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  1. Uh, speak for yourself, I'm kind of fond of keeping mine attached thanks......
  2. Heh, as many posts as built Phantom's now? :DI'd buy you a beer, heck I'd buy you a six pack.
  3. Pretty much. Gotta sell those magazines. Somehow, none of this surprises me.Have to admit I've never really read/purchased or even really considered reading/purchasing Esquire magazine anyhow.
  4. Actually, I do both. I tend to sit most of the time, but I occasionally find myself in the basement to do something totally unrelated and walking by the workbench, then stopping to do something that I think is quick, next thing I know I've been there standing working on something for fifteen or twenty minutes...... The other day I went downstairs to put laundry in the washer. About 40 minutes later my girlfriend came downstairs to find me. The basket was on the floor next to my bench and I was standing there sanding a resin ship hull with my respirator on, :D
  5. Eh, snow schmow. We had about two and a half feet dumped on us a week or so ago and now they are saying we're in for another storm of a foot or so this weekend. Snow doesn't really bother me much. Just an excuse to stay home and work on stuff...... :D
  6. Interesting read: http://www.military.com/daily-news/2013/02/21/obl-shooter-story-victim-narrative-unintended.html?ESRC=eb.nl
  7. I think Vince said he is talking straight up retail cost for a stock type kit and not inflated eBay prices.Pocher is back under Hornby's ownership now. They revealed a 1/8 Lamborghini Aventador at Nuremberg this year but no price has been released as it is not available yet. I'm sure it will be up there though.
  8. Met up with Postman623 for a beer and box exchange. Box is in his capable hands. Should be on it's way to Maryland in short order.
  9. I am on my way to Rhode Island to meet up with Postman623 so the box is back on the trail...... Following is the shipping order: 1.Postman623 - RI 2.2qwik4u - MD 3.wh1skea - TN 4.Sebastian Haff - GA 5.Ro-Gar Hobbies - Fl 6.shadoweng - FL 7.William G - FL 8.JasonW - MA She is staying on the east coast for the most part so it should be a relatively short round one would think. I bagged up a few loose kits in zip-loc bags. I also removed the AMT Raiders Coach from the box as it has been in there for at least three of the five rounds and had no takers so if anybody would like it let me
  10. Okay. Here is the list for this round. Confirmed In- 2qwik4u William G Postman623 Ro-Gar Hobbies JasonW Sebastian Haff wh1skea shadoweng Confirmed Out- Bigasshammm Shawn M Model-Junkie warthoglvr HeavyArty I am going to confirm with Postman623 a time for us to meet and then the box will be back on it's way. I'll post a shipping order soon.
  11. I love the Duffelblog. Great stuff. The sarcastic wit is so friggin refreshing in this day and age.My girlfriend doesn't get it at all, I told her you kind of had to serve in the military to get most of the humor..... :)
  12. Interesting quote I read in an article that a friend forwarded to me this AM: I just can't fathom feeling the need to create a special award for this, but more importantly where they want to have this medal fall in the US military award order of precedence.
  13. Thanks for the reply! I understand the cost involved, I buy the resin and mold rubber fairly often. I use the Smooth On stuff now. I mostly cast stuff I am unable to find readily or (since I do a fair amount of what-if ships) stuff that I have come up with. I recently made a four gun turret for 16" guns on a USS Montana variation and cast several of them. About how big (length and width) is that Harbor Freight pot?
  14. Was wondering if anybody out there has any tips or could share their experience with using a pressure pot during their resin casting? I have made a few masters of my own for a few things over the years. Mostly warship turrets and other things that are easy to cast without the use of any type of vacuum etc. and still come out looking decent. I was thinking of taking my casting to the next level however and possibly purchasing a pressure pot as I have been told this will help to eliminate a good deal of the air bubbles and ensure that the resin gets into all the smaller crevices, nooks and crann
  15. I don't disagree with needing to recognize these guys. I am all for recognizing the guy who sits in Colorado and wipes out bad guys with a drone firing Hellfires, my major issue is the way they are proposing to do it with this new award.I simply don't agree with creating a BS medal and inserting it into the order of precedence ABOVE the Bronze Star and just below the Silver Star. Like you, I think it should be something like an ARCOM or something, definitely not above an award routinely handed out for valor and bravery on the battlefield. Heck, I don't even disagree with recognizing the odd A
  16. A bronze star for a comptroller?! That makes me sick to my stomach, considering my grandfather got two bronze stars in WWII for combat related actions, you know actually putting his life on the line and all that testosterone driven nonsense. But hey, we all have to feel special and valuable as members of the armed services, right? We don't want to hurt anybody's self esteem and all that. Bronze star for storming a machine gun nest in WWII is the same as getting one for saving the government some cash, right? It's part of the reason I had to wear that stupid beret for several years when I ha
  17. When I first read the topic title I thought you were referring to laundry detergent.......
  18. I've ordered from them many times and the shipping turn around is typically a day to get it out the door. They use UPS Ground, and typically I get an order from them in three to four business days from the time I order on their site to the time it arrives on my doorstep.
  19. I can't answer for this guy, but I'll tell you this from my point of view. Some folks just aren't interested in sitting behind a desk. Personally, I spent about five years active duty on tanks. This was followed by several years in the National Guard and Army Reserve. After coming off active duty I spent about a year in a reserve intel unit before getting out to go into the National Guard as infantry. I hated the time I spent in that intel unit behind a desk. Despised it. Fortunately I was able to ride out my time there and re-enlist my way out to a combat arms unit. If I hadn't been able to g
  20. Eh, big deal, they're mostly harmless...... Unless you're an insect at any rate. More here: http://www.weather.com/news/brazil-spiders-20130211 And here: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2013/02/11/its_raining_spiders_in_southern_brazilian_town.html
  21. Nope, no shoveling at my house. Proud owner of an Ariens snowblower now. I'd rather fire up the snowblower than the lawnmower, snowblowers are more fun..... :DI have nothing against Texas, it's a fun place for me to visit. Was at Fort Hood during my time in the Army, didn't really mind it all that much other than the heat and critters that I wasn't all that fond of. I just have no interest in living there. As they say, to each his own.
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