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  1. Still waiting for a antennae set to go with the rest of his items. I need two H updates.
  2. HELL yeah 410 Bomb Wing. My favorite. Don’t need the kit though I have a couple of the old three guys sheets and also a cutting edge one. Would like to see more 410 jets on future sheets (hint hint Kursad)
  3. Anyone heard from Nigel lately? I sent him a PM last week but have not heard anything back. I would like to contact him about his update sets.
  4. Yup Boogyman and Checkmate will be the ones I do. Now hopefully kursad does a 335th sheet with their nose art.
  5. Please, please 410 KI Sawyer! More SAC schemes.
  6. If the name is for a Lt. Gen, then you are referring to a numbered Air Force commander. So probably in your case you are doing the 5AF coded aircraft, which is the same as the explanations above.
  7. I hope Nigel would also do those vortex generators along with an external antenna set, with the rest of his upgrades we might actually get a pretty decent B-52 finally. What he has done so far looks really nice. He is a great help to the B-52 model community.
  8. Will be getting these. Can you please do a set of these also https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/products/335th-chiefs-oir-maquette-print
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8631159/Coronavirus-scientist-reveals-fled-home-family-tell-world-truth.html interesting
  10. Woah never seen this pic before. Awesome thanks
  11. Looks nice and thank you for these updates.
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