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  1. Does this mean TER’s will carry 3 GBU’s?
  2. Yup me two, especially the references for KI SAWYER I sent Kursad. I sure hope he uses’s them Both in each scale.
  3. I sure hope its the quality of the Academy B-1
  4. Seeing as though Academy’s B-1 is a freaking outstanding. Anyone know how to contact Academy and maybe have ask them do a B-52 series the same quality as there B-1. Also while there at it do the B-2.
  5. Hopefully we get a new H also with HSABS, SNIPER/LITNING pods. A accurate antennae set sure would be nice also. I assume with this D we will get a heavy store rack ( not sure if that is the right term for the Bomb pylons).
  6. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/29218/these-images-of-an-f-22-raptors-crumbling-radar-absorbent-skin-are-fascinating it’s hard enough to figure the paint out. Now we have this weathering to try and replicate. This stuff on the nose panel looks freakish.
  7. Title says it all looking for the 1/48 kit decals from this kit 87FIS F-106A from KI Sawyer AFB.
  8. The kits are awesome. I have 3, if a B-52,B-2 came out in the quality the B-1 kit is I would probably get 1 B-2, but probably 20+ B-52’s!
  9. Cool thanks for the update. Wow need to need 4 sets of his missiles if u want them. Probably buy the H kit someday. Hope someone is planning some resin updates for it, as I have posted in the MC B-52 thread previously.
  10. How many and which type of cruise missiles come in each kit? Also I have seen box images of wings deployed etc on the cruise missiles can these be used without deployed wings.I really want to know what my best options for acquiring 12 missiles to be put on the pylons when building the kit. Particularly AGM-129’s. Also will these fit on the AMT kit pylons.
  11. I ordered the trees from Tamiya from the A kit to convert the D to a B. I acquired the A seats from someone here on ARC in the spares section and ordered the Quickboost TCM pod. Not sure if I have the ECM blisters that go on the fuselage next to the forward intakes, but I believe I have them in a steal beach set.
  12. Yes KI would be good. Love those AGM-129’s. Stratofortress Rex 60-0048, The Black Widow 60-0040, Diamond Girl 60-0060. These are the 410th jets I would love to see. Also throw in a ACC KI tail coded one while your at it.
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