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  1. I'm about to start decalling my 1/48 scale CF-104, which I have painted in the overall green scheme of the early 70s. The model will represent a machine of 439 sqdn. based at Baden-Sollingen in 1974. Can anyone tell me if these aircraft had the full stencil details applied after being painted in this scheme, or were only certain markings applied?

    I have a decal sheet which has a full set of stencils, but I'm not sure how far to go! Can anyone help, please ?


  2. Anyone have a photo (or a link to one) of the F-4M's starboard rear cockpit area?

    Just in the process of building a Hasegawa FGR2 and I'd kinda like to get the details right, but pictures are kinda rare, and as you'll know, there's a whole lot of junk in there to replicate!

    I have a copy of the Verlinden "Lock-On" book covering the F-4M {Or FGR 2, as us old Phantom Phixers used to call her!} If you can get in touch with me via the forum I can e-mail the photos to you. I'm not quite sure how you do it, but I'm sure there is a way. I've tried uploading pics to the site, but for whatever reason it does'nt seem to work!

  3. Yes Sean explained this to me earlier, it is very apparent now. About the c/l pylon, does Hasegawa's 1/48 scale kit depict this very well? It is part D9 I believe. I wanted to hang something there, like one of Belcher's nukes, but dry fitting seams to suggest it doesn't fit too well. I can make it work, but perhaps the pylon is not correct?



    I'm building a CF-104 with the centreline pylon, and if you are careful with fitting and cleaning up the main gear centre section the pylon will fit OK. also, the pylon is a pretty good representation of the real thing, so no worries there.


  4. I am looking for some good two-seat cockpit pictures, in particular, the area behind the front ejection seat. Went thru the walkarounds on this site and have been thru a couple of books ( D & S one of them ) and I can't find what I am looking for.



    If you can get hold of the Verlinden "Lock On" publication it has some good close ups of a TF-104 cockpit showing the area you are interested in . . .hope this helps.


  5. Hey gents, I am needing some good detail shots of the area where the mid-canopy support bar goes.Specifically,the BACK of the WSO's IP..... I found this at Strike Eagle.com,but it's not quite good enough....


    Here is a pic of the Avionix part that should help describe what I am in search of...


    What I would like to see is the area that is being pointed out on the resin part.Is this the area where the wiring for the WSO's IP exits? I fit is, I have a way to scratchbuild the bundles of wiring.I just need confirmation before I proceed any further...Any help is greatly appreciated....

    If you can get hold of a copy of Verlinden's "lock-On" No.22 there are two good photos of the area in question on page 28. Also, it has many excellent close up pics of the F-15E . . .hope this helps.


  6. I wonder if anyone else has noticed a small problem with this kit . . .namely the fit of the flaps, ailerons and rudder? It's fine to have seperate control surfaces, for "posing"etc. but I have found that all three seem to have a smaller thickness than the wing and fuselage. this means that if you align the flaps and ailerons with the upper surface of the wing you have a nasty "step" in the underside !

    Does anyone have any ideas how to get round this? This is the third F-104 I've built, and they all had the same problem, so I'm thinking it must be the kit and not me! Also, as a minor point, Hasegawa seem to have gone a bit overboard with their surface detailing, especially with their "raised" panels on the fin . . I remember F-104s being mostly flush riveted with flush inspection panels, etc. I'm not knocking the kit, as basically it's an excellent model, but I just wondered if anyone else had noticed these points?


  7. Withy regard to the re-engining of German F-104s I was on armament practice camp with Phantom FGR 2s of 17 squadron between 1972-74 at Decimomannu and I well remember the distinctive howl of the F-104s during that period! It would seem that the re-engining of these airplanes must have taken sometime to complete, so It's probably best to check any photos you might have before building.

    Having said that, most of the TF-104Gs pictured in the F40 publication have the later jet nozzle! Hope this of some help.



  8. I'm about to build the Hasegawa 1/48 scale Starfighter as a CAF CF-104 in the "wraparound" scheme of dark green from the early 70's. The problem is I'm not sure of the correct shade to use, and every reference I have advises a different FS colour equivalent ! As far as I can remember they were not dissimilar to FS 34102 . . .at least the ones which visited Bruggen, where I was stationed in 1973, seemed to be. I would be most grateful if anyone could shed any light on this subject for me.

  9. Hooter:

    I almost always use enamel/lacquer paints for my modles (Model Maste and Xtracolor), but I switched over to using acrylics for my clear coats several years ago. These seem to work much better thasn the enamel clear coats for me. My favorite is PollyS Satin coat. This does seem to dry with a slight gloss that looks good in-scale.

    Have fun modeling!


    Many thanks for that, Mike . . .I'll let you know how I get on !


  10. I'm about to start building a 1/48 scale TF-104G in Bundesluftwaffe colours, but i'm having trouble finding a satin varnish which gives the correct "sheen". I've tried Humbrol satincote, but it seems to dry too matt for the scheme I'm doing. German Starfighters had quite a shine to their finish, although it was obviously not gloss!

    Can anyone recommend a particular brand to airbrush, preferably enamel, as I don't get on very well with acrylics?


  11. Here is a mockup of the 200 gallon tanks I am doing for the Trumpeter F-100.


    It will be finished sometime next week. (I hope)

    I have the mock up of the 450 gallon ferry tank in the works. BUT, that is a huge tank. I will be working on a hollow tank on that one for sure.



    Excellent work, Harold . . .I can't wait for the 450 gallon tanks, as my model will be a 20th. TFW machine, which carried these more or less as "standard" :D :)

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