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  1. Another one for the 1/48 Flanker Family, 1/72 F-15E/I/K/S and the Int weapons set.
  2. Yeah, I think some people thought I gave up on this build, but NO! I'm still here, slowly moving forward. Here are the seats finished I applied one of the decals to test how they look on the first piece of black plastic I found. It was the backside of a door panel from an unfinished model collecting some dust. Might I remind you that shield decal is less than half an inch height and you'd need a magnifying glass to barely see the letters. Choosing the cheapest option had it's con and pros. On the pro side I only paid $15 total for 3 copies, the con is basically I have a silk-printed shee
  3. I know it's been a while since I made any post. People will think that I already gave up or forgot this wip. Well anyways let's start with the cockpit. Since it's my first attempt at using the aires pit and reading about all the problems involved in getting it to fit, I made a few resin copies for my own use; so if I mess up I won't be spending on another pit with the high shipping and dollar price. In the end I only spent like 2-3 hours total to make it fit, it was a hundred times easier than the Aires 1/72 cockpit for the hasegawa F-16. First the instrument panels. Since the game takes p
  4. The one on the left is one I designed slightly based on the eduard piece and etched using the micromark pe kit, but still need some corrections. Middle one is the Eduard piece I bent up some time ago to check if it was possible to do the faceted surface and how it'd look. The right one is the flat untouched Ed piece. Actually even bent up, the dimensions don't change a lot. The thickness is only 0.025" vs 0.007" flat pe sheet. Bent piece width is 0.472" vs 0.480" flat. The reason mine looks smaller is because the original Ed PE piece is too long and if the petals are put in the open position t
  5. The first raptor I assembled I painted the petals to hint that it was faceted. But now here's my attempt creating that faceted surface. From right to left. The original eduard etch for the Italeri Kit. The eduard etch slightly bent, I turned it around so those etched lines won't show and have an idea how it looks. My attempt at etching the petal surface. It has a number of problems that need correction. First I only put 4 facets (8 sides) but lacks one extra face. As Zactoman wrote, it's the same designed panel for any of the 4 petals and it has the following design \/\/\/\/\. Secondly
  6. Netz pic with the RBF tag shows again it's faceted. The RBF is twisted, but if the surface were flat the whole section with the FLIGHT label would sit flat & straight, but next to the I & G letter you can notice it's bent around the corner of the facet. Another pic taken from the F-22 book, here you can see the old flat surfaced petals and how the design is different. Finally a pic from the YF-22 exhaust and how the surface has curves instead. I'd keep on uploading pics backing my statement that they're faceted. Some of the pics from the F-22 book show brand new engines, pretty
  7. Even Tom's pic shows the faceted surface of the exhaust. Yes it is stained, but at the same time you can see the faint straight lines that form the faceted surface, as well as the triangles that are formed coming from a flat into faceted ones. This pic from the F-22 book by Jay Miller/Aerofax show it in better detail. As you can see from the angle of the light falling on the lower petal and the shadow produced, it's a dead giveaway of the faceted nature of it. More proof are the four very faint triangular shadows cast between the red beam & upper petal. So looking at it all, can you still
  8. The resin parts might be worth it, if they add the rippled surface like the real thing on this pic. Too bad the pics of the wolfpack stuff don't show that side.
  9. Looking at those pics it's most likely moiré from the method used to print that image, which is aggravated by the camera and how close they took the pic. If you look at the rest of the decal there's no pixelation. It usually happens with decals with complex images, gradients or non-solid colors. At that scale and size, I don't think you'd notice the pixelation unless you really took a very close look at it. A pair of models that I own and have some noticeable moiré are a Tamiya CLK-GTR Sportswear and an Opel Astra DTM with the "Gone in 60 Seconds" ad.
  10. Since they're all vector graphics it's pretty easy to rescale them to 1/48 or 1/32 without losing any detail. And actually I think the Razgriz sq. shield on the tail should look best on 1/32, but I build only 1/72 and right now I don't have money to spend for 1/32 one. And looking at the image I found a mistake, two of the Galm's red dog emblem should be mirrored, hope I can get it corrected before they start working on it.
  11. Guess I can kill two birds with a single stone. I can enter both this What-If and the Tomcat GB with this one. As you can guess I'll be doing this little cat in the scheme used in the Ace Combat 5 game. One conflict I had planning which scheme to use it that all the game's materials are not consistent with each other, be it ingame, promotional material or even the sequels. But in the end I settled for the black F-14A as seen on the promotional and ingame cutscenes, instead of using the F-14D and splinter camo. Here's a pic for reference. I'll be using a hasegawa 1/72 f-14A tomcat, Aires c
  12. The ITER that you're asking for is included in every Hasegawa 1/72 F-16 kit. Also I'd want to comment that as much as a like the Hasegawa Su-27 because of it's ease of assembly and crisp although questionable detail, I think it isn't the best option for a conversion set. Some people already mentioned that the vertical tails are too separated mainly because the exhaust diameter is too big. But another issue is the windscreen because of the IRST ball. The ball is pretty big, integrated into the center of the clear part and because it's hollow, if you remove it, it'll leave a gaping hole behind
  13. Nope, they're the horizontal ones for the Hasegawa Su-27.
  14. Ehem, I don't think one million dollars is enough. One million dollars are not what they used to be...
  15. FS33531 DrPepper is refering to, is the sand color, not the brown which should be FS30219. And from the look of the photos that sand color looks bit on the light side, on the other hand the green could use some lightening. Also on the FS30219 the preshading is still showing thru quite heavily.
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