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  1. That's a superb pic, ovikingo . . . One of my favourite Century Series airplanes 🙂
  2. I have the F 40 book on German F-104's of JG 71 & JG 74, and the pictures show the missiles as white with two bands behind the forward fins, although the photos are black & white, and don't say if they are live or practice rounds, The best thing to do is go to the website "916 Starfighter " which has photos of almost every F/TF-104G that served in Germany. Even if you don't find the answer you can spend ages just enjoying photos of F-104's ! Hope this helps . 😀
  3. There are photos on the Wethersfield Museum facebook page of F-100's in the victor alert barns which show the weapon on the centreline pylon and 275gal. tanks under the wings. these tanks were later upgraded to 335 gal. tanks HTH
  4. The wing walkway lines are correct, but all the photos I've seen of F-100's have no "Walkway " or "No Step " markings. Here's a pic of the upper wing of F-100D 56-3000, the famous "Triple Zilch " of the 20th. TFW to show you the walkway line. By the way, if you are doing a USAF airplane the silver aircraft were actually painted aluminium, and not natural metal, apart from the early versions HTH 🙂
  5. Thanks for that, Wolf . . . I'll have to get some of that
  6. VERY nice indeed ! How did you do the tinted windshield ?
  7. That light graey was Humbrol 28, and went on like a dream. It was just different enough from white , so that it covered nicely, as dud the other colours, so was a pleasure to paint.
  8. Thanks for the kind words, guys . I usually mix my paints 50 / 50 with thinners, and give a slight rub down between coats, and this helps to remove any brush marks. The final matt, gloss or satin finish is sprayed on with my trusty Badger 200. I don't use acrylics ( I tried once and spent an hour cleaning out the gunge that had formed inside ! ) I do use a spray coat if it's one colour, or an aluminium finish required, and that system has worked well for me over the years. 🙂.
  9. Hi Everyone, Here is my latest effort for your inspection. It is a combination of an Esci kit with landing gear from the Revell version, as that had better details . The model depicts an F - 100D of the 493rd. TFS, 48th. TFW based at Lakenheath in the early 70 's. Brush painted with Humbrol paints, apart from the aluminium. which is Xtracolor. with a final spray with Matt Cote. I used the technique of painting round the edge of each colour with a fine brush and a 50 / 50 mix of the adjacent colours to achieve the slightly feathered overspray of the real airplane, as my airbrush is
  10. Thanks for the kind words, guys, it's much appreciated. I'm now building a 1/72 F - 100, so if all goes well I'll post a couple of pics when that's finished. 🙂.
  11. Hi guys, Thought you might like to see my newly finished F - 100D in the markings of the 20th. TFW, based near me at Wethersfield in the 1960's. This brings back many happy memories of school holidays spent at the end of the runway watching the " huns " activities. There have been many comments regarding the accuracy of this model, so here's a list of mods / improvements I made: New corrected resin nose from Zactoman main gear legs shortened by 3 mm to get the correct nose up sit of the actual airplane. replacement resin wheels of the correct diameter ( The kit ones were to
  12. That's correct. There was / is a Victor Alert area at Wethersfield, where nuke armed F - 100's sat on alert, as did the 48th. TFW at Lakenheath. As you say, The nukes were carried on the centreline pylon.
  13. The UK based F - 100's mostly carried the 335 gal. wing tanks after camouflage was introduced, although there were still some 450 gal. and 275 gal. tanks in use. They mostly had the centreline pylon fitted at all times with the MN 1 ( SUU 21 ) practice bomb carrier fitted from time to time. also, occasionally outer wing pylons were fitted. At the moment I'm building the Trumpeter 1/32 F - 100D, although mine is in the earlier " Aluminium " finish of a 20th. TFW bird. Hopefully i can post some pics when finished. HTH 🙂
  14. Looking good, dai phan. Those Fundekal sheets are superb, although I used Xtradecals for my P - 38., I did use Fundekals for my F -102A Delta Dagger, and they went on no problem at all. I think they must be one of the best researched sheets, and they're worth it just for the instruction sheets alone.😀
  15. Well, your model is looking good so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing it when finished. I love Tamiya kits, as they are such a joy to build. 🙂.
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