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  1. TXCajun

    Saudi Arabia to buy new build F-15's

    Gee, why don't we just sell F-22's to the Taliban while we're at it.
  2. TXCajun

    OT: Painting camo on your clothes

    It's amazing what our wives will put up with in the course of our hobby. My crime was leaving ink pens in my pockets. It finally sunk in about the third time of my cleaning the dried ink out of the clothes dryer drum with carburator cleaner and then a soapy rag! Hey, here's another option: Buy white painter's clothes and go play paintball with tactically colored paint balls!
  3. TXCajun

    OT: Painting camo on your clothes

    FWIW, I accidentally dumped Model Master enamel RLM 66 ona pair of shorts once and the shorts wore out before the paint did. Having said that, why don't you check out an Army surplus store and buy old BDU's? Could be far less expensive than buying designated hunting clothes or paintng existing cloths. Just a thought.
  4. TXCajun

    What'd ya see today???

    Saw an AN-74... Made a weird sound as it landed. Very unexpected on our unimproved strip as we get mostly C-130's.
  5. TXCajun

    Pinging fellow Afghanistan modelers

    Yeah, thankfully my job keeps me inside the wire and out of convoys. If I need to go FOB-hopping, it's via rotary or C-130. Sadly, because of the requirement to periodially jump FOB's, I have to travel light. So, unless there is a larger interest here and I can establish a POC at the MWR, modeling is on hold till I go home... :)
  6. Sitting here on one of the MWR computers at my FOB, and when went to sign in to ARC this morning, I noticed that apparently the person who used the computer before me also checked in to ARC. Soooooo, if you are out there (or if there are any other fellow modelers here in OEF who are interested in getting together), please drop me a PM. Maybe we could revive the OEF model network. I've got a contact at IPMS who is willing to send supplies our way. Stew
  7. TXCajun

    Paratrooper to receive Medal of Honor

    Hooah! Darn shame that it's Obama pinning it on, though.
  8. TXCajun

    Hawk kit's alclad plating

    The panel sheen variation was created by varying the level of polishing done on the injection molding dies used to mold the parts. When the plating was added, it simply took on the sheen of the plastic underneath it. I just gave away a Testor's P-51 that didn't have the cladding and you could clearly see the varying textures/sheens in the bare plastic. Over the years, as modelers began to spend more time filling and sanding seams, having the plating already on the model became a liability. Also, paints didn't stick to the plated plastic so well. So, modelers began removing the plating. at first, I remember trying to sand it off. However, a very effective method of doing this today is to soak the parts in old fashioned Windex with "Ammonia D" overnight. The Windex takes the chrome plating off and leaves nice clean plastic upon which you can paint the bare metal back on after all the filling, sanding, and priming is done. Thus, a better overall finish can be realized. Hope this helps answer your question. Happy Modeling, Stew
  9. TXCajun

    OEF Contacts?

    Does anyone have any model club contacts for the Model clubs in Afghanistan? The IPMS "Support the Troops" website is woefully out of date. PM me if you do. Thanks, Stew
  10. TXCajun

    White Paint

    The absolute best white I have used is Tamiya acrylic....this coming from someone who uses enamels almost exclusively.
  11. TXCajun

    Finemolds 1/72 Millennium Falcon with lights!

    Ok. I think I am sold on the Finemolds Star Wars kits. Your work is very cool. I love the Falcon!
  12. TXCajun

    The "Golden Tip"

    Dude. It's "42"
  13. TXCajun

    Fw-190 A3

    Excellent job weathering and painting. Did you use a pounce wheel for the rivets?
  14. TXCajun

    Tamiya 1/48 F-16C "Arctic Aggressor"

    Eric, as usual, I love seeing your work - nice clean builds. I can't wait to start actively building again so I can aspire to your produce models as nice as yours.
  15. TXCajun

    Fun: Best SciFi Scene (Ever)??

    All great scenes, but he DID say "Opening" scene, guys... Yeah, that Star Destroyer scene at the beginning of Star Wars (before Star Wars had another name to the title after it) was a paradigm shift in the world of Sci-Fi and a major turning point in my life. In 1977 I sat in a theater with a HUGE screen about half-way down from the back, and I literally crouched down in my seat when that thing flew over. <_< I was absolutely blown away and saw the movie countless times before it found it's way to VCR tape and I added it to my collection. I was 14 years old, already a nerd at heart, and that movie, along with the associated kits that MPC released really kick-started my interest in modeling. Before then, I dabbled with models and the usually ended up stuffed with Black Cat firecrackers and met a grisly end. After that, I built and finished models to display. Now if only someone would come out with some figure models from LOTR, I'd be complete (not really, but it would be cool) Thanks for the trip down memory lane. <_< Stew
  16. TXCajun

    1:48 models

    Good perspectives
  17. TXCajun

    Models or Women?

    How sad...
  18. TXCajun

    1:48 models

    Great comparison images FCM! That should be pinned.
  19. TXCajun

    New Badger models for you diehard Badger guys

    I'm liking the new aluminum box MUCH better than the plastic one. Stew
  20. TXCajun

    1:48 models

    I don't have any models that I have done in both 1/72nd scale and 1/48th for comparison, but I'm sure others do. However, finding out the size of 1/48th scale as compared to 1/72nd is quite easy. If you take the actual dimensions of any aircraft in which you have interest and do the scale calculations, you can arrive at what the dimensions would be for 1/48th. For instance, An F-4 Phantom has a wingspan of 38 feet, 4.5 inches First, you figure out the total inches (38x12"= 456", + 4.5" = 460.5") Next, divide the measurements by 48 (48" on a real aircraft = 1" on a 1/48th model) So, a 1/48th scale Phantom will have a wingspan of about 9.6 inches Now, that same model in 1/72nd scale, for comparison, has a wingspan of 6.4" An even easier method is to take the dimensions of any of your 1/72nd scale models and multiply that dimension by 1.5, since 1/48th is half again as large as 1/72nd. Hope this helps. Stew
  21. I have two of them, Jeff, but FWIW I'm still seeing these 21st Century Toys kits for sale at contest vendor tables for $10-$15.
  22. TXCajun

    Gen. John Lavelle Exonerated

    Another exhonorated in the long line of scapegoats who were thrown under the bus by their superiors.
  23. TXCajun

    Pledge with Future

    So, basically, you pour it on a plate, let the ammonia evaporate, and you could potentially have (just stretching here, okay), a "clear" putty-type material? Hmmmm... That begs forth all kinds of interesting experimenting... Stew
  24. TXCajun


    My wife of 22 years is my best friend. Why? Because over the 27 years we have been together, with other "friends coming and going, throughout all of my stupid mistakes, indiscretions, and human foibles, she has stuck by me. She knows my struggles and she knows my joys. I have stood at death's door as a newlywed, lying in a hospital not knowing if I would come out, and she would ride 12 hours one way to sit by my side in a hospital room. We have our arguments, and we can both be extremely hard headed at times, but we love each other more each passing day and at the end of the day when I breath my last, she will still be there. THAT's the kind of woman you need to find. Doesn't sound like the one who left was one. Stew
  25. TXCajun

    Mike Grant Decals reachable ?

    Glad I could help tie the loose ends, guys and I'm so glad cooler heads prevailed. Life is too short. Now let's go build some models! Oh and by the way, Mike. When things get settled down again after the Nats (you lucky dog), I need to get with you to order some B-58 decals. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Stew