profile you threw up there - the one with the 1st Cav Division patch on the nose? Is there a tie with 1st Cav?
  10. If Hobby Decal is indeed a dead business, shouldn't the admin remove this business's forum?
  11. Just a side note no one I think has addressed: I'd bet none of his LOTR or Hobbit decals are appropriately licensed from Mr. Jackson.
  12. Thanks for the info. Sorry for the belated gratitude.
  13. Very nice work. As a fan of both the A-10 and the Flying Tigers, I really enjoy seeing these projects.
  14. There will be a plethora of after-market bits for this. New prop, new engine, new wheel wells, maybe new canopy for earlier marks. Should invested in Quickboost and Squadron/True Details YEARS ago :/
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