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  1. Sounds really good Kursad. Hope you use the KI Sawyer refs I sent you.
  2. Does anyone know if 1/72 SRAMS are available? I would like to do a pre ALCM jet some day. Also what pylon was used for the SRAMS to loaded on?
  3. Lots of sheets please. Minot, Fairchild, kI Sawyer, Carswell 1980’s SAC schemes, then do 60/70’s.
  4. Ya Griffins had H’s they were depicted on the last Caracal B-52 sheet, but I believe they flew G’s in Desert Storm.
  5. Yes 80/90’s Minot, Fairchild, KI Sawyer, Carswell! Am I missing anyone that was using H’s during that time frame? Weapons ALCMS and AGM-129’s. I second the antennae configuration.
  6. If we get the decals I could see myself getting like 20 of these kits. Also that means we will need some good resin weapon updates to cover all era’s. Also hope they do D,G kits as well. Well done Academy! If we can’t get a good 1/72 I guess we will get 1/144.
  7. MK-83’s nice. Any thought in doing GBU-32’s? That way we could load up our SH’s! I dont want to deal with PE ones from Eduard!
  8. Anyone have any other info on this B-52?
  9. Yes it was a block 42 D that got the first AIM -120 kill during southern watch
  10. The kit is outstanding. If the B-52 is the same quality I think Academy will make a killing. And the options for the resin and decal guys!
  11. This is freaking awsome. Hopefully they will start with the H latest version and then do a SAC version that covers the 80’s. And then all the subsequent ones after that G, D. This is outstanding news. I actually called for this in another thread, asking Academy to do a 52 same quality as their B-1.
  12. Anyone know if the MO jets were in Vietnam?
  13. Nigel have you tried contacting ResKit, about doing the updates?
  14. Maybe they would be willing to do some Model Collect B-52 updates? That would be awsome.
  15. YUP ME ALSO!!!!! I asked Barracuda last year. He sounded interested, but who knows. Probably won’t see anything except all the Eduard PE.
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