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  1. RubberMaid used to have a plastic Lazy Susan Turntable that would be about perfect for a 1/72nd or 1/48th scale F-117. It is already flat, has a chassis underneath to allow manual rotation (that part could be removed if you wish) and there is enough room underneath to run your wiring for the lights. Link to an image showing a double-stack version that can be separated into two individual surfaces, one with the rotation feature and the other without the rotation feature: Rubbermaid Double JB1 2709 Lazy Susan Turntable 10.5" Round Almond The RubberMaid plastic does hold paint and glue.
  2. If you really, really, REALLY need that Mk13 Torpedo from the Trumpeter TBF/TBM kit there is a seller at e[vil]Bay that has that parts tree available. Link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/304055735857?hash=item46cb225631:g:l0sAAOSwjElgajm0
  3. Price was around ~$6.00 when I purchased that kit in 1978-1979.
  4. PDF download available at this link:------> https://www.scalemates.com/kits/pro-modeler-85-5928-b-17g-flying-fortress--187961
  5. The tanks in the image shared in the original post are the same or very similar to the large ferry tanks used by some models of the F-86 Sabre and were also seen on the USAF Sikorsky HH-3 'Jolly Green Giant' CSAR helicopters.
  6. Absolutely! Plus all of the not related to modeling merchandise that Squadron/MMD was flogging to the customers like key chains, clothing, hats, etc. The kind of merchandise you would normally see in a tourist gift shop.
  7. Verlinden used to have a resin set that included some kind of yellow box for ground power and air-conditioning/air-start service in 1:48 scale. Product name: Verliden Productions (286) 1/48 - NAS Flight Line Equipment More information at ScaleMates.com > https://www.scalemates.com/kits/verlinden-productions-286-nas-flight-line-equipment--968373
  8. Are you familiar with the resin propeller set from QuickBoost that is intended as replacement parts for the Kinetic E-2 Hawkeye and C-2 Greyhound? Link to product information: ScaleMates > QuickBoost > Resin 1/48 replacement 4-Blade Propellers for E-2 Hawkeye and C-2 Greyhound
  9. Academy produced an SB-17G kit several years ago. Link to ScaleMates page on the subject:------> https://www.scalemates.com/kits/academy-2165-boeing-sb-17-air-rescue-service--107417
  10. You will get better "visibility" for your issue by posting to: "The Spares Box - Add Scale To Your Title" forum at this link: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/forum/22-the-spares-box-add-scale-to-your-title/
  11. Just checked the Modelsvit web page and nothing to be seen regarding this kit. 😞
  12. It is a crap shoot when it comes to finding a copy of the instructions. Nothing on eBay or other sites. There is a pdf file available to download for the A-10A Thunderbolt II but not the A-10 N/AW version. Link: Scalemates > Trumpeter 02214 1/32 A-10A Thunderbolt II If you wish, you could try using the HobbyBoss A-10 N/AW instructions as a guide for the cockpit details. Link: ScaleMates > HobbyBoss 80324 1/48 N/AW A-10 Thunderbolt II I included the HobbyBoss link since it is very similar to the larger Trumpeter kit in layout and such.
  13. PDF File download at this link: ScaleMates.com Hawk Models (HL410/12) 1:48th scale Westland Lysander Mk.II
  14. I noticed over the years that many of the items listed in the eStore were adorned with the caveat "Available To Order" which to me was a bad sign as the merchandise was not in stock and available for immediate purchase. While it could have been a source of supply issue that did not bear out as many of the competing eStores did have the merchandise in stock and ready to sell.
  15. @YF65_CH53E - It is always nice to see a topic revival. Especially this one. Your input is most appreciated! 🙂
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