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  1. There is the eduard express mask that might fit the bill. #EDUXT037. Archer may have some decals that would work too.
  2. The top pic is the Boyd's red over a white primer: another older build I did that has the Boyd's over a gray primer: Same paint, same lighting, different primer looks like two different shades of paint.
  3. Gator52, If you havn't painted yet, Testors Boyd's red over a grey primer will be a close match for the color you need.
  4. Maybe it was because it was a factory fresh jet that the color looked darker
  5. Another good book is "The Cutting Edge", done by the guy who did most of the aerial photography for that movie - CJ "Heater" Heatley.
  6. It is interesting to see the F-16 in something other than the standard Hill scheme (besides the aggressor schemes) IMO this looks almost like the gray that RoK has on their Strike Eagles
  7. When I built the old Monogram Hind, I used Dark Tan (FS30219) as the base color with the Field Green for the pattern. The underside was one of the Ghost Gray's IIRC. Color wise, it was as close as I could get due to limited supplies available at the time.
  8. For a second there I thought it was a USMC Huey, but upon closer inspection of the first pic, I can make out the old "lizard" scheme. Had a Corps one fly overhead last week with a Whiskey flying shotgun.
  9. A sad day indeed. As for the UH-72 having problems out in AZ, the lifeflight teams run a mix of choppers from the Eurocopter AS350 to the Bell Jetranger. From what I've been able to find, the Eurocopter AS350(B2/B3) is the most popular for medevac, followed by the Bell 407. Tank, here is what I found by company: Air Evac: 7 AS350, 1 EC135P2, 1 Bell 407, 3 unknown Arizona Lifeline: 3 Bell 407 ASP: 4 Bell 407 Classic Lifeguard: 2 Bell 407 Guardian Air: 4 Bell 407 HALO: 1 AS350 LifeNet Arizona: 2 AS350, 4 unknown Native Air Ambulance: 10 AS350, 3 unknown Tri-State CareFlight:
  10. That last pic can't be a CBP bird they would have green bands on theirs. The blue and red is FPS (Federal Protective Services) IIRC. I stand corrected, they do have the blue/red bands on their birds.
  11. Hey Alpha, As of 12 years ago, those wooden barracks at Polk were still there..... Just not as many though. They get used by the units rotating through JRTC. North Fort is where the prime housing is for those with dependents... South Fort housing is/was basicly a nicer Section 8 development. The barracks on South Fort were renovated back in the 90's when 2nd ACR was over in Bosnia. It was shades of mauve in the rooms, and we couldn't paint over it either.
  12. The doors are open, the exhaust is usually covered by a FOD cover. My personal pics:
  13. Thanks, This has been pretty much on the back burner for over a year now because of a move, and I have yet to get any sort of workspace set up. Hopefully I can get something set up so I can work on this and the dozen other projects that are on hold.
  14. I know that some guys use Mr Surfacer for the non skid on AFV kits, so it could be that. Gino (HeavyArty), did a write up over on Armorama about using American Accents Terra Cotta textured spray paint. http://www.armorama....id=50656&page=1
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