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  1. From what I've read someone started the rumor allegedly saying ALL shipped Buccanneers were missing sprue G & H, but upon verification Squadron is the one receiving all the claims and looks like they're the ones that received a defective lot or batch of kits. Airfix is shipping the sprues to them. Looks like everyone else's kit is ok, including mine.
  2. You'll be waiting for an eternity then. Unless you've been living under a rock. KH closed doors last year. Rumors say Trumpyboss acquired their molds but no words on unfinished designs.
  3. Technically all those Italeri reboxed by Tamiya have always been for the Japanese market. Although with the internet and intl shipping they have appeared outside, some of the old ones due to fixed prices and fluctuating exchange rates are cheaper than the original Italeri kit. I have several of their 1/72 Su-34 and A-10 reboxes because they've been cheaper than the original Italeri box. But in this case I don't know why you'd want a more expensive 10k+ yen rebox (that's roughly $75USD +S&H from Japan, with current exchange rates) of the italeri kit when you'd find it at the same price or e
  4. They are asking for the T-10M prototypes Su-35 and Su-37. Not the already available and in service Su-35.
  5. That's Tamiya's own tool. Guess you have the wrong notion that all 1/72 scale war bird collection or the boxes with a built kit cover are Italeri reboxes.
  6. You said it yourself, sometimes you have to think if your skills are up to par to tackle some things in modeling, the same goes to dimi. This whole thread shows he has bitten more than he can chew. I'd be offending people but he should have improved his basic skills first with other kits or simple builds than trying to fix something he messed up because he doesn't have the skills for and keep throwing money away down the drain. How much money are you willing to spend for something that ends up as a learning experience? As for your KASL resin tails, as scott said big pieces of resin can warp du
  7. No, it isn't confusing. Because that genealogy box usually agregates thinly related releases or related subjects or the companies have a certain relation. But the Genealogy lines on the F-35A don't connect, you should always watch for them in scalemates. In this case the Tamiya F-35A stands alone without any line connecting it to anything else. Below that stands the Italeri F-35B relesed this same year, and a line connecting it to the Tamiya rebox of it that I already provided a photo above. Tamiya reboxes plenty of Italeri kits aircraft and armor. See my phot
  8. It isn't assumed. The Italeri F-35B is being reboxed by Tamiya to be sold in Japan for 10780 yen tax incl. in november.
  9. Another thread turning into one of those 'Hasegawa is dead', where people only count the new aircraft kit releases without taking into account all the other things they release just like Tamiya focuses most of their profits on RC and 4WD and only release an aircraft kit once in a while but with tons more hype. Hasegawa has easily twice as many cars, ships, scifi and figure new releases compared to new aircraft. Here are the new tool aircrafts prop or jet they have released since 2010 and yes they haven't released any new aircraft for the last 4 years. 1/72 F-35B 2018
  10. The brass rod is Ken's correction, which as you can see in the photo falls inbetween the two panel/rivet lines same as your reference photos. The arrow marked with pencil is what I assume is the wrong position in the original kit. Or so that's what I can see since as I don't have the 1/32 kit.
  11. At this rate they might as well make the whole plane 🤣
  12. Nope, your perception of the petals is wrong. You're clearly not zoom-in in enough and not paying attention to each of the edges/borders of each petal. It's clearly interlocked despite your game of drawing red lines. I can do better. The second pic, what you see as a illusion of being adjacent because you're only paying attention to the lateral ones visible which, which are slightly angled downwards due to the vector trust resting position making their edge/corners look adjacent. but if you zoom-in on the right side one on the bottom ones you can clearly see the edges interlo
  13. Low to zero chance the 1/32 will ever be released. They ambitiously announced a ton of projects and only really released a couple in the decade since then. They never 'released' their 1/48 F-5A anyways, iirc and according to the story molds were sold to a UK company, Tiger hobbies Limited, that showed and sold them in one Telford and never seen since then. Original F-5 by 'Tiger Hobbies' thread here:
  14. Like other people said, 1/72 is the preferred scale for the Japanese market and they already did the SG version which contains most of the parts/sprues needed for the EX. While they haven't made the SG parts or boxing in 1/48 scale.
  15. I have a story related to idiots in the government and military secrets. In my country of Pejejistan, over 15 years ago members of the current political party in power tried to pass a law banning scale models and toys related to military and emergency response vehicles. Their argument was that scales models were so accurate and probably contained secrets and weaknesses of them that organized crime, drug traffickers and terrorist would easily acquire then to study such vehicles in detail and plan strategies to attack against those used by the government back then 🙄 Yeah right, like your husk of
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