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  1. @YF65_CH53E - It is always nice to see a topic revival. Especially this one. Your input is most appreciated! 🙂
  2. Have you checked e[vile]Bay? There are a number of sellers that specialize in selling just parts runners (aka Sprues) from various model kits. I just picked up the 1:25th scale snowmobile from the Revell Jeep Honcho kit for a decent price with shipping.
  3. That would look right at home in the Avatar movie flying around Pandora.
  4. The runner containing the "gunship" bits appears to be the same runner included in the ScaleMates > Italeri > 2772 H-34A Pirate / UH-34D USMC kit.
  5. I have a pdf copy of the Testors'/Italeri kit instructions that I can share with you via eMail. PM sent to establish electronic correspondence so it is in your court.
  6. There is now a 3D printed conversion now available at [url=https://www.shapeways.com/]ShapeWays[/url] to build the third and final version of the USS Parche (SSN-683) with the hull extension at this link: [url=http://shpws.me/RDuD]ShapeWays > Mulsanne's Model Corner > USS Parche SSN-683 Special Ops version 1/350th scale[/url]
  7. Have you checked to see if it is available at Shapeways.com?
  8. 48th scale AJ Savage is definitely long overdue! It would be nice to see an actual 1/48th scale F-86A Sabre and F-86H Sabre to help fill in the gaps.
  9. The plastic bits from the kit from anyone that has decided to use the metal gear from SAC. One of my 1:48th scale V-22 Osprey kits has broken axles on the MLG and that is something that can not be simply fixed with CA or plastic glue. Willing to purchase said item for a reasonable price if the parts are spare to your own needs. TIA ***I did try to contact Italeri through their web page but never received a response which is why I am now asking for help here from this forum.
  10. Your search results may vary. My original search on the AN/APS-4 Radar was about fifteen years ago and the search algorithms used by Google have been changed since. Fortunately the same search more recently and again, without restrictions did not produce the same image search results with the young lady abusing the octopus 🙂
  11. I would rather see a 1:48th scale [1:32nd too] F-86H instead of another F-86E
  12. One of the first images displayed in the Google search results for the AN/APS-4 Radar introduced me to "cross species erotica" showing a very nude woman shoving an octopus in to her nether regions. Certainlyan eye-opening moment and I do hope the poor octopus survived the encounter.
  13. That is an EH-60 Blackhawk in the image. The antennae along the sides of the fuselage are the key feature for that variant.
  14. The paddle blade Hamilton Standard propellers would suggest a Canadian built Mosquito.
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