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  1. A group build entry need to have most of its build done during the GB timeframe to qualify. If you just started now, the mods will probably allow it if you put it aside til then. Otherwise, you'll have to build another one starting next June. Great excuse to buy a new kit Id say.

    That's OK . . .I have the Hasegawa 1/48 TF-104G to buil, so I'll simply save it till next June! :cheers:

  2. Does anyone make aftermarket resin 1/48 MB CQ-7 Ejection seats for the Hasegawa TF-104G? Don't want to put a complete resin cockpit tub in as I have the Eduard Zoom set.



    I don't know of any resin seats, but Eduard do a photo etched set [ pre-painted ] to enable you to detail up the kit seats. I've just ordered a set for my TF-104G . . .Hope this helps! <_<

  3. I'm not sure about part G8, but G4 is definitely the centreline pylon, usually carrying a practice bomb dispenser but primarily used for special weapon carriage. I actually scratch built one of these for my Monogram Hun that I built some years ago. you should be able to find good photos of the pylon in any of the F-100 books that are about. hope this helps. :rofl: :)

  4. I'm not sure about part G8, but G4 is definitely the centreline pylon, usually carrying a practice bomb dispenser but primarily used for special weapon carriage. I actually scratch built one of these for my Monogram Hun that I built some years ago. you should be able to find good photos of the pylon in any of the F-100 books that are about. hope this helps. :rofl: :)

  5. I wonder if anyone can help me with a colour question, namely the colour of the wheelbays and doors on the F-102 Delta Dagger/

    I've just bought the kit, but the usual Revell paint instructions are a bit vague, and I have some ambiguous photo info in colour and black and white, which does'nt help!

    In the colour pics the inside of the nosewheel door appears chromate yellow, but the B & W pics of the wheelbays seem to indicate a darker colour, possibly interior green? If anyone can shed any light on this topic I would be most grateful. :wave:

  6. I've just bought this kit {No. 04586] from the Midland Air Museum at Coventry, and it definitely has the caseX wing, with markings for the 525th. FIS commander's aircraft [Which is why I bought it ! ] :blink:

  7. hi,

    well, after searching for many months (seriously!) i have given up trying and am going to ask a question.

    i have wanted to model this bird (or a bird in the same colours) for many years, and finally have the funds to buy a kit. but cannot find a 1/48 F-100D or french decals for one. anyone know anywhere i can get either or both?

    here's a pic of the bird in question....


    also, what was the usual weapons loadout for one of these?? yo be honest, i have never seen an image of an armed french super sabre.. :blink:

    I have a set of Carpena decals, which feature both a USAFE F-100D [The reason I bought the sheet] and a French AF machine in the color scheme shown in your post. it also has a rather fetching sharkmouth on the nose as well! if you PM me, I will send you the French decals Free of charge, as I won't need them, and it's always good to help out a fellow "Hun" fan! :cheers:

  8. I am looking for F-84F cutaway drawings online.

    Does anyone know where I can get them?

    Or, if someone has them, can you send me a scan?

    Let me know if you can help.




    I have a cutaway of the F-84, which is roughly A3 size, so I could e-mail it as two pics, which you can then join together. just e-mail me and I'll see what I can do :worship:

  9. Just a quick bit of info for you. The dayglo orange panels were introduced from about 1968 onwards, so if you build an earlier machine you won't need to paint your wing tanks. But I think they look better with orange anyway. I've even seen a picture of an F-104 with a dayglo section on a underwing tank, but that's probably a one - off.Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

  10. I agree with PeepingBear. While serving in the RAF during the seventies I got to see many German F-104s, and as far as I recall they were all Weissaluminium underneath. I even have some close-up photos of aircraft from JaboG 32 to confirm this. I guess the confusion comes from the fact that in certain photos the underside can look like light grey, but I'm pretty sure that RAL 9006 is the correct colour, possibly 'toned down' for scale effect. :woot.gif:

  11. I agree with Harold . . . modern jets are fine, provided you like grey paint! the older aircraft have more character, in my opinion. i particularly have a fondness for the F-100 as i live not far from their old base at Wethersfield, in fact the first photo [56-3979] is an ex 20th. TFW machine. :woot.gif: :P

  12. Another thing that might be of interest is that certain FGR 2's had the facility to enable a second control column to be fitted in the rear cockpit as and when required. When I worked on 17 squadron Phantoms in Germany [1971-74] we had two or three with this capability. XT901 was one, and if memory serves then XV397 was another.

    Hope this is of interest to you.


  13. Another book you might consider is the Airdoc publication No. 8 which details the RF-4E in Bundesluftwaffe service. I know it's about German RF-4s, but it has some excellent photos and markings details.


  14. Here are some pics of my 1/32 scale Hasegawa F-104G, which I made some time ago. I was particularly pleased with the way it turned out, as apart from the "Rescue" arrows, ejection seat triangles, fuel filler point and fin flash all the markings were made by me.

    The ejection seat is a white metal seat from the German firm Peddinghaus, which I bought about fifteen years ago! Now, of course I have a new resin seat from AMS, and I'm just waiting for the Astra decals set to make another one! By the way, did I say I LOVE F-104s?

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.





  15. Title says it: I'd like a short review of this book.

    I have the old D&S book on the Super Sabre, the question is: Is the recent WA-title worth buying, in other words: Does it offer lots of good detail pictures?



    I've recently bought the walkaround book, and I can recommend it. The photos are worth having, plus it does have some nice drawings of various weapons that were carried by the "Hun". Also, there are some good colour profiles towards the back of the book. If, like me you are a big fan of the F-100 this book is worth buying. :cheers:

  16. nice one mate!!

    what paints did you use?

    nice base as well.


    Hi Richard,

    As far as I can recall I used Xtracolor for the rear end, but I'm not sure about the aluminium colour . . .I built this model about ten years ago so the old memory fails me sometimes! I found the Xtracolor with various shades of brown and copper, coupled with pastels for shading gave me the desired effect on the rear fuselage.

    When the F-100's of the 20th. TFW were based at Wethersfield the rear panels had not dis-coloured to the extent seen on later F-100's, and that's how I remember them when I watched from the perimeter fence during school holidays. . .Ah . .Happy days! :thumbsup::cheers:

  17. Here are some photos of my Monogram 1/48 F-100D in the markings of the 20th.TFW. This is one of my favourite models, as I made the small stencilling and unit flash and wing emblem myself, as there were not any accurate decals available at the time. comparing this kit with the new Trumpeter model I think the Monogram kit is the more accurate, although I've only seen the Trumpeter kit in photos.

    I'd be interested to hear what other modellers think.






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