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  1. And I wonder how Trumpyboss would F-up even more the usually bad or error ridden instructions by KH?
  2. The Farewell and both Idolmaster releases included the weapons bay, I have them in my stash. The Desert Storm one also got the weapon bay sprue according to the instruction manual. The Star & Stripes one I'm not so sure, since I sold it long time ago, but based on the Scalemates timeline it was released before the GBU-27 boxing where they added the new parts. Their standard white box no matter which year re-release don't include the weapons bay and gbu-27 sprues.
  3. Are MiG-21's pylons angled downwards toward the front? If not then everything you've pointed out is just a consequence of the perspective of the renders, which are not looking perfectly straight at the front. The whole plane is very slightly angled downwards. The wing tanks and missile's fins are not lined up straight, you can see the fins at the top slightly bigger and the tank body 'round' cross-section turning into an oval hiding a bit of the bottom fins. The missile front fins are not lined with the rear ones. Also that slight downward angle would create that squarish shape from an oval/el
  4. Not the logos, a lot of the warnings and the wing walkways are only one sided. while the tail art on their F-5 kits some of the text was reversed on one side, but at least they caught that and had a correction sheet, but not the Yak-130 decals.
  5. Those products are not located in their main warehouse. They're either located in the warehouses of their subsidiary Beaver company or other distributors from which they have direct access to inventory. Hence when you order those items they charge till they are secured and moved to their main premises and the shipping calculator does not give shipping quotes for those, only real in stock products in their main warehouse.
  6. Future platforms ~ F-117 Those words should be hint as to how old that page and info is.
  7. Nope the panels are just "new decals" and they require you to scrape off the standard F-15E panel details to apply. The coamings are the same standard F-15E coamings, not the new more faceted ones for the front and shorter coaming for the WSO. Look for photos or the BAM conversion set in 1/48 to see the difference.
  8. Consumer 3d printers won't improve in resolution, they're stuck to 8k for a while. Because all consumer grade printers use modified mass produced consumer grade priced LCD screens up to 8k taken from factories that would normally end up in phones, tablets or laptops. There's no higher resolution screens of those sizes because there's no need for higher resolutions in those devices because your eyes won't perceive any higher resolution in the small screens at normal viewing distances. Even 16k or 32k resolutions are just still in the future for TVs where higher resolutions make a difference in
  9. The sketch does work for splitting bodies, either you'd already have the sketch you used to extrude those shapes or simply project the edges of the box. As you pointed out there are many differences between how solidworks and fusion 360 handle certain things. Also one mayor difference: Fusion 360 is free for personal/hobby use. Solidworks costs a pretty penny. 😉
  10. And that's pretty much what I've seen all model companies do with their scan data of the real planes. Just a gross outline and measurements to trace the sketches/profiles/cross-sections to rebuild the plane in CAD 😉
  11. Each method of manufacture have their own pro and cons. Meanwhile 3d printing on the consumer side has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last 5-6 years from 2k to 4k to 8k and some making the jump to DLPs. And we're speaking of consumer grade printers that use masking LCD technology. Most of the industrial grade printers that are in the 5-6 digits price use lasers have been available for even longer.
  12. The opel blitz truck windshield is flat enough that you'd get away with just cutting it out from clear plastic sheet. Even a lot of resin car kits get away with that. 3d printing is not the miracle tool for everything. That's one thing you learn. It not a question of if you can, but should you? My brother got that fever a few years back when he got his first FDM and printed everything in it, including screws. And knocked him back to reality asking him that. Also speaking of flat surfaces, the nature of the LCD screens used in these printers make it impossible to print a perfectly smooth f
  13. As explained by Jeffrey, clear parts coming from a 3D printer still need to be sanded, polished and dipped in clear varnish to make them optically clear and smooth. Even if it was printed in opaque resin to use them as master for making silicone molds and casting them in conventional clear resin, that would be even more important to do beforehand. Like the old adage 'crap in crap out'. If you make a mold with masters still showing layer lines and voxels, the resin pieces coming out those molds will show the same layer lines and voxels. As examples, every conventional clear resin parts from Edu
  14. JeffreyK above from Hypersonic models has been using a pair of Phrozen Sonic Mini 8k with 22um resolution for his resin products, it's the highest resolution printer in the consumer market without going for industrial class 3d printers and their cost and even those need post processing. If he says optical clear parts OOB without coating is not possible, it's probably because he already tested.
  15. If it's not the thickness as some people, including OP, complain about. And that's why more than likely there's the stiffness of the film and how the decal react to setting solutions is the probable problem. I remember the same kind of complains were said about ICM's and Begemot's decals, someone complained about them being too stiff and thick and not setting in a MiG-25 build. That modeller used micro set and micro sol. Whereas I've used gunze's solutions in my builds using both brand of decals, they set nicely and disappear after a thin layer of clear just as good as any cartogr
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