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  1. I have a few kits for sale that I won't be building. The price includes shipping to the CONUS only. All of the kits are complete and most have sealed inner bags. I don't have Paypal so the method of payment will have to be a USPO money order, personal check (the check must clear before shipment) or well-hidden cash (at your own risk). Let me know if you're interested in any of these. Thanks for looking.. Gary Revell F-15E 85-5511 $25 F-15E 85-5511 $25 F/A-18F 85-5520 $35 F-117A 85-5848 $25 A-10A 85-5521 $20 A-10A 85-5521 $20 A-10A 85-5521 $20 Hasegawa F-4J 9727 Pending RF-4B Pt31 $50
  2. Looking to find a new home for these Two Bobs Decals. $12 total per sheet which includes shipping (Keeping the sale to CONUS only). If you're interested in multiple sheets, we can work out a discount (take them all for a huge discount) I don't do Paypal (sorry), so a USPO money order would be the best method of payment (or well hidden cash at your own risk) Let me know if interested. Thanks for looking.... Gary 48-042 F-16C Let's Roll Vipers 48-046 F-16C Hill Vipers PENDING 48-061 OIF Vipers 48-069 NSAWC Vipers- PENDING 48-076 F-16C Lone Star Gunfighters 48-084 F-16C CAS Vipers 48-088 Big Mouth, Big Mouths Pt. II 48-089 F-16C USAFE Big Mouths Vipers 48-125 F/A-18C Mach Altus Crusaders 48-129/32-041 F-16C Cripes A' Mighty Viper 48-130 F-15A/B Sunshine State Eagles 48-131 F-16C Minute Men 50th Ann. 48-185 F/A-18C Werewolves of Beaufort 48-188 QF-16 Victim Viper Superscale 48-114 F-15As: CO 49TFW Coded HO, CO 56 TFTW Coded LA Not in original envelope- copied Instructions 48-211 F-8C Crusader VF-84 (yellow flames) 48-231 F-16A Falcons- 50th TFW Gunsmoke '83, 388th Tac. Bomb Competitionm '81 48-250 F-111 Bicentennial Schemes Not in original envelope- copied Instructions Bonus Partial 48-393 (FB-111 markings only 48-334 F-15C & F15E- 36the TFW & McAir Demo Not in original envelope- copied Instructions 48-753 F-15A Eagles 5th FIS C.O. & 48th FIS C.O. Not in original envelope- copied Instructions 48-1036 F-16A/C 114th TFTS & 114 FG Not in original envelope- copied Instructions 32-236 F-14A Tomcat VF-84 CAG (All Black Markings)
  3. If you can't find one here there is one at Squadron for $9.99. https://www.squadron.com/1-48-True-Details-F-86D-Ejection-Seat-p/td48429.htm
  4. I thought you meant it tongue in cheek, but there is an effort to go fully electrical on control surfaces of aircraft so I wanted to make sure no one mis-interpreted the pun. And...yes. We also make the actuators on all three models (they are different) so the C problems must have been corrected.
  5. Not to be argumentative, but the actuators aren't electric. Parker Aerospace makes the actuators for the tail control surfaces. The division I work in Kalamazoo, MI at makes the hydraulic pumps that are a part of the actuator system. Here is text from Parker's brochure: Electrohydrostatic actuation (EHA) and electric backup hydraulic actuation (EBHA) are power-by-wire systems that deliver less system weight, enhanced avionics integration, and reduced lifecycle costs. EHAs and EBHAs are self-contained hydraulic systems controlled by high-power electronics which allow the use of traditional, proven hydraulic actuation configurations for fault tolerance. The product of two decades of research, development, and flight-tested reliability, Parker EHAs and EBHAs offer significant advantages: • Reduced system weight. Hydraulic distribution systems are reduced. • Reduced power consumption. Power is used as required, yielding a more efficient system. • Improved maintainability. Hydraulic disconnections between actuation equipment and the vehicle system are eliminated. F-35 horizontal tail electrohydrostatic actuator. https://www.parker.com/literature/Control Systems Division/CSD literature/CSDBrochure.pdf
  6. I recently picked up a group of decals. In them were Fox One stencils for the B-1B. They are: 48-005B B-1B Lancer (copyright 1999) 48-007B Early B-1B Stencils (copyright 2001) 48-008 Early B-1B Stencils (copyright 2002) None have the instructions. These appear to all be the stencil sheets that came with the aircraft markings from the main Fox One decal sheet. I don't have a 1/48 Bone so I won't be using these sheets. Again, these are only the stencils and there are no placement instructions. You can have all 3 for $12 including shipping (to CONUS only) Let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Gary
  7. As the post states, I'm looking for the parts to make the single place 'C' model. I'm specifically looking for parts D23 (the upper aft fuselage behind the canopy), D27 (the canopy frame), D24 (the canopy actuator) and G4 (the canopy) . I know that the Academy kit is not the best of the F-15 kits, but I already have 2 Revell 'E' kits, and a couple of Academy kits in the stash plus a Tamiya and 2 Monogram 'C's. I picked up the Academy kits in trades and they are all 'E' models. If you had the Academy C/D kit and didn't use the single seat parts or just have them in your stash, please contact me and see if we can work out a deal. Thanks, Gary
  8. Yeah, I would never pay that much for that kit. Just because it's posted at that price doesn't mean someone would actually buy it for that.
  9. I see there's one one Ebay for $110 plus $20 for shipping. I guess I didn't know they were so rare.
  10. Got ya covered. PM me and we can work out the details.
  11. I know it's a long shot but I'm looking for the markings for the B-52D from Wolfpak sheet number 72-003 or 72-026 or a Cutting edge sheet, one of several that has Vietnam War markings. I've got an old Monogram kit on the way and looking to update the markings. If anyone has either of the sheets, I'm only looking for the BUFF markings, but if need be I could purchase the entire sheet as long as it's not too much. Thanks, Gary
  12. I went through my spare parts box and found one that is really close and since no one will be seeing it but me, it's close enough.... Thanks for looking....
  13. Finally getting to this old kit that was given to me a few years ago that was started. Got the decals and looked and I only have 1 of the nose wheels. I don't know if it was missing when I got it or if I lost it in the years I've had it, but it's gone. All that said, if anyone has a trashed kit or one that had the gear up and are willing to part with the wheel, I could sure use it. I can get aftermarket wheels, but all I've found was for the IDS. I don't know if they're the same or not. Anyway, I thought I'd try here first. Please let me know if you have the part and can part with it. Thanks, Gary
  14. I definitely have it. I just finished an old 1/32 Has. F-16A kit that I bought in '95. I started it shortly after that. I'm trying (but I'm finding it difficult) to finishing some of the dozen or so kit that I've started and put aside, before I start another, but I'm itching to build a few others.
  15. Dutch, If the marking are for the dashed red circles and the solid red centers, those are the ones that I'm mainly looking for. I'll shoot you a PM... Thanks!
  16. Looking for the markings for the fuel tanks. I picked up tanks for updating my old Has. early F-16 kit. If anyone isn't using the tanks, I could sure use the decals for them. Please let me know. TIA
  17. Thanks for the tip. I looked around some and it appears they may be hard to find. Thanks again!
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