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  1. looking good Yury! how did you do the bare metal finish?
  2. Cheers Ross, I think I have all the info I need now :D
  3. ah alrighty, thanks if you ever come across anything about the engines, would you mind letting me know? thanks everyone!
  4. awesome Bruce! but what exactly do you mean by different nose titles? also, I've been told that Antonov went from using the ZMDB-Progress Al-24V engine to the ZMDB Progress Al-24VT engine, do you know if this would have changed the size/shape of the engine housing? cheers all
  5. pardon my newbieness, but what does SAMI stand for?
  6. Alrighty, for my uncle's 45th birthday, I'm making a couple aircraft profiles, one AN-26 and one L-29. I have all the resources I think I need for the L-29, but the AN-26 is proving problematic. First of all, what are the differences between the AN-26 and the AN-26B? All the good reference photos I have are AN-26Bs, so I want to know if there are any differences on the outside. Also, does anyone have any good photos of this bird in the colors and configuration used by the Slovak Air Force? it seems that every planes antennas are configured differently ;) I want to get it as accurate as p
  7. vel'mi dobre Vladimir! I love the F70 and the Sky Europe 737 profiles ;)
  8. alright Lieuwe, I've added you on MSN (I'm christiandbs@gmail.com) I'll definitely have some questions for you as soon as I have time to get back to my Stuka :P
  9. no problem Yury, thats a very nice piece there
  10. wow Lieuwe, thats amazing, do you have any hints/tips for drawing with a mouse? also, how do you highlight it to make the fuselage look round?
  11. Clave, I fixed the fin as you suggested, and you were definitly right about that. felixdk, thanks, I just put the insignia there kind of "for fun". I'm going to remove it before I start doing the painting, which I'm still trying to figure out how to do properly with just a mouse >.<.
  12. it is, its a hair-pulling experience..... ..... anyone wanna sell me a Wacom Tablet cheap?
  13. by the way, if you buy them, do you actually plan on finishing them? :P
  14. I built this one in the Aer Lingus colors a few years ago, and the only complaint is that the fir of the engine parts was a little dodgy (maybe just a bad copy of the kit), and as Bob said, the nose needed some pointening (which I did with some testors filler) Overall a good kit imho, and the Aer Lingus decals worked great. -Christian
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