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  1. Early one will be doing a Korean War version. Thank you.?
  2. In need of a pilot figure from either the HASEGAWA or Academy kit. Thank you.
  3. Are there any decals in 1/48 for doing a Korean War version. I just got the pro modeler kit, but don’t like the kit decals.
  4. No it has not to my knowledge, you can ask him about it on his FB, I really want that one also.
  5. Let me help and see if these might be useful https://spruebrothers.com/afd48006-1-48-afterburner-decals-f-15c-eagle-demo-eagles-1-1st-fw-langley-afb-48006/ this sheet has the Wing King on it https://www.reidairpublishing.com/decals/elegant-eagles-part-i unfortunately I have not seen any 27 Fighter Squadron options, but this manufacturer who did the Afterburner decals has this one on his FB, and not sure if it will ever be released. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/5ommibzuWCt4f5kC/?mibextid=WC7FNe
  6. Thinking of switching to these paints and thinning with Mr leveling thinner. I want to mostly do black basing and am confused on what to use for the black. Do I just use the Mr.Color flat black, do they need a specific primer and if so what gets mixed with the primer? Mr. rapid thinner? I hear good things about MRP, but Mr color is more accessible for me.
  7. Will be getting some of those. Should include SAC shields all colors and maybe even some bomb/wing emblem shields and serial numbers . Could do some SIOP 1 with some of those decals options mentioned.
  8. Am watching the first episode, freaking awesome.
  9. Is it ok to shoot lawyers and acrylics using the same air brush or is it recommended to have 2 air brushes for this. I use mission model acrylics, but would like to also spray Tamiya laquers and Mr Hobby Laquers.
  10. I have seen some of there decals on EBay, anyone here have any of their sets? How in the quality? Are they like Print scale decals?
  11. Are Up rise decals printed same thickness like the Print scale.?
  12. Sure would like to see 87FIS KI Sawyer jets On a mother sheet. Any plans for that?
  13. Nigel in England made some updates for the Model Collect kits, check out his youtube
  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12530467/Mystery-deepens-missing-100m-stealth-fighter-officials-reveal-F-35-carried-flying-autopilot-zombie-mode-pilot-ejected-South-Carolina-no-evidence-jet-crashed.html
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