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  1. Glad to hear this. Really enjoy your lives together.
  2. It comes with the wingtips & also the unpointed rudder & different tail parts.
  3. Wow. Thanks to everyone. Looks like Spitfire info is as complicated as the Luftwaffe stuff.
  4. Thanks. Looks like an OOB build of a warbird.
  5. Hi I've received the Tamiya Mark XVIe kit. I'm more of a jet fan so I don't know alot about Spitfires. 1. Shouldn't all versions have the wheel bulge on the wing? Of the three schemes only the bare metal version is shown as having the bulge, the two 1945 versions don't. 2. The kit includes the pieces to show the elliptical wings instead of the clipped & has the non pointed rudder, can any other versions be built using these? I'm not a fan of the pointed rudder. Thanks
  6. Wayne If you read it, I said after I let go. I probably should have said after I let go of the brakes.
  7. The thing that surprises me the most is that apparently the brakes aren't powerful enough to at least slow the car down. I don't think I've ever encountered a car that could overpower it's brakes like that. My first car was a 65 Buick Skylark Gran Sport with the big honking engine and drum brakes. I could hold the brake pedal down, floor the gas pedal & the car didn't go anywhere. Lots of tire smoke though & nice black lines after I did let go
  8. Tornado I wasn't referring to the cars at all, every manu. has recall problems. I was referring to the way the news is reporting each case & the way Congress is deciding they have to investigate one but not the other.
  9. Hi I'll start off by saying I drive a Ford Fusion. I find it kind of funny that GM recalling thousands of Cobalts & the Pontiac equivalent for steering problems is being ignored. On announcement in the news & it's on to Toyota.
  10. Found it. If you would like it, send me a message. I live in the Milwaukee, WI area.
  11. Hi Pete I may have an extra Cutting Edge coaming & instrument panel I could send you. You could see if the coaming fits the BB panel or use both. I need to check in the basement, I'll know for sure tomorrow.
  12. He wants $4,500.00 dollars for it, but it's only $20.00 to ship?
  13. fallsbob

    Winter Stukas

    Cool, thanks guys. Now maybe I can get out of this block I have on the kit.
  14. fallsbob

    Winter Stukas

    Does anyone know of a manufacturer that has Stuka G-1 (or -2) decals that show the plane in winter schemes? I have the Hasegawa 1/32nd kit & would love to do it that way. None of my books have good photos that I can use.
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