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  1. hooter

    1/48 Trumpeter F-100D

    That's an F-100 from the 308th. TFS, 31st. TFW based in Vietnam at Tuy hoa air base. HTH
  2. hooter

    1/48 Trumpeter F-100D

    I built the F version of this kit some time ago and found it a pleasant build. I did buy a resin nose and a Eduard cockpit set, but otherwise it was a straightforward build. I love the F-100, and I shall follow your build with interest . . . looking good so far.
  3. hooter

    My Dragon Saturn V build.

    No problem , Bill. I'm following your build with interest.
  4. hooter

    My Dragon Saturn V build.

    You're right there, Habu2. Luckily my model was a Christmas present from my best mate, so that didn't cost me anything. Glad I bought the David weeks plans, though.
  5. hooter

    My Dragon Saturn V build.

    I built this model a couple of years ago, and I used David Weeks' drawing set from Real Space models ( $60.00 ) to add detail that was missing from the kit, although not to the level that you're building, Niart. Y ou may already have these, but if not I can recommend them wholeheartedly. As a huge fan of the Saturn V I'm following your build with great interest.
  6. hooter

    Aftermarket 1/48 F-4 Phantom Fuel Dump Post?

    I bought the 1/48 Hasegawa FGR2 Phantom a while ago, and the fuel dump vent on one wing was broken. Luckily I found it loose in the bag, so taped it to the inside of the box for safe keeping until I get round to building the model, so it sounds like quite a common occurance with this kit.
  7. hooter

    Aftermarket 1/48 F-4 Phantom Fuel Dump Post?

    We never had any problems on our Phantoms, but being the British version ( FGR 2 ) I believe they were shorter than other models ( I think }
  8. That's just superb . . . Thanks for sharing the pics with us
  9. hooter

    LF Apollo CSM blueprints

    I agree with habu2 . . . if you're going to build a Saturn V then the David Weeks drawings are a must have. I used them when I built my Dragon 1/72 Apollo 11 Saturn V, and they were indispensable.
  10. hooter

    Italian Starfighter

    That's an excellent F-104 you've got there, Nathant, so thanks for sharing.
  11. hooter

    Lowly two for 2016

    You may have only built two, but they were certainly worth waiting for !
  12. hooter

    Will we ever see any new F-105 Thud decals??

    To me, every model I've seen of an F-105, be it Monogram or Trumpeter the upper nose profile looks too flat, without the subtle curve of the real airplane, plus f you want to do an early '60's machine there's an awful lot of sanding and re-shaping to be done as well.
  13. hooter

    F-104S 1/32

    Superb !
  14. hooter

    F-104G Belgian Air Force

    Very nice indeed. I always liked the Belgian colour scheme ( After the Luftwaffe, of course ) and that's a very tidy model you've made,especially for the scale, Dragan. Thanks for sharing.
  15. hooter

    Changing avatar

    I've been trying to change my avatar, and have gone through the procedure ie . selecting the correct size, using only a jpg. file from my computer, but all I get is the message that I can only upload image files ! Now correct me if I'm wrong but I thought a jpeg. WAS an image file ? I'd be most grateful if anyone can help, or perhaps explain what I might be doing wrong ?