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  1. I pre-oredered mine to save $15, but won't get the game til tomorrow or the day after. I can't wait! I saw the Mechs, they look cool. I think its going to be better than Reach, which was a bit off and unbalanced at times. People who don't get Halo mostly haven't played it online I think. I like it better than the more "realistic" shooters because you have shields, which gives you a couple seconds to mount a defense or get away.
  2. I need clear, round headlight lenses, they need to be right at 1/4 inch across, maybe a tiny bit more. Will pay postage, trade, whatever. I could use up to 10 but would be happy with a couple. Thanks.
  3. This is amazing! By slowly moving the camera, you get a real sense of depth like you've never seen.
  4. The only problem I have with this is that if I stare too long, I start trying to identify the parts you used :), but I bet it will look nice on screen.
  5. I just wont pay that much for a foreign kit, there's NO WAY I'm paying that much for a domestic kit. I will wait til I can buy it for about $25, then get it. I'm cheap, I know.
  6. You can always get a cheap bookcase, one with a flush front face, put some felt or rubber around the front edge, and screw a big sheet of clear plastic or plexiglass to it. Cheap, easy, and you can drill holes to light it. Here is an example of one at walmart. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Ameriwood-5-Shelf-Bookcase/15413573 Plastic and plexiglass you get from a plastic supplier.
  7. There are paper models for just about everything, just google it. You could use them as patterns to cut styrene. Its hard but can be done.
  8. You can buy a paypal security key that generates a number you have to enter to get into your account. It also works with Ebay, I have done this before and am going to do it again. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=xpt/Marketing_CommandDriven/securitycenter/PayPalSecurityKey-outside
  9. Back in the early '90's, I bought a .99 cent Yak-7 from Squadron. I dont remember the company's name, but they were Ukrainian or something. The plastic was "grainy" like wood, and testors cement had no effect on it. I bsrely got it together with superglue, but was afraid to touch the thing even when I was done, because the thing was just waiting to pop apart.
  10. You can't beat this price: http://www.gohastings.com/product/TRENDS/Star-Wars-Y-Wing-Fighter-Model/sku/282557638.uts
  11. http://defensetech.org/2011/06/09/a-new-chinese-stealth-fighter/ They did say they had two. It looks pretty much like an F-35 to me, though to be fair you don't see much.
  12. To convert almost any video format to dvd, the best program I know is Devede. It's free, safe and works great. It makes an iso file that you can burn to a dvd. Scroll down to the comments and about seven down is a download link. http://www.majorsilence.com/devede The best program to convert anything to anything else is Super! It is also free and safe, it may be more than you need, but is a handy program to have. Scroll down to the download link. http://www.erightsoft.com/S6Kg1.html To burn things to cd or dvd use Ashampoo burning studio. http://download.cnet.com/Ashampoo-Burning-Stu
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