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  1. Looks like the same fighter we had a thread about back in December......
  2. Sorry TT, about the only things I'd trade for with Texas are the gun laws and conservative government. Too hot for me down there and I'm not a fan of rattlesnake, scorpions and big hairy spiders. Not really a fan of tornadoes either. Where I'm at I am about 35-40 minutes from the mountains and the ocean. Great seafood and lobsters. Besides, I like having four seasons. I'm a New Englander. Born here and lived here my whole life except for my time in the military. For all the ranting, I actually like snow and winter. Storms like this are not that common, I'll deal with them when they blow throu
  3. Mike, thanks for putting this together. Do you take donations of unbuilt in new condition kits?
  4. Woke up this morning to a snow storm still going on that is almost living up to all the hype. I've got at least two feet out there. My neighbors car is a snow mound, can't even see the car any more. There is a close to four foot snow berm at the end of my driveway. That and it is still snowing like a mofo at this time. Guess I'll stay in and get some bench time today. We've got plenty of food in the house and I've got plenty of scotch and beer so we'll be okay. :D
  5. It has started here in my neck of the woods up by the New Hampshire border. The current models show us getting 24" by tomorrow mid day. A big storm, but not earth shattering for the region up here. I took a personal day at work as I just didn't want to deal with the stupidity on the roads today. It's pretty stupid on a regular basis, throw all this storm hype and some snow into the mix and you get a miserable commute that is entirely unnecessary. As usual, the majority of the local population were swamping every supermarket in the area acting like they would never have a chance to buy milk,
  6. I have confirmations from just about everybody either in here or via PM. pastafarian seems to have dropped off the grid. I've got a PM into him but he doesn't appear to have logged in since last July. Hope all is well with him and he is okay. That said, I'll get the box and inventory done over the next few days and get it back into rotation. Postman623, if you want to PM me we can figure out meeting up with the box for a beer etc.
  7. As far as funny; I liked the Leon Sandcastle one, the Hyundai stuck behind various oddities, the Mercedes commercial with Willem Dafoe as the devil, the Speedstick one, the Geiko Mutumbo ad, the Wheat Thins night vision one, the milk one with the Rock. The Cars.com wolf one was pretty funny too. The serious side of things I thought the farmer one was excellent (and depressing and unfortunately all too true). The rest of it was pretty blah in my opinion. The Dorito's goat was okay. Budweiser struck out in my opinion, even while trying to tug at folks heart strings with a Fleetwood Mac tune
  8. What's this? We seem to have ourselves a football game all of a sudden........
  9. Well, if they are even able to finish the game......
  10. The lights are out New Orleans. This has to be a first.
  11. The Doritos commercial was good. I actually like the Volkswagen commercial with the rasta man from Minnesota too.
  12. Looks like a great observation at this point.Stick a fork in San Fran, they are looking done a minute before half time.
  13. Sure, for the amazing price of 277 million dollars it's all yours (maybe we'll allow for some depreciation)......And If you can get it off the reef in one piece and seaworthy..... Oh, and without causing any further damage to the reef..... And after paying the fine the Philippine government is ready to levy against the US..... (Let me think, did I forget anything....) :D
  14. The 1/72 Encore 109G kits are the Heller molds. Encore reboxed several of the old Heller molds including the 109G, Heinkel He-112, PZL P.11c, Gloster Gladiator Mk. I/II, Arado Ar-196 and their Mitsubishi Zero kits. Encore did also rebox a couple of the Frog molds, I know the Bristol Beaufort for a fact is the Frog mold.
  15. With a wooden hull that has been battered I'm pretty sure it was the only real option. Still, at $277 million that is quite a hit to taxpayers pocket books. As the Philippine government is asking, what the heck was it doing there in the first place? Oh, right, clearing mines off the coral reef......
  16. Thanks for the update.FYI for all, I've got PM's in to the remaining folks to confirm; pastafarian, HeavyArty, warthoglvr and wh1skea.
  17. There are a couple of 1/72 kits out there. Italeri/Testors and Dragon/DML both did 1/72 kits. Neither is in production any longer and they both command decent prices on eBay. I am of the opinion that the Italeri kit is a little better but they both have some redeeming qualities.
  18. Obviously this guy doesn't realize exactly how large the Phalanx is.......4" accuracy? Huh? From ANY altitude and speed? Huh? Well, it certainly does look bad@ss at any rate.
  19. The family is in my thoughts, I am hopeful this ends well.
  20. While I'm not sure about the CR.32 being a Supermodel repop since the recently issued Italeri Re-2000 and Re-2002 are both brand new molds, I will mention that Italeri had the Supermodel CR.32 (in Supermodel box) available on their website as a reissue recently. That said, the "historic upgrade series" would seem to indicate that the Italeri listing is in fact a repop. The Supermodel kit itself isn't horrible. Maybe Italeri added a sprue of detail pieces and a new cockpit interior as Andre mentioned. I have the Do-217M and it has some pretty nice upgrade parts (although given the age of the or
  21. I'm down for the 1/72 Shorts Stirling, glad to see another option hitting the market as the Airfix kit is a little long in the tooth. I only hope they do it justice. Nice to see a new F-35 hitting the market too. Hope it will be close to the production fit. Glad to see the MB-326K getting reissued. Will grab several of those.
  22. If they made it in 1/35 scale it might actually be a good fit for some dioramas......
  23. Bingo.It's about getting those stars on their shoulders and nothing more. I spent several years active duty Army and National Guard as armor (five years) and infantry (about four years). Personally, I think it is a bad idea to have women integrated into infantry or armor units. I could possibly see armor if they kept the crews segregated (women or men only crews), but infantry I don't see if for nothing more than the physical capabilities of your typical woman. More importantly (and this was an issue in Iraq/Afghanistan) is the obvious issue of sexual relations between men and women. I don't
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