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  1. According to the Kevin Coyne's Ejection Site the Douglas ESCAPC was used in some models of the B-57 Canberra. There are several companies that offer this seat in resin for 1:48th scale models. Not sure about 1:72nd scale as that is not a scale I usually work in.
  2. Currently available at this eStore: ------> ITA2680 - Italeri 1/48 HH-60H Seahawk
  3. This is yet another reason why we need a 1:48th scale AJ Savage in injection moulded plastic.
  4. Inquiry via the ModelCollect web site resulted in this reply back to my eMail address:
  5. ScaleMates page for the Modelcollect A-12 Avenger II says 2020 release date (no further information) for this kit. Anyone have anything to add on when this kit will be available?
  6. Someone is trying to sell their kit through ScaleMates.com at this link: ScaleMates.com > Academy 2162 1:48th scale F-86F-30 Sabre Scroll down to the part that says "Market Place" for the name of the person to contact
  7. Now all we need is a 463L Cargo Pallet loaded with toilet paper in all the popular scales...
  8. You can download a PDF copy of the kit instructions from ScaleMates at this link on their page for the kit information: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/academy-12209-ch-53e-super-stallion-us-marines-version--104357 Scroll down until you see the green box with white letters "Download | 10024Kb (.pdf)"
  9. Dear Moderators/Central Scrutinizers My question has been answered and there is no further need to take up forum space with this post.
  10. Bump one last time. Also, I just purchased two F-100 kits (1 X F-100D and 1 X F-100F) but would still like to acquire additional stores pylons to try and spruce up my old Monogram F-100D kits.
  11. Sorry, I only have a couple of plain vanilla Mk.84 shapes left out of the Haswgawa weapons set, not enough to share though. I sent most of what I had to a guy in the UK for his project. SprueBrothers is having a 20% off Eduard products this weekend and they have the 48th scale Mk.84 listed and in stock. It is a much nicer model of the Mk.84 and includes nose plug and fuze extension bits.
  12. which version since there are two variants of the GBU-31? Mk.84 or BLU-109 version?
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