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  1. Dude, where did I mention I'm stressed or if I'd buy or not the kit? Or did I ever say angrily foaming at my mouth "IT'S UNBUILDABLE!!!!!"? I'm merely helping pointing out that error. It's up to each individual's judgement what they take from that information.
  2. I see what Nino was referring to and yes the kink was placed in the wrong spot like the Su-35. On one hand he should have explained better without going down throwing insults and questioning people's intelligence or going on angry rants like the other threads. Here's an edited photo explaining the problem better. Basically GWH placed the kink on what should be still flat surface. Yes the kink in the su-35 and now su-27ub plastic is hidden by that wheel well door fence thingy but still wrong place. The real thing the kink should be along the wingroot strenghtening plate, which also justifies the kink on the flaps that's on the same spot if you follow that line.
  3. The more you talk the more you sound like someone living in a 1st World Country talking about 1st World problems, ignoring the rest of the world and how some people in other non privileged countries have to deal with these problems. Where I live there aren't any official channels for most of the brands. Only ones are Tamiya, Italeri and Zvezda and then they go through another distributor Tamiya USA in the former or the main company but that's twice a year on shipping containers for the later. So you can see how long it takes for them to get any response to defective products even from official channels. Then most local stores import their stuff from a 3rd party distributor from USA, Europe, Asia, etc and so on. And don't expect to get any of the novelties soon. So, most of the time if you get something defective from a store they either refund you, replace it with the same product if they have it available, or pray they get it from their distributor half a year later. But in today's age a lot of modellers buy their kits from overseas either by themselves, group purchases or buy from other people who import models for sale specially for the new releases. Then there's the shitty postal service where a lot of stuff gets lost so, getting replacement parts that should have been included in the box sent in small package without tracking is a coin toss. So comparing GWH null after sale service and KH where most of the time something is not right with the kit and in my own experience so far. 4 GWH 1/48 Su-35 kits, no problems 2 GWH 1/48 Su-35 w/ Ground weapons, no problems 2 GWH 1/48 F-15E and I, no problems. 2 GWH 1/72 F-15I no problems. 4 KH Yak-130, 4 out of 4 decals are unusable because they decided to goof the decals and they haven't fixed it yet or haven't heard back from them if they'd get a correction sheet out. In the end got rid of them and warned the buyer they'd need to purchase an aftermarket sheet from begemot. 2 KH Su-27, 2 out of 2 no center windshield. I'll try to get the replacement parts from Sophia, but if previously it was a coin toss even if paying extra for tracked shipping, with the current Coronavirus situation it's even worse. And shouldn't be paying FedEx, DHL or even tracked air mail for their own mistakes. I also have a couple KH Su-34 and Su-17/22 and although they have problems the former minor and the later are fixable. Even if one day I'd get a GWH kit without a clear sprue, it'd still be less in numbers and $ compared to all the KH kits I've had problems with , I'd pick GWH over KH any day. Knowing KH history of problems, whenever there are group purchases among fellow modellers for KH's latest novelty in my case when it's my turn I give a warning that I'm not responsible for KH's mistakes and they should know better for blindly buying their kits in the initial release. BTW, Thanks for singling me out for saying purchasing another kit is a shitty solution, but buying another kit is still a sh!tty solution, not a positive solution. Yes, the correct windshield is included in their other kits, which is a indication they have the part. Which is a easy fix for them, they can send the replacement and if they got the memo, include it in their single seater boxing from now on. Not so with the Yak-130 I bought. But it shouldn't be like that and I'll quote you: Well, if they did their homework in the design and packaging planning stage they would not need to wait till they started sales to get the message they messed up another kit again. You want positive solutions? I'll give you one we gonna do with it and since we live in a country where getting replacement parts was hard prior to the virus. Another fellow modeller also bought the 27UB and 30MK, he'll let me borrow the clear parts to make copies in clear resin and distribute among those who bought the single seater. And if you are gonna come at me that I'm vocal about KH's mistakes, people should be vocal about their mistakes. OTOH, I won't say anything bad about their Su-34, in fact I recommend it over the Hobbyboss one. Even the Su-17 I say the KH one is the lesser of two evils, depending the viewpoint of accuracy or what can be fixed or not.
  4. And that's why people are posting their opinion. Or reposting some photos and pointing out the comments on the chinese sites about these mistakes as I did previously on the thread so people are informed of the issues with the kit. SO they can make their judgement if the kit is worth their time and/or money. Sure, go buy your KH kit blindly expecting it to have no issues and turns out you can't build the vanilla Su-27 option because they didn't include the correct clear part which isn't an easy fix, unless you consider buying another kit an easy fix.. Sure, stay silent and don't point out their damn stupid mistakes for other people to know? Is that what you want everyone else to do? One way for them to change is people voting with their wallets, but that again involves people being informed of such mistakes, not staying silent and not criticizing them for their pretty lengthy history of stupid goofs. OTOH I'd hope if KH get enough people requesting the damned clear part because they didn't include it, they'll realize they #$@#d up another kit and at least try to fix it by including it from now on.
  5. Just like their sh!tty design, a sh!tty solution. If I'm not mistaken by the sprues, you need the MK to have both windshields, you'd use the extra center irst windshield on your Su-27 and the right mounted IRST windshield with your MK. You couldn't use the UB since you'd still need the center mounted IRST windshield for you UB, duh! I can't fathom the oversight of placing the center mounted IRST windshield only on the twin-seater canopy sprue...
  6. http://www.mr-hobby.com/en/itemDetail.php?iId=2885 Mr Color 393 for Eggplant color If you live in Japan as your profile says, you might have better luck getting that Gunze Mr. color locally than Akan or MRP as people suggest.
  7. Thought it was posted here, but it was in the other KH Su-27 Thread: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6768839715
  8. From the Baidu thread with the sprue shots, they are already pointing out a few problems with the kit. First the F sprue has parts for both types of IRST, center and right side mounted ones, but the only windshield part included is for the right side one which can't be used for the center mount IRST since it has a cut out on it. They don't include another windshield. Second and it's a Mr. Song level of stupid mistake. The left intake part where there should be a curve for the intake ramp/wheel well depression it's straight. It's not unbuildable per se, you only need to do some surgery with an x-acto but it's shouldn't be a mistake that would end up in a final product.
  9. If you aren't aware of the recent news. We're in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Many countries have delays in the postal services and even no service to some countries because of restrictions to international flights. If you add the processing time, your package has been in transit for just over a month. Some known modeling online shops have shutdown their stores because people like you can't wait for their stuff and ask for refunds within the month. And suddenly some time later the package appears on your front porch. Free models for you but that represents a loss for the retailer and multiply it by dozens, hundreds, thousands doing the same and that doesn't help the current economic situation of shops and their limited income during the lock down. As for how long it took me to get a package from China? I ordered it from I am a spammer, please report this post. during lunar new year (early feb.). Lockdown came. Seller couldn't ship till mid march. Then it had been sitting at the chinese post service till mid May when it resumed moving again and was shipped out from China. I got my package in early June. If you want another example closer to ukraine. I ordered two packages from Russia, one for Temp models resin details and one for the recently released zvezda kits from another shop both in early march. Packages from Russia take longer to be sent overseas because they go through several processing centers and custom checks before they're released to be shipped overseas, mine were supposed to have left Russian in mid march . A couple of days made all the difference between getting the Temp models resins a month and a half later and the other still sitting in Moscow to this day. Also packages from Russia usually transit through Germany or France, the Temp models package went through France, and by a hair's breath it didn't end up stuck there when they locked down.
  10. Their sets are designed to be drop fit in most cases with just minor or simple surgery. The minus points are complete lack of instructions even in their most complex sets. Your only guide are the photos on the box and site. The packaging, flimsy cardboard boxes and a few packing peanuts lead to shipping damage. Also whoever is doing their casting needs to do a better job. So far 1/48 AH-64 full detail set - bubbles everywhere including the very thin doors/covers, was a PITA to fill. Turbine had a few chunks of missing detail from broken old mold. AH-1 - No major problems, a couple of bubbles on the doors. 1/72 A-10 Turbine. Bubbles on the fan cone and some other parts. Their bad packaging lead to the ring just aft of the fan blades to be all broken. Mi-24 engine. This one was the worst, seems the mold was on its last legs. The inside of the exhaust and prop shaft area has missing details or rather filled with chunks of resin, most likely from a broken mold. Bubbles in some prominent areas. Another area has thinned and broken walls from too old or deformed mold. Mi-28 turbine. Had one big bubble on the thin cover panel. Ka-52 and CH-53 detail sets. No problems. They're really nice if you get a good unbroken set.
  11. Here's a build of the AMT kit with the Black Dog Cockpit set.
  12. It was dmold, iirc Rhino's Hornet intakes were accused of being copies and his evidence was showing photos of some alleged scratches and mold defects on the same places. And then some years later the same drama-llama started again when xmold came out with their intakes, many completely different products or subjects. Dmold accused them of copying the F-4 phantom intakes. For anyone who has both, they're quite different. In xmold defense the full story came down to them being former roommates and dimitry teaching alexander how to make them before both started their own businesses separately.
  13. I don't see his point either. Because it does matter if it's an in-house Eduard mold or a rebox from another company. With their own kits you can expect at least a certain level of quality. With reboxes it can vary from turds to well selected quality kits. Another example is their reboxes of the shitty Academy MiG-29 and Su-27 with a few resins, pe and decal to spruce up things, yet still shitty kits compared to today standards or other kits they've reboxed.
  14. And the same old god awful pylons and rails, most likely.
  15. There is a swing wing mechanism. The pieces are on the same B sprue as the wings, they're right below the B letter. Seems they don't use gears to synchronize them and seems to have only 3 notches, speculating they're for open, swept back and parked positions. They also seems to be installed first and let you slide the wings into the tab like Tamiya's after painting.
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