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  1. According to some sources I've read the wing bars were on the same side as the rudder markings, which seems logical. The photo I have of A1 + DA shows the markings on the port side of the rudder, so that's what I've gone with. Anyway, it's too late now as the decals are finished, so if it turns out to be wrong I'll just have to live with it ! Anyhoo, thanks for taking the time to reply to my query .
  2. Thanks for the info . . . I've already looked at that discussion, but thanks for youe help anyway, it's much appreciated. I think I'll go with bars on the port wing only so that would match with the rudder. If I find out later they were on both wings I can always add them later.
  3. Hi guys, I'm decalling my 1/48 ICM Heinkel He 111H-3 at the moment, and according to their instructions the upper wing formation bars are on both wings, but I've only seen photos, pics, etc. which depict them on one wing only. The machine I'm modellng is A1 + DA from KG 53 during the Battle Of Britain : there is a photo of this machine which shows the vertical bars on the port side of the rudder, but unfortunately the rest of the upper surfaces are not visible. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any extra info on this, and whether the kit instructions are likely to be corr
  4. That's an F-100 from the 308th. TFS, 31st. TFW based in Vietnam at Tuy hoa air base. HTH
  5. I built the F version of this kit some time ago and found it a pleasant build. I did buy a resin nose and a Eduard cockpit set, but otherwise it was a straightforward build. I love the F-100, and I shall follow your build with interest . . . looking good so far.
  6. No problem , Bill. I'm following your build with interest.
  7. You're right there, Habu2. Luckily my model was a Christmas present from my best mate, so that didn't cost me anything. Glad I bought the David weeks plans, though.
  8. I built this model a couple of years ago, and I used David Weeks' drawing set from Real Space models ( $60.00 ) to add detail that was missing from the kit, although not to the level that you're building, Niart. Y ou may already have these, but if not I can recommend them wholeheartedly. As a huge fan of the Saturn V I'm following your build with great interest.
  9. I bought the 1/48 Hasegawa FGR2 Phantom a while ago, and the fuel dump vent on one wing was broken. Luckily I found it loose in the bag, so taped it to the inside of the box for safe keeping until I get round to building the model, so it sounds like quite a common occurance with this kit.
  10. We never had any problems on our Phantoms, but being the British version ( FGR 2 ) I believe they were shorter than other models ( I think }
  11. That's just superb . . . Thanks for sharing the pics with us
  12. I agree with habu2 . . . if you're going to build a Saturn V then the David Weeks drawings are a must have. I used them when I built my Dragon 1/72 Apollo 11 Saturn V, and they were indispensable.
  13. That's an excellent F-104 you've got there, Nathant, so thanks for sharing.
  14. You may have only built two, but they were certainly worth waiting for !
  15. To me, every model I've seen of an F-105, be it Monogram or Trumpeter the upper nose profile looks too flat, without the subtle curve of the real airplane, plus f you want to do an early '60's machine there's an awful lot of sanding and re-shaping to be done as well.
  16. Very nice indeed. I always liked the Belgian colour scheme ( After the Luftwaffe, of course ) and that's a very tidy model you've made,especially for the scale, Dragan. Thanks for sharing.
  17. I've been trying to change my avatar, and have gone through the procedure ie . selecting the correct size, using only a jpg. file from my computer, but all I get is the message that I can only upload image files ! Now correct me if I'm wrong but I thought a jpeg. WAS an image file ? I'd be most grateful if anyone can help, or perhaps explain what I might be doing wrong ?
  18. I'm just about to start building this kit, and if it tuirns out as good as yours I'll be more than happy ! Thanks for sharing the pics with us.
  19. Excellent film, Don . . . Great to see the Century series airplanes. Reminds me of the 1960's air shows at the 20th. TFW's home at Wethersfield ( Though not quite so many pyrotechnics ! ) Thanks for sharing with us.
  20. hooter


    I have this kit in my stash, so I've just checked and yes, there are both types of prop spinner caps included. HTH
  21. I think the best solution is to build the model how YOU think it should be and be satisfied with that. After all, I don't think a P-51 expert is going to come along and say that's definitely wrong ! Unless you can find definite proof that the particular a/c you are modelling is THAT colour you're left with your best guess. However, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this topic, after all, it's discussions like this that make our hobby so interesting ! :thumbsup:/>
  22. Hi everyone, i'm looking for a bit of advice regarding the colour for the engine bearers and wheel bay of the P-51D. According to the instructions with my Tamiya 1/32 scale P- 51D all internals are chromate green - ish, but I've seen pics of superb models where these areas are chromate yellow, so can anyone give me guidance as to which colour is more likely to be correct, or were there variations depending on which sub contractor built the airplane ? Any help would be gratefully received.
  23. I should have said that I used David Weeks' drawings . . . they were a tad expensive ( After adding postage to the UK ) but they were definitely worth it, as there's so much detail missing from the Dragon Saturn V. :)
  24. I built this kit a couple of years ago ( it was a Xmas gift ) and you're right, it IS big ! I ordered a set of drawings for it in order to add quite a lot of detail, but it will look just fine OOB. I would recommend a set of decals from the culttvman website : These are made by Space model Systems and are excellent, with LOADs of detail, and will really make your Saturn V stand out. I shall be following your build with great interest ! :)
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