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  1. I've just updated the IPMS Avon website with some shots from last weekend, including the awesome USAF SIG Table. Click the thumbnails to go see! Cheers, Phil.
  2. Ooh look its my picture! :) I'll dig out some more shots of it flying at the show if you like.
  3. Super job, Dave. Looks great with the WRM tanks and LGBs.
  4. G - I don't work there, but I visit quite often to take photographs. I might have even snapped you... My shots from BRS
  5. Many thanks for the tips, chaps. Using the easyJet decals as they're the most common type at BRS - We get some of the newest ones based here so they look very clean indeed. I think the sheet has window and windsheild decals. May then do a Ryanair 737-800 - we'll see how this first one goes.
  6. Hi all, I'm having a small foray into airliner modelling as I want to build a couple of the aircraft that operate from my local airport - Bristol, in the UK. I've made a start on the Revell Airbus A319 for which I've filled the windows and assembled the fuselage. I intend to get an easyJet decal sheet for it. My main question is ... do most people leave the recessed panel lines or fill them? Would you fill all of them if you were to do it - or leave things like the doors alone. What about the wings and horizontal tails -and the control surfaces? I think I'm going to paint over the clear w
  7. Following this one with interest, Mike. I did a green/grey camo Hawk a couple years ago - and did the same mod to the intakes. Yours look great - or the one on the right does anyway
  8. That is brilliant! Hoping mine will come out half as nice as that.
  9. Hi guys. Wondering if any kind soul has one of these kits - more specifically the kit instructions. Managed to get hold of the decal sheet for this as I really wanted the VF-101 markings - to apply to the A+ kit which has been in my stash for a little while. Can anyone scan/email the instructions - or just the VF-101 diagrams/profiles for me. Alternatively, are they available on the net anywhere already? Many thanks in advance. Phil Jones.
  10. Super job! I need to go and buy a 1/48 F-15C so I can use my decals!
  11. Nice one Chris. Looks even better in the flesh, if that were possible! Had the pleasure of seeing the model at the IPMS Avon meet last Weds. Phil Jones.
  12. The Almark sheet on the link above, to Hannants is very good value for money, IMO. A couple of issues I did have were - The instruction sheet is poor, IMO. Not very clear instructions about the placement/orientation of the stencils.. A residue seems to come off the backing paper which needs to be rinsed or wiped off the decals before application. Apart from that I thought they were very good. I was looking for a 767 NAS scheme and it fitted the bill very nicely. (My build up is in the gallery actually). HTH Phil
  13. Phil_J

    F-16 Sufa

    Superb build and a well illustrated report. Congrats, Tong+71.
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