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  1. VFP-62 also had this nice sharkmouth from a little earlier when they were on the Shangri-La
  2. One on a Dart: edit - ha I missed your mention of finding one on a Dart in your post - I imagine it is this same pic :)
  3. I think the SU-34 looks really cool - one of my favs. Of course I think the Intruder is beautiful too so maybe I am just weird :)
  4. it looks similar but longer to me. Pics I believe are TonyTs (lemme know if I should remove 'em)
  5. Well your posts seem very hostile to AMK non stop but hey no worries
  6. Solo - we get it - you hate this kit - not more is needed to be said - you are crystal clear. What I do not understand is your continued participation to just try to crap all over those who still feel the kit will be good and have some positives vs. the Tamiya? You just want to ruin others hopes? That gives you pleasure?
  7. continuing to come together fantastic - great to follow along this weekend! Yeah one of the big surprises to me was that the various lights on the Tam kit are not separate bits in clear plastic - instead you have to paint the grey to look like clear red etc
  8. awwww there are too many parts, the color of the plastic is all wrong, pretty sure something is off somewhere, TOTAL FAIL!! JUST KIDDING - anxious to see it in hand :)
  9. totally rocks - love that cat - well done!
  10. looking mighty fine there what paints are you using for the greys? What process for the mottled effect if you dont mind sharing (again looks great)
  11. yup don't really care about the wailing and gnashing of teeth I just hope this kit is awesome and worth the wait if its not ah well life goes on and we will have to "settle" for the Tamiya kit lol
  12. Hoping still planned. Also hoping for DS subjects like Mistress of Deception
  13. Yeah - apologies I cannot assist but those SSP cars and especially the Derby set were some of the best toys I had when growin up - those things would really fly if ya pulled hard enough on the T-handle
  14. looks great - nice piece of tail there :)
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