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  1. I have the 'i' sprue less i8. Don't have the two place canopy though. PM me to work out details. Gary
  2. Sending email for: Cobra Company 48016 UH-1N Marine Huey Update & Details (for Italeri) (sealed) $20
  3. I went back yesterday and they only had one clearance kit left and they had moved it to the clearance area from the model area. I went ahead and bought it. The Hobby boss 1/72 Hellcat for $4.47. For that price, why not? Looks like the sale is done here.
  4. I was hoping that they would include the 1/72 Academy F/A-18D in the clearance sale. I think it's $39.95, but so was the 1/72 F-4J. I guess be checking in about once a week now. It would be great to see a new selection of kits there. The every day 40% off coupon make most of them a great deal.
  5. My local store had all of the clearance kits marked and still on the model shelf, not the clearance area, but you never know....
  6. Well, good to see I was wrong!
  7. I picked up the 1/72 P-38 and 1/48 UH-1C kits today on the way home. I almost got the 1/48 F-102 and 1/72 UH-60 but I already have kits of those models in my stash.
  8. Thomas, I've had the Anigrand 1/72 kit for years and I'm old enough to be around when the YF-17 was being evaluated and I followed it; I have the issue of World Air Power that featured it and I've never seen that particular paint scheme nor have I ever heard it being marked with the Top Gun emblem. There was a 'cloud' scheme but it didn't look like that. It's possible I could have missed it, but I think it's more likely that someone is pretty good at photoshopping. I'd like to be proven wrong.
  9. I picked up the Academy F-4J and Hobby Boss F-5E today. I may go back tomorrow because there are a couple of others there I was interested in too. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Thanks for the tip. I guess I'll stop by my local Hobby Lobby and see if only your store in Ohio is putting them on clearance or it's a wider event and it extends up here in Michigan.
  11. Dave, Did you receive the payment for the 1/72 Has. F-35A? It was sent on the 23rd but I see the item isn't marked as pending after your email response to me on the 16th.
  12. I had one on order at the local Hobby Town for over a year waiting for its release, but the store just closed and I got my money back. With all of the negative reviews I think I'll wait awhile to see more about the kit before I commit for another. I do already have the Trumpeter F model.
  13. As it states, I'm looking for the Tomcat markings on the sheet. I tried applying the yellow strips and instead of going down as a group of 3, they separated and I found it impossible to get them straight and then after working for a while trying, they came apart. I've gotten the blue tails and skunk strip painted for the markings and some of them already down so changing using different markings wouldn't work for me. Please PM me if you have the Tomcat part of the sheet and can let it go. Thanks, Gary
  14. Jeeze....I hope I'm still vertical then....I'll be over 70. Where do the years go?
  15. Thanks Don. I appreciate you looking. Please let me know.
  16. Still looking.....Just looking for any tail markings and badges. I have the stencils and the rest.
  17. I have Hasegawa TARPS parts....PM me if you're interested in them.
  18. Another weekend bump.....No one has extra 2 tone gray Hill one decals, kit or aftermarket?
  19. Anyone know if there is a Revell US distributor yet? or if they've gotten one here yet...
  20. You're right. I forgot about the event with the EA-6B retirement. I did notice though that he was here earlier today. Just asking him to look through his emails and make sure he has them.
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