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  1. TXCajun

    Helldiver SB2C Build #2

    Here's a link for reference & states the drying times faster than I had posted earlier. http://www.californiamodelworkshop.org/tut...s/glue/glue.htm
  2. TXCajun

    Helldiver SB2C Build #2

    For future reference: I did some experimenting styrene and found that it begins getting soft around 150-160 degrees and begins melting around 170. The inside of a car sitting in the summer sun can easily hit these temperatures. Having said that, there is no need to "speed dry" typical hobby glues. Liquid glues like Testors, Tamiya, Tenax, etc. should be applied with a fine brush or applicator. The chemically-melted styrene should be touchable in an about 30 minutes or less and fully set in a couple of hours. Hope this helps with future builds.
  3. Well, I'm forging ahead with the B-26. Finally got decals sorted out. Aeromaster had a sheet with "Flak Bait" and "The Milk Run Special" I've got an urge to do a natural metal bird, so doing "Flak Bait" will have to wait. Given that the B-26 model needs lots of nose weight, the hollow kit tires will be stuffed with lead wool for added weight and formed to be much less flatter than the True Details wheels. Cheers!
  4. Hey folks, It wasn't until I posted a couple of messages that I noticed that there were guidelines to the build. Unfortunately, I have chosen to go whole-hog with my construction of the B-26 kit and will be using resin/photo-etch on mine. Thus, I have disqualified myself. However, I do want to share a couple of things for those who might be building this kit in the future. On Sunday, I ordered the following from "SprueBrothersModels": - Eduard photo-etch set for the B-26 Interior - Quickboost P&W R-2800 resin engines - Quickboost machine gun barrels - True Details weighted resin wheels All arrived today in good order. VERY pleased with their service and order turn-around. Allow me to make some observations on the items. - First, the Eduard photo-etch set is incredible. If you want to totally transform the interior of the B-26 model, you need to get this set. It even has .50 cal ammo and ammo belts! What is especially intriguing is the framework for the Martin fuselage turret. It may offer an option of dropping in the turret after construction and painting. I'm still examining the set. - The Quickboost parts are VERY sharply molded. The engines drop right in the kit's stock cowling and include the funny notch that is on the inside of the Monogram cowlings. Also, it provides a tad of extra weight foward of the CG - needed for this kit. The gun barrels are also sharp and have deeply molded cooling holes and a hollowed-out tip. Even if I WAS building OOB, I would have to replace the kit barrels, as they have NO detail. - Finally, the True Details weighted wheels are "poo-poo", and I mean that in every sense of the word. They are poorly molded, appearing as if they were either molded from a mold that has long since seen the need for being replaced, or True Details neglected to clean out the molds before pouring this particular example. There is a blob of resin over the detail of the wheel hubs that will be impossible to clean up. also, the diamond tread is softer than that of the kit wheels. In my examination of B-26's parked, the tires aren't nearly as flat as the True Details wheels, so save your money and do it the old-school way. The kit has decent enough wheels that can be made to look very nice. So, since I am opting to do detail this kit vs. build straight from the box, I will remain on the periphery, but would still like to visit with you folks. Tex out
  5. I recently did a WWII biplane project, and part of the rigging work involved use of a rubber tubing normally used for fishing fly tying. It's actually hollow tubing and is very flexible. The guy who gave it to me says it can be found at places like Bass Pro Shops and Cabellas. I think this will work great for brake lines. I don't know if there are different diameters, but this stuff is about the diameter of a mechanical pencil lead, so it should work fine for 1/48. I plan to use it as soon as I can make a road trip to buy more.
  6. TXCajun

    Participants and Entries

    OK, I'm just a wee bit ticked here... Went to Aeromaster and ordered decals for "Big Hairy Bird", a rather colorful bare-metal B-26. Got a reply back that although the decals were on the web site (Eagle Strike Productions), they were no longer in prodcution. So, I search for #2 choice... Found it and it's $29.99 from MeteorProductions Pyn-Up decals. I just can't stomach thirty bucks for a sheet that only gives two marking options, regardless of the quality. I think that is excessive. So, it's on to search for option #3...
  7. TXCajun

    Participants and Entries

    Have a beer? "Clink"
  8. TXCajun

    Participants and Entries

    Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this posting in an Internet search for B-26 info. Funny thing how this came about: My best friend and modeling buddy was on the end-run of building the Hobbycraft F7U Cutlass and was stressed out over the fit issues. I had just finished an Hanriot Hd.1 from Eduard and spent six hours rigging it. We were BOTH frazzled. So, I dropped him an e-mail suggesting (a) a "Buddy Build" in which we were each going to build the same kit and that (:) we build the Hasegawa F6F-3 Hellcat or some other kit that falls together as a break for both of us. Well...by the time we got to talking about it over the phone, he suggested that we try to find one kit that we both owned and which we hadn't started. The only common kit we had was the old Monogram B-26 Marauder. He threw it out there and I bit. We live in different states now, but vacation was coming up and we were headed "home" to his locale. It didn't take long for us to get together to do some modeling at his place. We have pulled out our respective "Widowmakers" and have started the build. Of course, if you have built this kit, you know about the fit issues, and I am now questioning my sanity, but I can't think of a better person with whom to undertake this effort. As for me, I had planned to build the natural metal B-26-55-MA dubbed "Big Hairy Bird" and had found decals, but a not from the vendor has revealed that the decals (Eagle Strike DEcals) are out of production. Just as well. Getting this kit's finish nice enough to welcome Alclad II was a daunting task, but one I was willing to take to model my favorite B-26. So...now I'm back on the hunt for a scheme....maybe something from the Pyn-up line. Regardless, I'm gonna have fun and built this thing. The goal is for both of us to enter ScaleFest 2008 in Dallas. Cheers & Happy Modeling. http://centexmodelers.tripod.com/