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  1. I see you have this listed as a future release. Will you put the new Kunsan markings on it. They have a new 8TFW commemorative tail for SEA scheme and Scat/Col Olds highlighted on the ventral fin. I don’t know how to post images here, but I have seen images of this jet on Kunsan ROK Facebook.
  2. What are the mk-82 that have the parachute called that the f-111 carried. Also does anyone do them in 1/48?
  3. Oh never mind I should have read the article it’s a GBU-10 without seeker head
  4. What is the munition to the right of the GBU-12? It looks like a 2000LB, but have never seen this before. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/41776/barksdale-b-52-brandishes-its-modern-arsenal-in-new-loadout-photos
  5. C-17 https://www.wbay.com/video/2021/07/26/watch-inside-air-force-c-/ https://fb.watch/72tz-YmbRo/
  6. Me too hoping to see some other B-52 sets. Especially SAC, I think we have plenty of Barksdake/Minot markings available these days. Hope Academy and GWH do a back dated version representing SAC airframes. I still really want KI Sawyer markings bad.
  7. Look up the Georgia guide stones, whoever put them in place had a prophecy of population control on it. Kinda freaky.
  8. I used sprue goo on my model collect B-2, have been filling/sanding for a long time now on it. Tried scrubbing use tamiya scriber and did not look to good. I looked the other day at it and it looks ok, especially after some light sanding.
  9. Just curious what is a good filler or putty that can be scribes over that results in good depth straight lines?
  10. Here is a article and some pics of the external pylons https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/32940/air-force-wants-to-use-external-pylons-on-b-1b-bomber-to-arm-it-with-31-hypersonic-missiles
  11. So o did my last model with the 50/50 mix of X-22 and mr leveling thinner. Wow that does make an amazing finish. So this leads me to ask. Does the X-22 give a flat coat with the same 50/50 mix or do I need to use x-86?
  12. Just curious what the recommended procedure for cleaning the airbrush after spraying Tamiya X22 mixed with mr hobby leveling thinner.
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