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  1. Hi Victorias, I am the person designing the master patterns for AuthenticAirliners. Though, I don`t have this kit in my hands yet, I must say it looks outstanding. To be honest, it looks so beautiful, that I decided to discontinue the AA kit. Nevertheless, I may do some minor improvements and add-ons, like extended flaps, for your kit. Would you mind to send me a private email ( airliners@ish.de), as I do not want to discuss everything in public. Best regards Kurt Lehmann
  2. Hi Bob, I can highly recommend Tamiya insignia white. You can use it straight from the can. Though it is named white, it isn`t. It comes pretty close to the CO grey. http://www.airlinercafe.com/photo_8052.details.large This is the Authentic Airliners kit build using the insignia white. Kurt
  3. My deepest condolences. You should have bought a 707-320B kit, and not a generic 4 engine plane. Kurt
  4. Kurt

    1/144 727

    Hi, Very welcome to the fun and secrets of airliner modeling! I do have some more informations about 144 sclae 727 kits, but before going into more deep discussions, may I ask you what you are usually building? Kurt
  5. The KMC kit has NOTHING in common with a 727. It is just kind of a generic 3 engine aircraft. I am pretty good in scratchbuilding, but finally gave up doing this kit. It is not just the nose. The wings are 3 times as thick as they should be. The engines are about 20% bigger and the resin landing gear will never support the weight of a finished model. these are just a few issues to name and there are many many more. Kurt
  6. Kurt


    The Fly kit has got the wrong belly fairing and wrong wings. The Airfix kit has the wrong wings also, and both share horrible engines. Kurt
  7. Vintage Flyer Decals will get a CV240 kit in a few weeks. Mike, who is making the artwork, will do a couple of CV240 decals then. Kurt
  8. It will be the -10 only. Rumors are in the air that somebody else might do an-11. Kurt
  9. " The best is yet to come" I`ve borrowed this phrase from one of the world leaders, but there is no more appropriate description. Kurt
  10. How about the props from my 144 CV440 kit, though I don`t know, if it is actually the same type of propeller. Kurt
  11. Hi Jelle, One of the best builds of my kits I`ve seen so far. A smart idea to use the Revell clear cockpit piece! If you would not see the surface, it would be very difficult to distinguish the model from the real arcraft. Kurt
  12. Have you ever looked at a 737 tail? Visible panel lines anywhere, even from a good distance! Modern paint is very thin. So yes, I would go for panel lines but, they should not be ditches like on most injection kits. Kurt
  13. If you want to build a -320B or C the best option is here: http://www.authentic-airliners.de/1-144-kits/1-144-707-320b-kit/ Kurt
  14. Hi, I can highly recommend to use a 2 minute epoxy instead of SG. You have more time for corrections and also the bonding is better. Good luck Kurt
  15. I will definitely buy it. Please send me an email here: airliners@ish.de Regards Kurt
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