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  1. Thanks guys for all the advice - exactly what I was looking for. Monogram it is and I plan to go to town on this one. I will make the D as a late 60's Vietnam based airframe. So far I have the Legend set (I understand it has issues itself, particularly the seat), the Eduard etched set, plus the photoetch from the hi tech version of the kit. Anything else out there worth getting? Will keep you posted. Will
  2. I have the Monogram F-100D and am not afraid to reescribe it. My concern is on dimensional accuracy - Is the Trumpeter kit as accurate? I know about the bottom of the intake but is there anything else to be aware of? Thanks in Advance Will
  3. This is a kit that has been woefully overlooked from an aftermarket perspective. It makes into an impressive model but definitely needs help, paricularly with the engines and interior. It has been around since the '80s and there must be some serious demand for detail sets for the beast. Will
  4. The credit crunch finally has to be acknowledged as is the gargantuan nature of my stash. Here are more for sale - more to follow: Hasegawa 1/48 AV8B Harrier II Plus PT28:2800 £15 AV8B Desert Harrier 09538 £20 Harrier GR5 09585 £15 Hasegawa F18E Super Hornet £34 Phantom FGR2 £20 Pending F4J Showtime 100 £23 P40K Warhawk '64 Fighter Sqn' £12 A4M Skyhawk £15 F104C Starfighter £15 A4C Skyhawk £15 A4B Skyhawk £15 TF104D Starfighter £15 F104J Starfighter £15 Typhoon Mk 1B Car dooor £11 F8E Crusader £20 F8J Crusader £20 F14A Tomcat £26 Tamiya Mosquito FB VI £13 Mosquito B mk IV £15 Mosquito NF mk XIII £15 Lockheed F16CJ Fighting Falcon £24 Swordfish Mk 1 Clear edition £30 Swordfish Mk II £30 F4U-1A Corsair £12 P47M Thunderbolt £16 A1J Skyraider USAF £16 Italeri S3 Viking £15 Avenger (Accurate minitures kit with FAA decals as well as USN - the ulltimate Avenger kit) £20 Chinook £19 Academy HH46D Seaknight £30 FB111A Aardvark £13 F111F Ardvark £13 CH46E Bullfrog £23 CH46A US Marines - Vietnam £24 Spitfire FR XIVE £10 CH53E Super Stallion £40 F86E Sabre £12 Revell F4F (Hasegawa boxing with Slats) £16 P61 Black Widow £12 F106 Delta Dart £14 F102 Delta Dagger £14 A 10 Bagged - no box £7 A7E Corsair (Hasegawa rebox £16) B17G Fortress £18 B17F Fortress £16 B29 Superfortress £35 F15E Eagle £12 Phantom FGR2 (Hasegawa rebox) £20 Eurfighter Typhoon £12 Spit Mk IX (Hasegawa rebox) £9 Monogram EA6B Prowler £29 C47 Skytrain £20 Roden Gladiator I (includes Max Decals sheet) £10 Sea Gladiator £9 SE5A (Wolseley Viper) £11 11/2 Strutter £10 Hobbyboss FM-1 Wildcat £8 FJ4B Fury £8 Eduard F2B Nightfighter £13 Camel Profipack £10 Yak 1B limited edition (Accurate Minitures) Profipack equivalent £15 Trumpeter Seahawk FB6 £15 Panther F9F 2 £12 Wyvern S4 Late £16 Airfix Canberra B(I)8 £20 (I have started my other one) Spit Mk 24 (In 50th Anniversary box) £12 Postage and packing is at cost Please use email to communicate (will.packard@sky.com) £2 discount if 2 kits bought, £3 if 3 bought and so on Cheques, direct bank transfer or paypal accepted I am UK based but happy to send abroad Will
  5. I also have the beast. There were some aftermarket intake sets produced by a british company about 4 years ago but haven't heard from them for a while. Curtting Edge also produces a fix for the canopy which looks good (I haven't fitted mine yet). The biggest problem with the kit (and it shares this with the Monogram kit) is the nose. It looks pinched and not the constant ogive from behind the the cockpit almost. I wish someone would make a fix for this. Way beyond my modelling skills I am afraid. Will
  6. Chris That is a significant improvement. Some featrures are always more obvious than others and the F100 intake falls into that category. You are not thinking of fixing the nose on the 32nd scale Trumpeter F105D by any chance. That is something else that is very wrong? Will
  7. I recently won a 1/48th Revell CH53G from eBay (not the later CH53GS). What US versions can I make form this kit? I am particularly interested in doing a Vietnam era HH53C or Marines CH53 A/D. I hadn't appreciated there were differences between the 2 kits. In addition are there any detail sets available? Thanks in advance Will
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