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  1. Anyone who can identify these two zap's? I think they were from RAF SQN's stationed in Germany. Both are 1980's.
  2. How come that one is in USAF colors? It's a German TF-104G with MB seats.
  3. No panthers currently airworthy I think. The Fury is under repair after a belly landing a few months ago.
  4. Not really. We only bought 2 or 3 FLIR kits for the 5 (now4) seakings.
  5. At least you guys can get humbrol! My town only has the Revell enamels. If I need a color, Humbrol has it. With revell I always need to start mixing 2 or 3 colors to get the right one!
  6. Anyone another solution? I've e-mailed Trumpeter at least a dozen times, no reply. My modelshop tried to order the part, no reply. Meanwhile I'm stuck with an expensive kit for which I already bought an expensive conversion kit and I can't build it! I'm looking for parts sprue C from the 1/24 scale Supermarine Spitfire MK.Vb (No 02403) kit.
  7. It was discovered and recovered around 1990. It's restored and now with Paul Allen, last I heard.
  8. So that's where the airwolf mockup ended up Glad to see it under cover!
  9. That's so ugly, it might as well be used as a drone!
  10. On the other hand, it's not because they are not in the inventory that they can't carry them.
  11. Fouga23

    Alpha Jet

    Very nice Miguel! One more detail I just noticed. The serial is written is all capitals, so AT18, not At18. I love these A-jets
  12. I don't know it's number. I assume "63"? Thanks for the walkaround link. Very usefull for reference:) Those Tzukit's really are totally different The Fouga "212" in your walkaround is actually a Belgian one painted up in IAF colors. It never flew with the IAF.
  13. Guys, I need help. I just bought the cockpit section of Fouga Magister serial n° 63. It served in the French AF, but between 1961 en 1963 it was loaned to the Israeli AF. It served at Ekron AB. I am looking for pictures of my Fouga in IAF service (and offcourse French AF service). Anyone have any pictures? Is there a good IAF forum somewhere? thanks! Fouga
  14. Fouga23

    Alpha Jet

    camouflage colors: FS20219 tan FS24102 medium green FS24064 dark green FS26622 undersurface grey
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