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  1. YUP ME ALSO!!!!! I asked Barracuda last year. He sounded interested, but who knows. Probably won’t see anything except all the Eduard PE.
  2. Not even a antennae set? My hope and dreams for a update set have been crushed. Thanks for trying though. Buff design is junk please everyone save their money and pass on that
  3. Nigel, any updates on your resin updates? Really looking forward to your resin.
  4. I second this A-10 and F-111E/F are needed. I want a 1/144 B-52 series, same quality as the Academy B-1 1/144.
  5. I believe there is active mixed in with the guard in Hawaii also, but yes I believe the aircraft are assigned to the guard.
  6. Good question. I know I have seen pictures of Eglin 58TFS 85-114 it had high vis stenciling. Which Bullseye depicted on there F-15 Desert Storm sheet https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/decals/bull/decal_bull_48008.shtml
  7. And if he does an antennae set they could be used on the G also.
  8. 1/48 Tamiya F-16B/D 1/144 B-52 series same quality as the Academy B-1 1/144 1/48 A-10 Tamiya/GWH 1/48 F-111 series Tamiya/GWH 1/72 AC/MH-130H/J’s 1/48 HH-60 Pavehawk Sorry had to do 6 but it’s my only list, the easiest one would be a 2 holer Tamiya F-16. Why oh why can they just not do it?
  9. Looks good, my second kit is coming today ,can’t wait for your updates to become available
  10. I just bought my second H kit also so will need 2 sets, and need antennae sets. Now just needs new decals for 410BW KI Sawyer AFB.
  11. I love that someone is doing updates for the kit. I asked Nige if he would please do an antennae set as well. I hope everyone else here is in agreement that would be much needed. Let him know what you think.
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