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  1. And the same old god awful pylons and rails, most likely.
  2. There is a swing wing mechanism. The pieces are on the same B sprue as the wings, they're right below the B letter. Seems they don't use gears to synchronize them and seems to have only 3 notches, speculating they're for open, swept back and parked positions. They also seems to be installed first and let you slide the wings into the tab like Tamiya's after painting.
  3. Actually it's hasegawa doing the reissue of that kit boxing in october as noted on the japanese version: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/02274/ It's available for 'backorder' at hlj https://hlj.com/1-72-scale-mitsubishi-f-2a-adtw-w-asm-3-hsg02274 and 'preorder' at hobbysearch https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10531166
  4. Added to the attitude he has shown now, should I mention by the comments above it seems Nino, without consent, released CAD photos that weren't supposed go public yet...
  5. External appearance and in plastic AAQ-14 and AAQ-25 pods are practically the same. You're completely fixated on the designation and electronics which don't matter and maybe the stencil data which at 1/72 couldn't even be read.
  6. Maybe I shouldn't have quoted you for you to take it personally. Because my answer was only 1% related to yours, to clarify that Aerobonus was part of Aires, since Eli was also confused about Eduard and Eduard Brassin. As for the 99% in the rest of my post it wasn't directed at you. Was simply stating my opinion on why Eduard's piece was too small, nothing related to your own opinion about Aerobonus being the best. Or did I say anything against it or otherwise?
  7. Like Brassin is a line in Eduard's products, also their Zoom and Big Sin ones too. Aerobonus, Quickboost and Wheeliant are lines of products from Aires. As for the reason Eduard MERs are too short and many other of their long thin things like missiles, its an inherent problem from their design and manufacturing process, which they're aware of but don't seem to try to mitigate or compensate for longer or larger parts. Let me explain. Both the photoetch and resin parts are designed at the same time, in the computer they have the same measurements. T
  8. I think you're mistaking Cold War Studio's conversion from RBT to BM for the ICM kit.
  9. I'm sure my comment will offend a few people that await the next new novelty AM or extra bling out of the box, but those bronze exhaust nozzles don't make much sense. Yes, they have better detail than their older resin ones included in the kit. Yes, their lips are really thin, yet the amur reaver and amigo models ones are just as detailed if not more and the lips are also pretty thin. And if you say it's because thin resin ones could be damaged in transit, should I remind you KH already shipped theirs in thermoformed plastic boxes to protect them and now their bronze ones too? And the AM
  10. Speaking of programs about models. There's a new one with James May, you may know him from Top Gear and Grand Tour, called James May's Big Trouble in Model Britain. It's two episodes about Hornby and Airfix, aired in the UK's BBC.
  11. Hope I'm not poking on a touchy subject and Raymond can give some answers? But lately I've been noticing that luckymodel has been late to stock or add new products for certain popular brands. Some of Kitty Hawk's latest releases like their RF-5E and MiG-25RB/RBS don't show up on Luckymodel, their Su-34 has also disappeared from their listings. Also I've been waiting for Model collect's B-2 with GBU-57 which hasn't been stocked yet as well as some of their other releases, while I've seen arrive to other stores as soon as dec'18. I ask this because I've been waiting on that B-2 I hav
  12. Adding to what others have said, another borked detail on the KH kit: - Retraction mechanism in the main landing gear is incorrect. KH put a single solid arm that's supposed to rotate? It would never retract the MLG due to its geometry. (Photo taken from Modeling News review). Also its joint with the mainlanding gear strut should outboard, not inboard. Zvezda is correctly represented with a Y shaped arm that folds while rectracting the gear. Another detail that Zvezda kit wins over the KH's. -Both sets of auxiliary intakes can be depicted open or closed. Front ones, the on
  13. V3 also has a different photoetch fret with part to detail the exhaust nozzle.
  14. You forgot the biggest mistake in their F-15 kits! They don't include pilot figures, thus they're unbuildable!!!
  15. Then someone will complain the weathering is overdone, nothing in real life looks like that blah blah blah :v
  16. And the white box ones too. It's not like they churn everything in their catalogue 24/7. Some products go out of stock don't resume production for a period but eventually they come back. I build 1/72 and their Su-33 and Su-35 appeared as discontinued on japanese stores not too long ago, for around a year but then they came back.
  17. On the next page on the thread flankerman posted a series of pictures of a MiG-25 airframe and you can see clear the curvature of those couple of panels.
  18. It's not the belly. It's how the sides gradual transition from flat aft of the wheel wells to round at the rear end in the real plane. While KH kit remains flat all the way down to the strakes and sharply transition to round. I already posted an image and explanation in the original KH MiG-25 Thread. On the posted image, there's a panel line on the red line, below it shaded in red that area those panels are curved in the real plane while KH that area is flat.
  19. 167, 168 and 169. set 47301/46301 are for the Su-27, and although it also mentions Su-35 I think it's referring to the Su-35 (T-10M) prototypes, not the in service Su-35S.
  20. 2-3 times the cost of the Kitty Hawk kit for the C2D intakes? Sell the kitty hawk kit, buy the ICM one and you'd still have money for the XMM corrected intakes, not that they are necessary if you aren't a rivet counter. And you'd have a better fit and overall better shape accuracy.
  21. In the almost 20 years I've been a HLJ customer I've had payment problems, packages lost, damaged items, lost items, missing parts, estimated shipping cost problems, etc. All have been solved in due time by a few clicks on their customer support section and typing a message to explain your problem. If you had time to ask questions here, you'd have time use the customer support on the HLJ site to explain the problem. I don't know if this will help. their shipping cost estimations are based on the measurements/weight of the items and/or their combined totals stacked, in their databas
  22. There are a couple reviews and builds where they say 50/50 mix of Gunze Sangyo H25 Sky Blue and H46 Emerald Green is the perfect match for the eduard prepainted photoetch. That mix was tested by another fellow modeller to be a match.
  23. And how people forget even a big company like Trumpeter took them a decade to finally release their Intruder....
  24. I got two Su-34 and they too have the same problem. That problem is with the multi-part molds not lining up. How bad it is depends on the company and how they design their molds, with KH it happens often, Trumpeter/HB sometimes depending on the kit, while others like GWH and AMK it is barely noticeable or hide it between panel lines.
  25. The History Channel that today teaches people that any and every technological, cultural and creative thing humans have done was directly or telepathically taught to us by Aliens. 😉
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