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  1. Precision guided weed-whacking? Global War on Weeds?
  2. Old tooling, new box: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03902-consolidated-pby-5a-catalina--1119687
  3. Revell tool Eurofighter Typhoon or the Italeri tool Eurofighter in a Revell box?
  4. The images included with the CyberModeler kit review show two different types of Zero Length Launch stubs for the 5.0" HVAR weapons. Is there an explanation for the two different types of ZLL included in the kit assembly instructions?
  5. Have you checked Barracuda Studios? http://barracudacals.com/index.php BR48047 Seafire FR. 47 Contra Prop Blades
  6. I purchased the same items last year which is why shared the link. I was very pleased with the details on the SDVs and the DDS and are just as nice as the DDS bits provided in the DML Ohio SSGN kit.
  7. @Alvis 3.1 - Congratulations on surviving this whole mess and the move to a new location.
  8. There is a guy on Shapeways that offers the DDS in two versions (open or closed) plus the SDV and ASDS in 1:350th scale. Link to the 1:350th scale submarine bits and conversions where you can find these items: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mulsannescorner?section=1%2F350+Submarines&s=0
  9. @RCAF*100 - If still available, I would like to acquire the following items from you: 1:32 Unguided rocket pods, 2x7 rockets each (assembled, not painted) AIM-9S Sidewinder (x4) 1:48 A-10A centreline fuel tank (no pylon) Pair of wing tanks, possibly for AV-8B (assembled, not painted) AV-8B ventral gun pods (pair) SUU-30A/B cluster bomb dispensers (x8) w/ individual pylons BLU-27 Napalm (x2) (no pylons) 1:72 AGM-78 Standard ARM (x2) w/ pylons I do not have PayPal so this may be an obstacle to this transaction. Also, U.S.A. address zip 98383.
  10. @rcaf*100 - Thanks, The plan is apply improvements to the Monogram 1/48th scale F-86 and F-100. The stores pylons provided are a bit soft on details or nonexistant in the case of the Sidewinder launch rail/pylon. As for the F-100, the inboard pylons are configured for the AGM-12 Bullpup missile and are not simply a matter of cutting away the little bit on the bottom of the pylon to create a bomb rack. Also the upside down "Y" shape twin Sidewinder and central fuselage stores pylon pylon would be a nice improvement to the Monogram F-100.
  11. Something that might be of use for your project from the following links:
  12. Glad to be of assistance. The Trumpeter and Italeri LCM-3 kits address that gun mount differently. One in PE and the other in plastic.
  13. A similar RFI was posted at MissingLynx forums back in 2010. You can read the comments made on this subject at this link: LCM-3 Machine Gun Mounts - https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/lcm-3-machine-gun-mounts-t92388.html
  14. Target audience is the modelers that like to build their subjects sans pylons and stores. If you are one of this group then I would like to relieve you of your burdens by outright purchase, by trade, or as a gift. I am looking for the following 1/48th scale F-86/F-100 pylon parts: From the F-86 Sabre: All stores pylons, especially those pylons intended for the AIM-9 Sidewinder AAM. From the F-100 Super Sabre: All stores pylons, especially the inverted "Y" shape inboard pylons for the AIM-9 Sidewinder AAM and the center (under the fuselage) pylon. Trade, purchase, gift.
  15. No idea on the differences between the "early" vs "late" versions of the Wyvern so if that does not matter to you there is a zip file of the instructions for Trumpeter's "late version" Wyvern (kit number 02820) available from this link at Ludwig's Modeler's Library: http://www.cavallar.ch/model/data/_trumpeter_48.php (fifth down from the top of the page). Link to Ludwig's Modeler's Library home page: http://www.cavallar.ch/model/
  16. There is a zip file containing the Trumpeter BMP-1 instructions at this site: Ludwig's Modeler's Library - http://www.cavallar.ch/model/ The instructions are located in the Trumpeter folder, you will need to scroll down to to the bottom of the page containing the Trumpeter kit list of instructions for 1:35th scale kits. Look for kit number 05555 or 05556.
  17. No, those are supposed to represent the British 3.0" RP (RP = Rocket Projectile) with a solid shot warhead. Intended for use against submarines and surface ships. More details and history of this weapon can be found at this Wikipedia link: Wikipedia > RP-3 - British 3-inch rocket projectile CMK sells a set of 1:72nd scale 5.0"/127mm HVAR shapes at this link: CMK Homepage » Detail sets / accessories » 129-7217 (1/72) HVAR Rockets 5 inch (12 pcs)
  18. Eduard currently offers the 5.0"/127mm HVAR only in 1:48th scale. In 1/72nd scale Eduard has the FFAR Rockets available: 672145 FFAR Rockets 1/72nd scale
  19. There is a 1/35th scale 7.62mm Chain Gun included with the Tamiya HMMWV kit listed as #35143, HUMMER with M242 25mm Bushmaster mounted on the roof . The 7.62mm Chain Gun 'shape' is mounted on top of the larger M242 25mm weapon. Not much to look at but it gives you an appreciation of the size difference between the two gun systems.
  20. Anybody know why Squadron/True Details discontinued the resin 1:48th scale AIM-26 Falcon? I asked Squadron about it a couple of years ago and never got an answer from them or reason for the decision to discontinue the item.
  21. Shapeways has a 3D Printed pair of AIM-26 Falcon AAM can be found at this link: http://shpws.me/P3vC Price is reasonable and the person that created the 3D model is quite talented. More of his models can be found at this link: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ranchoth
  22. PDF file ready for download via this link to the Revell Germany download area: (04948) 1/32nd scale H145M LUH KSK https://stage.revell.de/fileadmin/import/images/bau/04948_%23BAU_H145M_LUH_KSK_LOW.PDF Link to Revell Germany: https://www.revell.de/ Link to Revell Germany Download Area: https://stage.revell.de/en/service/download-area.html
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