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  1. Quick question for you guys.. I've seen that during the startup most aircraft (radial or inline) tend to make their engines spin clockwise and counter clockwise before setting the engine on idle RPM's, what is the reason behind this.. just warming up the engine? Also.. when you hear the pistons, and the propeller not spinning or spinning very slowly, what controls this action? The engine roars as if it was at 100% throttle but the propeller barely spins. Is there a shaft or something similar to a car that sets the prop to ''neutral'' so to speak?
  2. Hmmmmmm Yeah, future darkens the paintjob ALOT however I have seen that using testors dull cote brings the original tone back and a very good finish.
  3. Zots decals has a great selection of P-61 decals, though you may also want to try posting this in the marketplace to see if you can get a hold of an original revell sheet or a Zots sheet! :lol:
  4. It looks GREAT! Pics of the Beaufighter too please :)
  5. They believe that what makes the Airforce/Navy an elite military group is the equipment and not who is behind them operating. So they believe they can defeat the US.
  6. Looks too complex, i think you would do o.k with a simple Parachat software tbh.
  7. Ah btw, your chatroom won't work with Java correctly THALES, throwing out alot of errors.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. However, when did G's become so important outside of dogfighting? With the AAM technology these days modern fighters rarely, if ever encounter a situation in which they need to pull extreme high G's.
  10. Is that a couple of Mig-23's there? Guy is a fan of MIG-15,17 and 21... crazy Czech
  11. Benchwarmers.. Napoleon Dynamite... always cracks me up.
  12. Yeah, this is great! Some Gypsy 200 love. However... what is the loadout going to be?
  13. Tie Dye! Kinda Hippie, but try to finding more earthy colors and just splosh all around the shirt.
  14. We still have our federal police Chargers, but... eh. Now if Challengers were used as police cars, that would be an interesting sight.
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