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  1. Sorry, I only have a couple of plain vanilla Mk.84 shapes left out of the Haswgawa weapons set, not enough to share though. I sent most of what I had to a guy in the UK for his project. SprueBrothers is having a 20% off Eduard products this weekend and they have the 48th scale Mk.84 listed and in stock. It is a much nicer model of the Mk.84 and includes nose plug and fuze extension bits.
  2. which version since there are two variants of the GBU-31? Mk.84 or BLU-109 version?
  3. zBump! Still looking for stores pylons for the F-100 Super Sabre and F-86 Sabre.
  4. No idea, he was on a roll for a while there with a lot of work done and I was really hoping he would have it done and painted by now.
  5. AFV Club is using a catchy phrase for their clear canopy bits. It means nothing with regards to some code word program or operation and more with a simplified question/answer [do you] "Have Glass"[?]/[we] "Have Glass." A bit of "Mad Men" advertising from the looks of it.
  6. I did a quick search and it shows that kit as having the bomber nose and NOT the strafer version (armed with the 8X.50"BMG nose)
  7. My house is one mile/1.6km from the main road. There is no "turn around" for the USPS Minion vehicle so they will not deliver to my residence or to any of my neighbors on the shared access road. I am not alone in this predicament as all of my neighbors are subject to the same stupid policy. We have a big metal community mail box on the main road where the USPS Minion does deliver to and a large rural delivery mail box for some packages. The down side to this is thievery as we have some meth fans in the neighborhood that love to go around taking things out of mail boxes. Yeah, this is quite irritating to deal with but Big Mail is just getting bigger and less effective each year. Now with the recent hike in postage we are getting more than just the tip (if you know what I mean) without a complimentary kiss on the cheek or the courtesy of a reach around. Most of my on-line purchases usually involve UPS or FedEx but in the case of those wankerz at Amazon you are betting against the odds of ever seeing your purchase getting delivered by anyone other than USPS so I have to drive in to town to pick up my package. So much for trying to reduce my carbon footprint.
  8. B-25J gun nose or bomber nose? Dooooooohh!!! Google is my friend,
  9. The USPS will not deliver to my residence because I am more than 400 metres/one-quarter mile from the main road. So, yeah, the USPS SUCKS!
  10. Any progress to be shared? It has been almost ten years since we have heard anything on this project. 🙂
  11. Sticking with the one scale gives you the advantage of realizing what works and what fails when it comes to small details and painting of the subject. My own interest in the Revell Type 143/143A kits was for the details as I wanted to scale up the old (very old) Revell USS Defiance kit which is in one of those odd box scales (1:130[ish]) and being close enough to 1:144th it would be an easy "make over" of the old Revell kit. I wanted a modern 76mm Mk75 OtoMelera at the bow and stern for one version and for the second I am hoping to put the RAM CIWS system at the stern. I did manage to find some 3D printed 1:144th scale Harpoon launch tubes at Shapeways but finding a logical spot on the USS Defiance hull for the Harpoon tubes has been a challenge. Just wish I could find some decent twin-fifty mounts for the Defiance that have close to scale barrels.
  12. Still have two of those MicroScale kits and really looking forward to seeing this kit available. The sooner the better.
  13. Revell did offer a couple of other 1:144th scale ship model kits including a pair of German Navy Fast Attack Missile boats armed with guns and missiles. Being the same scale as your Fletcher might be useful for you in gaining some additional experience with building in that scale and the kit prices was not unreasonable last time I purchased one. The two versions based on the same hull design are the Albatross Class Type 143 and the Gepard Class Type 143A. Aside from some slight differences in the superstructure the main visual differences are the Albatross class is armed with two 76mm guns (fore and aft) and four Exocet anti-ship missiles while the Gepard class is armed with one 76mm gun, four Exocet anti-ship missiles, and a RAM CIWS system at the stern. Additional information on both kits can be found at the following ScaleMates.com links: Revell (05148) 1:144th scale Fast Attack Craft Albatros Class 143 Revell (05005) 1:144th scale Schnellboot Fast Attack Boat Gepard-Klasse 143 A
  14. In addition to the two sources you have listed there is also the 1:48th scale Lindberg Snark missile kit that included a CLETRAC in the kit.
  15. Have you attempted to contact Eduard? Link: https://www.eduard.com/support/?cur=2
  16. The instructions for the Testors' branded Gates Learjet 24 are available at this link: http://www.cavallar.ch/model/data/_testors.php Main page for the link: http://www.cavallar.ch/model/
  17. Thank you all for the thread revival. 🙂 My original inquiry on this was to establish whether or not skis were actually necessary for the Sea King after seeing the CH-47 and H-60 equipped with skis. TA!
  18. I am interested knowing more about this seat. Who made the seat and the model number/nomenclature given to it. Anyone out there have that information to share? All I have found is some mention of it being zero-zero capable and that certainly does not help very much. The ejection seat site has no mention of the AirGeep and seat. TIA,
  19. You might want to try your luck at the vendor tables at the Chattanooga ModelCon on January 10, 2020
  20. The Revell EA-6A Intruder kit includes a pair of ALE type pods. Not sure which type but there are two included.
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