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  1. Darius, I wasn't trying to imply that you were "completely ignorant" of what happened during the conflict. I apologize if you took it that way. I was only pointing out that the RN lost a good many ships sank and damaged to Argentine air strikes. This was more a response to your previous comment (most notably the bolded portion): That was also the reason I added the little question at the end of my original post asking how many ships the video claimed the Argentines sank. I was curious to compare the actual accounts of vessels sunk with what the video was claiming.I had recently started reading
  2. You're not kidding. Most of the heavily damaged vessels were damaged by bombs which had bad fuses. The structural damage resulting from the impact of the bomb actually caused the bulk of the damage to several vessels. If those fuses had worked properly you could easily have added 4-5 vessels sunk as you mentioned.The Type 42 HMS Glasgow, County Class destroyer HMS Antrim and Leander Class Frigate HMS Argonaut were all damaged by bombs that failed to detonate. The HMS Antelope sank after unsuccessful attempt at defusing bombs that failed to explode. Most of the bombing damage was as a result of
  3. +1. Really sorry to hear this news Roy. Without trying to sound to cliche, keep your head up and take care of yourself.
  4. You are correct in that they did not hit one of the RN carriers (HMS Invincible and HMS Hermes).That said, the campaign was very costly for the Royal Navy. They lost four combat vessels (Type 42 destroyers - HMS Sheffield and HMS Coventry as well as the Type 21 frigates - HMS Ardent and HMS Antelope) as well as the auxiliary vessels Atlantic Conveyor and RFA Sir Galahad (L3005) for a total of six vessels sunk (all by air attack). Additionally, the damaged vessels were even more numerous. There were six vessels with major damage, three vessels with relatively moderate damage and four vessels wi
  5. Same reason my girlfriend has dozens of pairs of shoes and lot of clothes (many of which she doesn't wear). In short, because I can.
  6. Oh boy, there's a thread locker.......Great, another conversation down the drain.
  7. The simple answer is to take the Marine camo and make it the standard uniform across the board like they had with the BDU. Army, Navy, AF and Marines all wear the same pattern. Either that or have a standard blue work/duty uniform for both the Navy and AF. Marines and Army can use the Marine camo pattern uniforms. Simplify the process and make it cost effective. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter what camo pattern the AF and Navy are wearing as they are on big gray ships or air fields for the most part. The biggest problem with all this uniform horsehockey is letting the individ
  8. It is yours. I notice you live on Cape Cod. I live a little northwest of Boston. I would be willing to meet you somewhere nearby to your neck of the woods to hand it over to you as it would make it easier than me trying to find a box big enough for it (it is a big kit). I am off on vacation from work all next week if you have time during the week after Christmas. I have been meaning to head down that way to visit that shop in Hanson anyhow.
  9. Apparently the end of the world is a good excuse to have a sale on models.... http://www.squadron.com/?utm_source=MASTER+Customer+List&utm_campaign=56330183d8-Apocalypse_teaser_12_21_2012&utm_medium=email What are the guesses on the percentage off they are going with?
  10. Winning numbers were 48 and 82. Holmes can verify this if anyone needs verification. Nobody picked those numbers unfortunately. That said, members jordan03 and Exhausted both picked 81 which was one off of the 82. jordan03 posted first so I'll let him decide which kit he wants. Exhausted wins the remaining kit provided he resides in the lower 48 states of the US as originally posted.
  11. I'm at work. Couldn't convince the boss that the end of the world was a valid reason for me to stay home today. Darn.
  12. I won't typically do that myself as I believe that it is considered fraud. I think you can actually get in trouble for doing that if you get caught.
  13. What are you basing all of this supposition on?
  14. Tis the season to give kits away on ARC. Therefore, I'm jumping in on all the fun that Pete, Flyingfortress and William G are having. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan and all that other stuff. Not to mention celebrating the great Solstice and whatever the Mayan's used to celebrate when they sacrificed people, goats and various other animals. With the end of the world just days away here is the deal: I have a 1/72 AMTech EC-135 ARIA/ALOTS Snoopy (the electronic missile tracking variant of the KC-135) and a Matchbox PB4Y-2 Privateer kit (Navy B-24 variant with single fin tail -
  15. Place in Marlboro is called The Spare Time Shop. Very well stocked shop. I make a trip down there once a month or so. There is also Hobby Emporium up in Tyngsboro. Has a very well stocked kit selection and most available paints. The Hobby Bunker is down in Malden, the kit selection is not all that great but he does buy collections so every now and then he has some rarity in there.
  16. Scott's original announcement on his Facebook page.....
  17. I suppose, but then why bother making an announcement at all? Why not just say that shipping and customer service will be offline for a few weeks during a re-org or something like that?
  18. I don't have a Facebook account either, but you can view their page even without a Facebook account.And to answer your second part, yes, they are closing effective December 31.
  19. I got the warning as well with Firefox.
  20. Couldn't agree more on this point. There is already enough distraction as it is.Not like our military leadership needs to worry about training troops and fighting a war or anything crazy like that......
  21. Wait a minute, I know a dude when I see one........
  22. The Revell-ogram F-104C kit is actually pretty nice looking in the box. Crisp recessed panel lines and nice detail. ESCI/Italeri/AMT Ertl also released 1/72 F-104C that you can find on eBay. Nice little kit as well with recessed panel lines and decent detail.
  23. I love the looks of the Phantom. I am more a fan of the Navy birds and the C/D variants, but even the E, F and G with their long snouts look badd@ss to me. Seriously, something with the aerodynamics of a rock and all the aerodynamic bandaids on that airframe, it still just looks great to me. Then again, I also think the F-89 Scorpion looks cool too so....... Besides, if you strapped two powerful jet engines like the Phantom had onto a boulder it would probably fly too. The Phantom is proof of that. That is a bad mofo :D
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