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  1. VERY nice indeed ! I must say that the Tamiya Mossie is a joy to build, with no filler required, and fits like a dream. If only all models were like that ! 😀
  2. VERY nice indeed ! The Tamiya Mosquito is a pleasure to build, and yours looks excellent, Phantom.
  3. Love it ! Brings back happy memories of going to see the film " back in the day "😀
  4. Here's my latest build . . . the Revell 1/32 FW-190A - 8. Built oob except : Eduard instrument panel and seat harness. I used Eaglecals decals, plus the kit stencils, and painted with Humbrol enamels. All comments ( Good or bad ) welcome.
  5. Oh well, perhaps it was just me, but I found the Hasegawa kit much easier to build, plus the surface detail was superior to the Airfix kit, especially their "Doughnuts " to represent the cowling fasteners. I guess it's all down to personal choice at the end of the day.
  6. Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated.
  7. I had this kit when it was first released, and I agree with goondman . . . it is an unnecessarily over complicated kit to build, and unlrss you get everything EXACTLY lined up it won't fit. On top of that the landing gear fixing is just ridiculous, so you can guess where mine ended up ! I've been modelling for more years than I care to remember, but I've never had the hassle I had with this kit. Give me the older Hasegawa Hurricane any time. Rant over, I'll get me coat !
  8. Hi guys, I have the Tamiya 1/700 Scharnhorst kit to build, and would like to build it in it's " Channel Dash " colour scheme, with the aid of cross kitting the appropriate parts from the Gneisenau kit. My question is : What colour were the turret tops, as I've seen drawings showing a shade of blue, but also ones showing dark grey ? Looking at photos taken at the time they appear to be lighter than the rest of the turret, but that could just be the effect of light / shade. Any help would be gratefully received.
  9. What a superb model of my all - time favourite airplane . . . Thanks for sharing 👍
  10. That's a superb model of my favourite airplane, so well done to you, sir . 😍
  11. I bought this set when I built my Dragon Saturn V, and I have to say they are essential when building the kit, especially as Dragon left off so much ( Most ? ) detail from their kit.
  12. At least you know if it's a Tamiya kit it will fit together easily .
  13. The Airframe In Miniature books ( No. 5 and No. 11 ) by Valiant Wings have all the detail you could wish for on all variants of the 109, with loads of detail photos, drawings and scale plans, plus info on colour schemes and a section on scale models.
  14. This photo was taken at Wethersfield's open day on June 11th. 1966. this airplane was assigned to the 49th. TFW based at Spangdahlem in Germany.
  15. That's a superb model, and knocks the Airfix 1/24 kit into a cocked hat, with MUCH more detail ( And i bet it fits better ! )
  16. Well that's something I never knew, so thanks for that. Just proves that you should always be wary of " Standard " practices !
  17. As an ex RAF groundcrew member on 17 Squadron I can confidently say that F-4M's ( AKA FGR 2 ) in the early Dk. green and Dk. sea grey camo were painted back to a point in line with the wing leading edge, as were the Viet Nam camo F-4c, F-4D & F-4E. Royal Navy Phantoms had white intakes right up to the rear of the splitter plate.
  18. I don't have this kit, but if it builds up as well as their Focke Wulf 190F then it'll be worth the wait.
  19. Having built the Tamiya kit I can safely say you won't be disappointed. True, it is a tad expensive, but definitely worth the money.
  20. According to some sources I've read the wing bars were on the same side as the rudder markings, which seems logical. The photo I have of A1 + DA shows the markings on the port side of the rudder, so that's what I've gone with. Anyway, it's too late now as the decals are finished, so if it turns out to be wrong I'll just have to live with it ! Anyhoo, thanks for taking the time to reply to my query .
  21. Thanks for the info . . . I've already looked at that discussion, but thanks for youe help anyway, it's much appreciated. I think I'll go with bars on the port wing only so that would match with the rudder. If I find out later they were on both wings I can always add them later.
  22. Hi guys, I'm decalling my 1/48 ICM Heinkel He 111H-3 at the moment, and according to their instructions the upper wing formation bars are on both wings, but I've only seen photos, pics, etc. which depict them on one wing only. The machine I'm modellng is A1 + DA from KG 53 during the Battle Of Britain : there is a photo of this machine which shows the vertical bars on the port side of the rudder, but unfortunately the rest of the upper surfaces are not visible. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any extra info on this, and whether the kit instructions are likely to be corr
  23. That's an F-100 from the 308th. TFS, 31st. TFW based in Vietnam at Tuy hoa air base. HTH
  24. I built the F version of this kit some time ago and found it a pleasant build. I did buy a resin nose and a Eduard cockpit set, but otherwise it was a straightforward build. I love the F-100, and I shall follow your build with interest . . . looking good so far.
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