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  1. Got my part 2 today so I can do a HH ANG jet. I don’t see what jet decal 35 is for can anyone elaborate?
  2. What is the status of these releases? I ordered Sept 9 and have no updates. Are they still pre order status?
  3. I can’t tell from these pics and Facebook pics, but anyone know or see if it will be possible to build the D as a block 25? Are the IFF blades molded into the front?
  4. I will have to look thru my osprey books. Am definitely not talking about the corograd. I’ve tried googling to find a link, but no luck yet.
  5. I have seen a few pictures of naval aircraft during the Vietnam war. It appears that some kind of primer, sealant, coating? Was applied around certain panels and it appears a brownish yellow. Am curious what exactly this coating was and what timeframe was it used and stopped being used. Sorry I have no idea how to post images here.
  6. Wonder if the C-17 will have a detailed interior? If so maybe they can sell another version with a closed up ramp and door and no interior detail to sell cheaper.
  7. What is in the B-1 sheet 144025? Will it have SAC jets on it? If so anyone know someone doing exhaust nozzles for the SAC academy kit?
  8. Nice to see some tail flashes for the USAF options.
  9. Please can you do 2 one with rainbow and 1 with stripes and eagle tail decal and a high vis 410th wing patch for SIOP 1 scheme. 1/144 And 1/72. Thank you so much for the acknowledgment I can’t express how thankful I am if you do both tail decals and both scales.
  10. I hope my Ki Sawyer B-52 suggestions are helping. I have not gotten any responses from you.
  11. I emailed you a bunch of KI Sawyer jets a while back. Did you get the emails? I can send again if not.
  12. Nice C-17’s! Any word on when we might get more B-52 1/144 and 1/72, With KI Sawyer 410th birds?
  13. Yes keep the 410 questions coming. I am REALLY HOPING There markings end up on the 1/144 and 1/72 sheets. I sent all the pictures I could find to Kursad. I really hope to get the rainbow and the colored stripes with eagle emblem, on the sheets as well as high vis 410th wing decal for a SIOP scheme.
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