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  1. S I recently used their TAC2013 sheet for an 8th sq. F-2A. Mine had a few problems with the sizing of the decals. Probably the original design is for the 1/48 and downscaled for the 1/72 without crosss checking sizing with the real plastic. And in my sheet the stencils are a copy/paste from their previous samurai F-2B sheet. That created a few problems. a few of the stencils only included those for the B version like #20 and 38 strips which are much shorter. Looking at your photo, they fixed that and yours now include the correct longer 20A and 38A stencils. The tiny panel numbers sten
  2. Just a heads up. That's the old tool raised panel lines F-15, its intakes are narrower than the 'newer' recessed panel line tool.
  3. It's a KH thing. They just threw in their whole bunch of weapon sprues regardless of if they can be used/cleared on the aircraft or not and copy/paste the same weapons instructions for every russian plane kit. Their Yak-130 kit has the Kh-58ME missiles thrown in the box and on the instructions together with R-27, R-60, Kh-29, Kh-31, KAB-1500 and so on. 🙄
  4. I'd recommend you edit your post and indicate more clearly which one is the KH and which one is the HB in your photos (left or right, up or down) for those not familiar with the plane or the kits and planning to buy any of them. Only 1 out of 4 photos you mention which one is the HB. The head on one I had to go back and forth referencing the second photo's markings to make out which is which. The 3rd you mention the KH spine's problem but you don't indicate if the kit photo is the KH or HB. And the last one with 4 kits lined up, and someone not familiar with them would have a hard time disting
  5. Not by Iwata, but some chinese company named ARKHITECT and inspired by the IWATA HPCP (HP-C Plus) airbrush design.
  6. All the different adapters is one of the things still lacking the aftermarket space. AMC only has the BD3-USK-A with the pointier end. Not knowledgeable in all the adapter variations, but that rounder end/edges adapter in your photo is included in the Eduard Brassin B-8M1 rocket launcher set.
  7. Just when I bought a couple more of Hasegawa kits. The Hasegawa one is still a good kit with A and B versions in the same box in 1/72 scale. Got a few incorrect panels and limited riveting compared to the FM CADs. Lacks the niceties of modern kits like full intake trunks and better detailing in the cockpit and other areas. Can't see if FM has a full intake trunk from the CAD images, but I hope so. OTOH for a bit more than the price of a single FM kit I can buy 2 Hasegawa white box, hmmm...
  8. What he said. The Su-27 in model form isn't a tailsitter because of its shape and position of the main gear in relation to the center of gravity even from a model stand point. The other thing is, the nose gear of the vanilla Su-27 doesn't lend to a pin reinforcement, there are weak points elsewhere that will break first and can't be simply reinforced by a pin.
  9. scalemates got the weight of the UB box at 2.69 lb. while hlj list it at almost 3 lb. Far from the 1.1 lb you're expecting. The vanilla flanker shouldn't be far from the same weight.
  10. It's not like model companies have hundreds of molding machines churning out their whole catalog 24/7. They have to think what makes money for them and plan what to re-release and put on their machines. If they're molding new sci-fi and construction machines frequently then that might what's selling and making money for them. There's also the other reboxing deals and contracts in place mentioned. Like the Eduard scooters LE. There's the Hobby 2000 reboxings from which they've molded a certain number of sought after old kits like the short nose phantoms and F-111. We don't know how
  11. I was in talks with Sophia Lynm a few weeks ago to get clear parts replacement for their Su-34. She needed to check stock and get a reply. I was afraid I wouldn't get the parts after today's announcement and sent another email today to ask for an update. From her reply she said the company won't be releasing new kits in the near future. But they'll keep selling their stock for a "long" while.
  12. Here's the exception to your rule. "OHN F. KENNEDY" in the trumpyboss A-6 decals. "JOHN F. KENNEDY" in the decal placement instructions. The decal designer probably saw a photo from a single angle with the folded wing covering the J. And assumed that it said OHN. That single thing would explain what you say, lack of quality information. But then the instructions has the whole profile with the correct JOHN F. KENNEDY. What would you think? Could be the decal designer didn't give a @!#$ or request for better reference photos than the instruction design department? One would
  13. Free market competition is fine. It's the way they tend to ride someone else's coat with their announcements or reminding the public they are also working on the same subject. Like the obnoxious kid attending someone else's birthday party and reminding everyone there every few minutes that his birthday is next week.
  14. Trying to steal someone else's thunder like they've done many times before? This is the second time with Meng. Back then it was their F-102 or was it F-106 they did a presentation in a hotel hall with the kit in physical form and suddenly on Trumpyboss social media they announce the same kit with only CAD pictures Takom Maus tank, Trumpeter announces one with full interior but only CAD images. I can't remember if they had the same timing back in the day when Kinetic made the 'surprise' announcement they took over AA's Su-33 and Trumpeter announced they were working on a 1/32 and
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