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  1. I just ordered two rocket pod sets. Thanks
  2. Just ordered 2 sets from phase hanger thanks.
  3. Can someone clarify the rocket pods for me? What is the difference between the 68 and 131, and the rockets used they use. Also dimensions. I just bought the AMK weapons set because of the rocket pods. I eventually want to do some A-10’ from OIF/OEF to missions flown over Syria. Also what RP is it seen loaded on F-16 TERS over Syria. Am so confused. Also if AMK does not work is there any aftermarket available?
  4. We need Hasegawa to re release A-4C kit! New decals are on the way!
  5. I think they were part of the RHAW system radar threat warning. So they are the same color as the ones that are on the corners of the leading edge of the wings. So white, off white, light gray I think will work.
  6. Looks nice, but a new A-10 series would really make a a lot of money for them
  7. I have meng and AMK weapons kits in my cart, but I don’t see a discount. Is the discount only for kits and not accessories kits
  8. I agree plenty of ALCM’s can be found in the revell kits. The -129’s will go good with a SAC H
  9. I love this and hope they do a SAC H version, along with a SAC/ Desert storm G. The H having ALCM’s, the G with SRAMS, the Desert Storm with the pylons(not HSABS) with some MK-117’s
  10. $20-25 U.S.dollars? I will be getting a whole bunch if that is the actual price.
  11. Does anyone see a tail gun for a SAC version?
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