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  1. Anyone want to part with this kit? Have quite a lot of kits for potential trades as well; 1/48 jets, 1/32 WW1 and WW2 etc..... Also looking for the old Black Box 1/48 EF-111A resin cockpit.... Thanks!
  2. Petrov27

    AMK 1/48 Kfir New Tool

    fair enough - deleted my post
  3. Petrov27

    AMK 1/48 Kfir New Tool

  4. Petrov27

    Good decal subject - EA-6B VMAQ-4

    Sorry - not sure what trick is being spoke of - certainly did not mean to cause any controversy...
  5. Petrov27

    Good decal subject - EA-6B VMAQ-4

    whoops - I have heard through the grapevine that another decal manufacturer may already have this scheme in process so it might not be an ideal subject....
  6. Super long shot but does anyone have these in the stash and be willing to sell or trade for them? Set number is CE 48514. Got quite a few things in the stash to trade.... Also looking for Black Box 1/48 EF-111A Raven Cockpit Set.... Thankya!
  7. Petrov27

    1/48 F-111 opinions please?

    Ahh - gotcha, forgot about the escape capsule deal with this a/c Harold - thankya - not sure how I missed those but signed up for email notice for when they restock Another question - any aftermarket for TP I intakes? Doing EF-111A Academy (or at least planning a future build) - I see DMOLD and CE did TP II intakes....
  8. Petrov27

    1/48 Revell IAF F-15I

    very nicely done F-15I - congrats on the fine build!
  9. Petrov27

    1/48 F-111 opinions please?

    Are there any aftermarket ejection seats currently available for the F-111 in 1/48? Searched a bit - about all I am finding is that ages ago there was a Black Box 'pit set?
  10. Petrov27

    Kinetic 1/48 A-6E Intruder

    Thanks man - this kit has its challenges! I shall have to try to do that trick with the vacuum - I already have to fish out one of the boarding steps from the vac bag here this evening which I am not looking forward to at all - that sock trick would work much better I think :)
  11. Pretty cool scheme - wouldn't mind decals of these.... https://theaviationist.com/2016/10/11/u-s-marine-corps-ea-6b-prowlers-including-one-with-stunning-sharkmouth-return-to-the-u-s-after-fighting-daesh-from-turkey/
  12. Petrov27

    Kinetic 1/48 A-6E Intruder

    Yep :) You musta posted while I was doing my second entry - you are right, it was a lucky break (har har) and the wing fit back on there pretty cleanly aside from having to remove and clean up the underside wing root putty and redo some of that....
  13. Petrov27

    Kinetic 1/48 A-6E Intruder

    So after turning the air blue with swearing and scaring my dog with that, I resisted the urge to throw the thing across the wall and took a break. Tonight I got it sorted back out as in the below pic. I still need to invest in some sorta flooring that not only resists carpet monster issues but also is cushioned - my numb fingers are really proving to be problematic. I have seen some rubber flooring tiles intended I think for workout or playroom areas - might have to invest in some of that....
  14. Petrov27

    Kinetic 1/48 A-6E Intruder

    Thanks Gianni for the positive feedback! Well I had quite a lot of progress last weekend - got the resin intakes and exhaust installed, the fuselage was all closed up (right, left and bottom sections,) wings glued on, seams cleaned up etc.... then I dropped it: