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  1. USAFsparkchaser

    May releases

    Part 1 I like it also! Any profiles yet of the B-52 sheet?
  2. USAFsparkchaser

    391st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron F-15Es

    Yes I am referring to someone doing decals of these like Caracal and Two Bobs did of the recent 494 Jett’s and Waco did his prints of them.
  3. USAFsparkchaser

    391st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron F-15Es

    More decals coming I think! Looks nice.
  4. USAFsparkchaser

    F-16 Misawa 13 FS Panther vert stab decal

    So I want to do a 13 FS F-16 from Misawa. After going through all my decals for Misawa I can not find one that has a Panther decal for the right side of the Vertical Stab. Thought I had one in the Kinetic kit, but they screwed it up and have it posing the same direction as the left side. I saw the 1/32 decals from the Academy kit are correct, not sure if the decals are available in 1/48. Anyone know of any other decals that might have what I am looking for. On another not Speed Hunter sheet is the only one that will let you have the Samurai decal for the left and right side on the 14 FS, which is good because I am doing 90-B0B.
  5. USAFsparkchaser

    Vallejo paint is lousy. In more ways than one.

    Here is mission model in action.
  6. USAFsparkchaser

    Modelcollect B-52H

    I am hoping someone comes out with a resin lumps and bumps suite for the MC B-52’s.
  7. USAFsparkchaser

    Mission Models

    Just to be clear the last line in B paragraph says water for cleaning between colors, they mean distilled water also. Is that right? They mention distilled water in paragraph A, bit that is for mixing.
  8. USAFsparkchaser

    Anyone Know of 1/144 KC-46?

    I don’t believe 135’s or AMC aircraft have much of any kind of squadron markings. AMC aircraft usually have a stripe on their tails with maybe the name of the base on it and a AMC and Wing patch usually somewhere on forward fuselage. Let me be clear I am speaking of AMC, not ANG, AFRC, or PACAF USAFE units Kadena 135’s have ZZ on tail, C-17’s from Hickam have HH as well as their 135’s and Elmondorf C-17’s have AK. Yokota 130’s have YJ and Ramstein 130’s have RS. Also some of these units do have somekind of tail artwork as well. So I would assume the 46’s will have a tail stripe and a AMC/Wing patch on forward fuselage. And who knows what ANG/AFRC will have on theirs and we will have to see if any get assigned to PACAF/USAFE.
  9. USAFsparkchaser

    Photo etch tool’s questions

    So looking at Xuron cutters for PE. Pretty sure that will be a good tool. Do I need to get Tamiya diamond file? Or will any small file set suffice. Also do I need pliers for bending? I see tamiya makes 2 kinds, as well as tweezers do you recommend getting them. Also what cement do I use for PE? I also see Tamiya makes cement for PE.
  10. USAFsparkchaser

    Kudos for Tamiya’s Customer Service

    Yup, my P and Q parts just arrived. Ordered on Friday.
  11. USAFsparkchaser

    Kudos for Tamiya’s Customer Service

    Yup that’s how my trees arrived also. Really good packaging and great customer service.
  12. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26405/you-have-to-see-this-crazy-photo-of-a-night-stalker-mh-6-dropping-commandos-on-long-beach http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26360/amazing-video-of-blacked-out-night-stalker-helicopters-buzzing-low-over-downtown-la-street http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26379/watch-night-stalker-choppers-descend-in-unison-into-small-parking-lot-near-staples-center
  13. USAFsparkchaser

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    Looking forward to the B-52’s and fingers are crossed for 410 Bomb wing jets on the sheet(s), particularly Hope to get both style tail decals for 410 BW