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  1. Bump. Airfix Valiant part has been acquired. Refined parts request to what is stated in OP title. Thank you Bill P. for providing the Valiant Clear part!
  2. A follow-up to the above post. I now know why I am missing the clear parts from the first four Warthog kits that I acquired several years ago. The recent delivery of two NIB Revell Warthog kits from an on-line retailer highlights my own ignorance with regards to the kit contents. Revell packaged the Warthog kit in a series of sealed bags for the majority of the small parts and the larger parts were held in place on two vacu-formed clear plastic support frames (for lack of a better description). These two support frames supported the body, chassis, and two additional parts whi
  3. Nope, does not help :) I forgot to mention in my previous post that I have the Revell Snap-Tite Warthog. I purchased four of the things, gave away the stupid noise making-flashing light things that were included in the kit to a friend for her son. Then I discovered later on when I started to build the things (or should I say assemble) that all four kits are missing the clear parts. Still waiting for Revell to reply.
  4. Topic Revival! Does anyone familiar with the HALO models know of any that are close to or 1/48th scale? Especially interested in a 1/48th (or close to 1/48th) scale Warthog vehicle. The few Warthogs that I have found on-line all look interesting but in every one of these the scale has not been provided.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion but that is a lot of camera windows to deal with. The CLEAR part in the original Airfix Valiant kit is excess due to the camera bay cover/door not being included in the kit. I would prefer the original kit part from Airfix Valiant kit if at all possible.
  6. Still looking for that excess camera bay part from the Airfix Vickers Valiant kit. Bueller? Anyone?
  7. A very long time ago there was a company called High Flight Replicas that produced this weapon in 1/48th scale. ScaleMates.com product page link: High Flight Replicas (HF-4826) 1:48th scale - GBU-28 Bunker Buster Bombs (set of 2 X GBU-28)
  8. I would like to acquire the clear part from the Airfix Valiant kit that features the camera windows for the bomb bay camera option. Recently acquired the Airfix accessory kit that contains the aerial refueling hose/drogue IFR equipment and the bomb bay camera component to replace the bomb bay doors. This request has been fulfilled. I am also looking for any spare 1/48th scale stores pylons for the F-100 Super Sabre (Monogram, Trumpeter), F-86 Sabre (Esci/Italeri, Hasegawa, Academy, Monogram/Revell) and FJ Fury (Grand Phoenix, HobbyBoss). Thanks for looking.
  9. @Titan - eMail sent regarding Osorio and Dragon Wagon.
  10. Someone living near Torrance, CA has one listed at eBay but the price will bring tears to your eyes and your wallet will hate you. Link: eBay > Airfix 1/48 Merlin HC.3
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