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  1. Seems some reviewers got their early samples. Here's a test fit review at the modelling news site: https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/01/test-kit-dry-fit-review-48th-scale.html
  2. There are no dedicated Resin Exhaust for that kit. But from all the accuracy discussions in other flanker threads and from the various russian resin AM manufacturers the correct diameter in 1/48 should be almost exactly 1 inch. The AMUR Reaver exhaust catalog number RC4823, AMigo Models catalog number 48023-1 and Res-kit RSU48-0012 should fit if kit's is 'correctly' sized.
  3. Besides what Ya-gabor pointed out. The new vents are also on top and there's a new sensor at the tip of the left wing root missile bay, doesn't seem to be present on the right one.
  4. One thing I have to add. Zvezda kit cost around $30 USD in the country of origin. GWH if it follows their Su-27 price range it'll cost around $60-70 USD Kittyhawk if it follows their recent trend it'll cost $79 and sure it'll have all the detail you want but like always there's gonna be a glaring error somewhere or overengineered ill-fitting parts. For the price set by Zvezda and as a base kit for build up from, it still offers more value than Sh!ttyhawk. As for the lack of detail in the kit. The nose landing gear bay, show me a good pho
  5. That's a placeholder page with a 'Notify me when it's available' button, they don't even have a price yet. What's worse they're showing the 1/72 kit box. I placed my pre-order with i-modelist from Russia. been buying from them for the last 5 years and excellent service from them. https://i-modelist.ru/goods/model/aviacija/zvezda/288/62873.html Currently they have theirs at 2500 rubles with extras included. I'm expecting the price to come down to 2000-2250 Rubles for the kit alone after they're done with that pre-orders and early buyers bundle. According to them they're ex
  6. Not my opinion. That's an in-joke. If you want the story search the original GWH F-15 B/D thread.
  7. It doesn't include pilot figures, so it's unbuildable!
  8. Like you said modern aircraft development isn't static, so they'll change over time. The question is when should companies consider an aircraft design finalized or stable or when is the best time to bring the model to market? An example would be the Super Hornet. Italeri designed it based on the prototypes. Hasegawa started their 1/72 and 1/48 kits in the early 00's with the first blocks. Then soon after came the blk 2 with the bard stacks and cockpit upgrades, people complained Hasegawa rushed the kit to market and should have waited. They later amended in their molds. Now
  9. Finally good decals to replace Sh!tty Hawk's goofed decals.
  10. You also forgot to add the price of the Quinta Cockpit to the total, so that's another €18-20 for €130. Sh!tty Hawk solution. Same as the wrong windshield in the Su-27 forcing you to buy the Su-27UB or Su-30MK kit for the right windshield. Buy an Su-35 kit for €60 instead of the €35 weapons set. You get the weapons and a Su-35 kit for €25 😉
  11. What RKic said. Trumpeter has better surface detail (panel lines and rivets). The hump cross section I read somewhere it was kinda off. They didn't include the bigger centerline fuel tank used on the SMT. They also failed at math with some of the weapon sprues and they only include a single Kh-31 and only 2 R-73 missiles. Zvezda is more accurate and has a better selection and matching number of weapons.
  12. Was gonna make a post with pictures and colored lines to conciliate both dudes arguments. But stopped because I realized Nino is deep into a crusade like Galfa was with the F-15 kit. No amount of evidence or arguments gonna convince him that you can't get the perfect scale kit unless you make your kit out of tin foil for the perfect thickness of parts. Anyways that 508mm and 754mm for 'D'? both sides are correct if taken the measurements where they're supposed to be. 508mm for the diameter of the semicurcular aft end of the canopy as clarified by Haneto for 3+ times vs 754mm for the width
  13. Dude, where did I mention I'm stressed or if I'd buy or not the kit? Or did I ever say angrily foaming at my mouth "IT'S UNBUILDABLE!!!!!"? I'm merely helping pointing out that error. It's up to each individual's judgement what they take from that information.
  14. I see what Nino was referring to and yes the kink was placed in the wrong spot like the Su-35. On one hand he should have explained better without going down throwing insults and questioning people's intelligence or going on angry rants like the other threads. Here's an edited photo explaining the problem better. Basically GWH placed the kink on what should be still flat surface. Yes the kink in the su-35 and now su-27ub plastic is hidden by that wheel well door fence thingy but still wrong place. The real thing the kink should be along the wingroot strenghtening plate, w
  15. The more you talk the more you sound like someone living in a 1st World Country talking about 1st World problems, ignoring the rest of the world and how some people in other non privileged countries have to deal with these problems. Where I live there aren't any official channels for most of the brands. Only ones are Tamiya, Italeri and Zvezda and then they go through another distributor Tamiya USA in the former or the main company but that's twice a year on shipping containers for the later. So you can see how long it takes for them to get any response to defective products even from off
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