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  1. Looks good so far. I just finished my decals. Have to do the weapons bay. I did no where near the detail you did on the LG. Please check your wings Dow warpage. I can’t stress that enough it would be a shame for you to find that problem after all this detail you are putting in it. I cannot pose mine head in because of the left wing warping.
  2. Maybe it has something to do with OPSEC, aircraft were pretty identifiable during the Afghan calamity withdrawal, and NO it has nothing to do with a certain General that is doing his job and preparing us for war.
  3. Any suggestions on what kind of rubber silicone mold to use for marking some extra antennas and Tamiya f-16 1/48 pilot figures. I tried the amazing mold from hobby lobby, should be called amazing crap that is exactly what it is.
  4. Let’s see what we have covered so far, Castle, Carswell, Wurtsmith, KI Sawyer, Blytheville, Griffess, Loring. Is it too soon to ask for SAC Minot, Fairchild next?
  5. Oh and can’t wait for 1/144 so I can build all the other options on the sheet!
  6. OUTSTANDING!!!!! I’ll buy 4!!!!!!!!!!’ Jolly Roger and Strat Rex👍👍👍👍👍
  7. Am looking for the Doolittle Raiders nose art and triangle K decal form the Wolfpac 72-132 decal sheet that has the Ellsworth 28BW Commanders aircraft. I know there is a sheet on eBay just not willing to pay $28 for it to get those specific decals.
  8. It’s time for the Navy to be parked in the Taiwanese straits.
  9. I want to there some day also. Grew up in Wisconsin and spent many vacations in northern Wisconsin, their 52’s were always flying overhead. AF recruiter out of Green Bay did take some of us delayed recruits to the air shows in 92 and 93. I bet that museum has some awesome pictures. Not sure if it’s too late for Kursad to contact the museum. Some photos show a lot of models in it. Am sure they would be interested in some after market decals. https://kishamuseum.org/
  10. B-52’s and it’s my b-day month. Ice. Thank you.
  11. Who will be the first to get the decals for the balloon kill on the market?
  12. I just might have to pick up a G version from Model Collect, and when these are downsized whoa I need alot of H’s and G’s from GWH. Hope someone does a resin H tail gun in 1/144 someday.
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